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-Preconditioning Calves – Making Calves Make More $$$ Twig Marston Ph.D. Extension Beef Specialist.

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1 -Preconditioning Calves – Making Calves Make More $$$ Twig Marston Ph.D. Extension Beef Specialist

2 Role of a Consultant A consultant is one who looks at your watch and tells you what time it is. Harry LaToush

3 Where I Come From 7.2 Million head slaughtered/year 5.3 Million head fed/year 2.5 Million head feedlot capacity 1.5 Million head of beef cows

4 Making Decisions Know the Rules Interrupt the Situation Make an Educated Decision

5 Define a Preconditioning Program Nutrition Health Behavior

6 Feed Intake of Newly Arrived Calves Days AfterFeed Intake, % body wt ArrivalHealthyMorbid 1-71.6%0.9% 1-282.7%1.8% 1-563.0%2.7% Beef Magazine, 1996

7 SDSU – 3 Year ControlPrecondition ADG, lb2.893.13 DDMI, lb11.7113.46 F/G4.054.30 Prichard et al., 1987

8 Simple Starting Ration Long stem grass hay – ad libitum Concentrate -.5 to.75% of Body Weight –Highly Palatable –Nutrient Rich –Properly Balanced –Additive Carrier

9 Receiving or Weaning Ration – first 45 days 50 to 70 Concentrate –50 if destined for high roughage program –70 if destined for a high grain diet Crude Protein 14% –Meet Requirement –Adjusted for variable intake Minerals and Vitamins

10 Effect of Concentration Level 40% Conc.60% Conc. Initial wt, lb484486 ADG, lb2.822.90 DDMI, lb12.0913.84 F/G4.625.18 Prichard et al., 1987

11 Effect of Concentration Level 60% Conc.75% Conc. ADG, lb2.532.27 DDMI, lb10.4010.00 F/G3.914.42 Loy (1987)

12 Castration and Dehorning Castration and dehorning at the feedlot performance by 11% for up to 90 days – Smith (1966) Weaning prior to feedlot entry sickness 17% - Cole (1985) Prior vaccination immunity response

13 KSU Pastuerella Trial CtrlSQ wc924, titer.278.320 wc1016, titer.369.636 lkt924, titer.156.178 lkt1016, titer.220.485 Marston et al., 2003

14 Kentucky/Garden City Trial KYComingleKS % Morbidity27.032.937.1 No. dead111 DDMI, lb16.716.617.2 ADG, lb2.732.712.85 F/G Kreikemeier et al., 1996

15 Lung Lesions at Harvest NoneModerateSevere 20% In Wt, lb553552552 Final Wt, lb133313211280 HCW, lb863855829 Loneragan, et al (2003) – unpublished data 7,200,000 x (8 + 34)/2 = 151,200,000 lb x.10 = 15,120,000 lb/yr

16 Behavior is a Learning Experience After Weaning Removal from their dams – crying time Learn to eat Learn to socialize Time heals all wounds – 45 days


18 What You Need to Know to Decide What to Do Purchase Price Production (i.e. ADG, death loss) Costs Selling Price

19 Two Sides of Preconditioning Cow-calf Cattle Feeder Partial Budget Compare Additional Returns & Costs Annual Cow Cost is Immaterial

20 Cow/calf Perspective Cost – avg. about $15 to 25/head Benefit – Minimum of $3 to 5/cwt Premium Marketing – Marketing – Marketing

21 Rewards

22 More Rewards

23 Not All Weight Gain is $ Gain

24 Expected Results of Preconditioning Improved Performance (ADG, F/G, Death loss) Decrease Medical Costs & Costs of Gain Increase Carcass Quality $40 to $60 of Benefits Dont Expect to Give it All Back

25 Alliances & New Adventures Expanding over different segments of the industry –Preconditioning –Reducing stress –Setting up cattle for next phase

26 The difference between a rut and a grave is only the depth. Ronald L. Miller



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