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Tune Stress in a Life Melody. I Feel Stressed You Mean….. Feeling tired Irritated Overworked Exhausted Depressed Tense Disappointed.

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1 Tune Stress in a Life Melody

2 I Feel Stressed You Mean….. Feeling tired Irritated Overworked Exhausted Depressed Tense Disappointed

3 Is Stress….. Something definitely wrong Something negative in your life

4 Not all Stress Negative It is with us all the time Without it we would be dead It is like temperature

5 Stress is ….. We cannot cope with problems When temperature is higher than normal The way body responds to the demands of your life-style It is not a mental status It is a physical condition It is a chain reaction of changes within the body

6 stressors Registered in the Brain Brain gives instructions to the body Body reacting stress response Body functions badly Become losers Fall ill Life is threatened Killing our selves

7 Stress Management Program Awareness of your stress levels How does stress affect you Which stressors affect you particularly How can you become more aware of your stress response What is the strength and duration of your stress response Which stress management techniques most suit you

8 Body Stress Response Greater production of adrenalin Shallower, quicker breathing Faster heart beat Rise in blood pressure Reduction in blood supply to hands and feet Increase in bodys metabolic rate Faster clotting of the blood Reduction of blood supply to the stomach & abdomen Increased blood flow to the muscles Tensing of muscles Sharpening of all senses Reduction of tension in bowels and stomach functions Reduction in the functioning of the immune system

9 Stress Response on the Brain Faster activity of the brain Improvement of short term judgment Faster decision making Improved memory powers Sharper focusing of attention

10 When is Stress Effect Positive Sports Making speeches Taking examinations

11 Positive Effects Increases alertness Improves sight Strengthens muscles Reduces reaction times Increase ability to stand and fight Mobilize all our resources to achieve whatever we decide to do Adds zest to life Stimulate the senses and the passion Happiness out of live challenge

12 Self Maintain Balance between stressor & strength Control duration of the stress response Positive Effect

13 Negative Effects of Stress It is when a person allows stress to remain in the body No chance to take the necessary steps to release a stress response Too strong or lasts too long

14 Negative Stress in Three Unsuitable behavior Lower energy and performance levels Poorer health

15 Example of Unsuitable Behavior Loser behavior Short temper Bad smoking, eating & drinking habits More frequent mistakes Less flexibility

16 Examples of Lower Energy & Performance Levels Reduced concentration Increased forgetfulness Poor judgment Prone to feelings of tiredness

17 Example of Poor Health Heart and circulatory diseases Ulcers Infectious diseases Skin diseases

18 Control Stress Identify your Stressors

19 Your Stressors Physical Stressors Social Stressors 1.Social Economic & Political Stressors 2.Family Stressors 3.Job and Career Stressors 4.Interpersonal Environmental Stressors

20 Physical Stressors Heat Cold Noise Poor working conditions & equipment Fire Traffic Violence Own illness

21 Social Economic & Political Stressors Unemployment Inflation Cost of housing Taxes Crime Pollution Technological change

22 Family Stressors Sharing of workload Jealousy Sex roles Different values Death or illness in the family Different lifestyle Money problems

23 Job & Career Stressors Deadlines Muddled communications Traveling time Interruptions Competition Power struggles Education/Training

24 Interpersonal & Environmental Different values Obligations Waiting time Poor service Smokers/Non-Smokers Driving habits Social expectations

25 Stress Signals PhysicalMentalEmotionalBehavioral

26 Physical Signal Changes in breathing rhythm Tense and aching muscles HeadachesSweating Cold Hands, Feet Changes in appetite Stomach problems, heartburn

27 Mental Signal Lack of concentration More frequent mistakes Forgetfulness/ absent- mindedness Tendency to over-react Poorer judgment Vague & illogical thinking

28 Emotional Signals Irritaiton/ Short temper Nervousness Depression/ Silence Emotional outburst/ Crying

29 Behavioral Signals Insomnia Increased drinking, smoking, eating Absenteeism from work

30 Long-Term Stress Signals Headaches/migraines Restless nights Depression Complete lack of interest in food Increased/decreased desire for sex Low energy Sore/glazed/tired/bloodshot eyes

31 How to Live with Stress Ways of Managing Stress Awareness of stress Analysis and treatment of the actual stressor Physical fitness Healthy diet Relaxation Short rest breaks during the day Breathing Prepare and organize you work

32 Awareness of Stress Get clear in your mind what stresses you What are your particular stressors Look out your stress signals Know as soon as you need to take action

33 Analysis & Treatment To Actual Stressors Take ActionWithdrawDo Nothing

34 Adjust your Attitude Put the stressor in the correct perspective Avoid negative thoughts and fantasies

35 Stress & New Life Paint Physical Fitness A Healthy Diet Relaxation Short Rest Breaks during the Day Breathing Prepare & Organize your Work

36 Types of Stressor in Service Work Bottlenecks Rush jobs Seasons Quiet times Busy times Unexpected managerial crises Weather Accidents Complaints about others mistakes Feelings of being got at Lack of support from colleagues Little chance of influencing the outcome

37 Advice to Service Bosses Provide your staff with suitable systems & equipment Supply all information needed in an easy form Train staff thoroughly Listen to the knowledge & feed-back they gain from close contacts with customers keep working to create better physical & mental conditions Keep encouraging

38 Thank You

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