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Here are some Helpers that will tell you about Scotland. Their names are Boggin, Scott, and Nessie. I hope you enjoy their help. Boggin: He really loves.

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3 Here are some Helpers that will tell you about Scotland. Their names are Boggin, Scott, and Nessie. I hope you enjoy their help. Boggin: He really loves the Scottish people, their history and their food. Nessie: She loves all the Scottish wildlife and myths about herself. Scott: He likes the currency, the geography of Scotland, and loves to talk to people who will be visiting Scotland.

4 Would you like to meet up with him on a bad morning? About 10,000 years ago two cats appeared in Scotland. The Lynx and The Scottish wild cat. 700 years ago the Lynx was hunted to extinction. The Wild cat almost followed the Lynx. It is now illegal to hurt or kill a wild cat. If you do you will face charges and maybe even imprisonment. If you want to see a Scottish wild cat you will have to go to the Highlands in Scotland. The wild cats diet is: rabbits, hares, small birds, fish, and insects. Some have been known to even kill small deer fawns!!

5 A beautiful bird dont you think? The Golden Eagle is a huge bird. Some of them have been known to kill 5 year old human children!!!! The Latin name for Golden Eagle is Aquila chrysaetos and the Irish name is Iolar. The Golden Eagle feeds on hares, rabbits, sea birds, medium sized land birds, and dead sheep and cattle. Dead sheep and cattle are an important part of its diet in winter. The Golden eagle is a large soaring bird with a 5 foot wing span. Its plumage is mostly dark brown but has small patches of yellow. This bird is mainly found in the mountains but will come to hunt in the open plain.

6 It was here that the Scots let the English come half way over the bridge (the bridge could fit only two men standing shoulder to shoulder) then charged them with long spears defeating the English at last!! In 1305 Wallace was captured. He was tried for treason and then hung, strung, and quartered. William Wallace grew up in the Highlands of Scotland in the days that Edward the Longshanks was ruling Scotland and England. When Wallace grew up he couldnt stand Scotland being part of England. He rallied men up to fight for their freedom!!! A natural Scottish super man Wallace was defeated by the English all through his life until Stirling Bridge.

7 Robert was born in a little village by Loch Katrine. He was not chief of his clan but he was the war leader. He married a lady called Mary Helen MacGregor. They had 2 sons and adopted another. Robert Roy was an outlaw to the English who tried to capture him and his clan. There are many stories about Rob Roy being put into prison but there is no proof. He was certainly captured a few times but always escaped. Robert Roy died in his home on the 28th of December 1734 leaving 23 English Pounds to his Wife. He was certainly a Scottish wonder. There is even a video on his life!

8 Robert the Bruce was born in 1274 and died in 1329. Robert the Bruce is one of Scotland's greatest heroes. Theres a story of how when he was really down after having lost the Battle of Falkirk he watched a spider spinning a web. He watched it try and fail seven times before succeeding. He gained hope from the spiders perseverance and went on to win the Battle at Bannockburn.. It is from this story that the proverb, If at first you dont succeed, try, try again, comes from. The Battle of Bannockburn was the greatest defeat the English suffered under the forces of Robert the Bruce. They had 10,000 infantry and 2000 cavalry and were defeated by Bruces 5000 infantry and 500 light cavalry. John Barbour's biography, The Bruce, in 1375 described Bruce as a hero - ' King Robert Bruce who was brave in heart and hand. ' It is said they used a skull that was found in an Abby and believed to be the Bruces skull was used to carve the statue above. Isnt that amazing!

9 Mary Queen of Scots was probably the youngest Queen ever. She became Queen when she was 1 week old!!! This happened because her father died. Mary married the Dauphin of France in the year 1558. Mary was widowed 2 years later and became the Queen of France. Now she was queen of Scotland and France. After a few years Mary was caught by her half sister Elizabeth I. She was later beheaded in October 1587 for trying to over throw Elizabeth while she was in Scotland. Mary must have been one of the youngest queens in the world!

