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Crop residues as livestock feed- the role of legume residues.

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1 Crop residues as livestock feed- the role of legume residues

2 Farming system – mixed crop livestock Livestock rearing important component of the system Feed – by far the most important constraint to livestock productivity

3 Feed resource – challenges Increased population pressure Conversion of grazing lands to arable lands Land degradation and loss of fertility

4 Crop residues (mainly cereals) form 30 – 80% of the diet of ruminant livestock Low in crude protein content (3-5%) High in fiber content (59-77%) Low in digestibility (<50%)

5 . Rumen microbes are responsible for fiber digestion in the ruminant system To function properly these microbes require nitrogen and readily available energy

6 Urea treatment of crop residues and urea molasses multi-nutrient blocks – considered potential remedies to improve the nutritive value of crop residues However, adoption of these technologies remained extremely poor

7 Compared to cereal, legume crop residues have higher crude protein content and nutritional value Neutral detergent fiber (%) Crude protein (%) Cereals Teff straw76.64.2 Wheat straw73.34.5 Barley straw75.53.4 Maize Stover70.55.1 Legumes Horse bean straw69.28.1 Field pea straw59.17.5 Lentil straw64.78.5 Piegon pea straw69.016.3

8 Legume crop residues have potential to provide much needed protein supplement to ruminant livestock Improvement in legume crop production - direct positive implication to ruminant livestock nutrition Increase crop residue biomass Increase the feeding value of the biomass

9 . Agricultural inputs Grain Residue Manure Farm power Milk Meat & Other products Systems Approach

10 N2 Africa Systems oriented planning To consider the value of legume crops/residues for livestock during Variety selections/evaluations Choice of agronomic practices Assessment of the benefits of the new technologies adopted

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