10 It was also here that the English showed the depths of its brutality. After the battle they hunted down the Jacobites and killed them. There is even documents describing the locking in of the Highlanders in a hut and burning them alive! Prince Charles, however, escaped with the help of Flora MacDonald and lived in France dying depressed, drunk and uncrowned. Charles Edward Stuart was the grandson of King James VII of Scotland (James II of England). He was exiled to France but had supporters in both France and Scotland who desired to see his line back on the throne. He secretly came back to Scotland in 1745 and after a magnificent battle at Falkirk he and his Jacobite supporters were met in Culloden by the English in 1746. It was here that Scotland suffered its worse defeat and English rule was secured for the time. It was a terrible battle!

11 The Loch Ness Monster is supposed to be a legend but there have been over 100 sightings of it!! Monster hunters have scanned, sent subs, and cameras into the loch but with no success. The first Loch Ness Monster sighting was almost 1500 years ago when a holy man called St Columba came to a little village and asked if a man could swim to the other side of the loch to get a boat for him. Suddenly a huge beast rushed toward the man. Columba boomed out STOP! LEAVE WITH ALL HAST! With that the monster dived and swam away not to be seen for over 5 more decades. Isnt the stain glass picture amazing? Do you think St Columba had the power to drive the Loch ness monster away?

12 In 1982 a Canadian took a picture of the Loch but she did not see the strange object breaking the surface of it. Later the photo was developed and enlarged. The Famous Surgeon photo was a fake. A little boy had helped make Nessie with a toy sub, foam, and wood. Later when the boys father was testing it he asked his friend the Surgeon to take the photo Do You believe in the Loch Ness monster? Do you think all these people are lying?

13 There have been many sightings of this so called monster but all of them tell of a different monster. Are there different species of the monster down in the inky depths of the loch? You make the decision. One person told everyone that the monster had four stubby legs. Another said it was green, and another said it was yellow. There were even tales of it having fur, a mane, and a trunk like a elephant. But I think the most likely is the one on the picture. If you ever go to the loch you will have to always have a camera. You may want to just take a picture of the loch or you might be looking for something bigger

14 Scottish pounds are worth about 3 NZ dollars

15 Aye! A beautiful map of Scotland. Reminds me of my home in the Orkneys. The Orkneys Scotland has 3 main Geographical areas. They are the Highlands, the Midland Valley, and the Southern Uplands. Its major cities are Edinburgh (Capital), Glasgow (high industry), and Dundee. Scotland also includes 787 islands. It is best known for its wonderful scenery, mountains, and lochs (Scottish word for lake)

16 Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland as well as the biggest city in Scotland. The castle in the picture is the famous Edinburgh Castle that kept Mary Queen of Scots safe as a baby and where she gave birth to her son James VI. It also holds a tiny chapel that was built about 1000 years ago during the reign of King Malcom III. It is still in use today. The Muckle Murderer lives at the castle. This is a huge bombard cannon that got its name from its ability to fire up to 1 1/2 miles away and cause terrible damage. The castle has been the point of battle throughout history and has even homed the English at one stage. The castle today holds the Scottish Division and a guard always remains at the door.

17 Pancake Tuesday Pancake Tuesday is celebrated the day before the beginning of lent. This day is to remember the 40 days Jesus spent walking in the desert. In other countries Pancake Tuesday has different names. In Scotland the other name for it is Shrove. The Edinburgh Festival. The Edinburgh festival is actually many different festivals that happen round the same time of the year so they all get combined into one big occasion. The Edinburgh Festival was founded in 1947. The estimate amount of people going to this occasion is 421,000 making about 2.3 million pounds for the city of Edinburgh!

18 Arbroath Smokie A wood-smoked haddock still produced in small family smoke- houses in the East coast fishing town of Arbroath Hot Toddy Place a teaspoon-full of sugar and a teaspoon-full of Scottish Heather Honey in a warm glass. Add a measure of scotch whisky (usually not a malt) and top up with boiling water. Traditionally should be stirred gently with a silver spoon. An excellent cure for the common cold, or just when feeling down ! What Id do for a Hot toddy this morning! Another famous food is the Scottish Pie and Scottish beef!

19 Stovies Stovies are a potato-based dish, designed to use up left over meat and vegetables. Several onions should be cut into small pieces and fried in a good amount of beef dripping (fat from the cooked meat) in a large pot. Scraps of meat and left-over vegetables (usually carrots and peas) are then added to the frying onions. Six to eight good sized potatoes are peeled and cut into 3cm (1.5") pieces. Approximately 2.5cm (1") of water is added to the pan containing the fried onion mixture and the potato pieces are added to this, seasoned with salt and then left to simmer until the potatoes are soft. More water is added only if the pan is likely to become dry Crowdie A simple white cheese, made from the whey of slightly soured milk seasoned with salt and a touch of pepper. The seasoned whey is squeezed in a muslin bag to remove excess water, left aside for two days and then rolled in oats and served.

20 O Flower of Scotland, When will we see Your like again, That fought and died for, Your wee bit Hill and Glen, And stood against him, Proud Edward's Army, And sent him homeward, Tae think again. The Hills are bare now, And Autumn leaves lie thick and still, O'er land that is lost now, Which those so dearly held, That stood against him, Proud Edward's Army, And sent him homeward, Tae think again. Those days are past now, And in the past they must remain, But we can still rise now, And be the nation again, That stood against him, Proud Edward's Army, And sent him homeward, Tae think again. 0 Flower of Scotland, When will we see your like again, That fought and died for, Your wee bit Hill and Glen, And stood against him, Proud Edward's Army, And sent him homeward, Tae think again.

21 Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aften led, Welcome to your gory bed, Or to victorie. Now's the day, and now's the hour; See the front of battle lour; See approach proud Edward's power - Chains and slaverie! Wha will be a traitor's knave? Wha can fill a coward's grave? Wha's sae base as be a slave? Let him turn and flee! Wha for Scotland's King and Law, Freedom's sword will strongly draw, Free-man stand, or free-man fa'? Let him follow me! By oppression's woes and pains! By your sons in servile chains! We will drain our dearest veins, But they shall be free! Lay the proud usurpers low! Tyrants fall in every foe! Liberty's in every blow! Let us do, or die! This is a Song for when Wallace was executed in 1305 and Robert the Bruce took the Scottish army to fight at Bannockburn

22 Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, is known as the Scottish Play. Macbeth and Banquo meet 3 hags on the road home. They prophesy that he (Macbeth) will become Thane of Cawdor, then King of Scotland, and that Banquos line will then take the throne. When Macbeth arrives home King Duncan makes him Thane of Cawdor. This isnt enough for Lady Macbeth who believes that now he should become King. She convinces Macbeth to murder the King. Macbeth revisits the hags and finds out that no man borne of woman could kill him. When he finally faces his foe, MacDuff, he taunts him with this knowledge. MacDuff replies that he was taken from his dead mothers womb - not born of woman! He then chops off Macbeths head! She sees Macbeth so distressed that she worries as to whether hes done a proper job. She says give me the daggers and goes back to the bed chamber and scatters blood over the drugged servants. This marks the place where lady Macbeth starts to be haunted by images of blood, get out damn spot! She eventually kills herself. This play is based on the real King Macbeth who ruled Scotland between 1040 - 1057.

23 The Scottish people play a few major sports that include rugby, soccer, and golf. They also enjoy Scottish Tiddlywinks, climbing, hill-walking, skiing and other winter sports, fishing, American football, athletics and running, mountain biking, and competitive highland dancing.

24 When I go to Scotland I want to go to: Edinburgh because there are sooo many cool places to go like the Edinburgh castle, and cool shops. I also want to go to the Orkney Islands because they have really awesome tombs and under ground villages that go right back to the neo-lithic times. They also have good fishing. I think Stirling would be an amazing place to go. I could walk over Stirling bridge, go to the William Wallace monument, and walk up the William Wallace tower and all of its 246 steps. I would be walking where my family used to walk four generations ago! These 3 places are all very good places to visit. I personally think fishing in the Orkneys is just wonderful.

25 BOOKS: MacDonald, Micheil, The Clans of Scotland. Grange Books, 1991 Blundell, Nigel, Ancient Scotland, Promotional Reprint Company Ltd, 1996 Brega, Isabella, Scotland, Tiger Books International PLC, 1996 Stephen, Margaret, Robert Bruce, Wayland (Publishers) Ltd. 1995 Dargie, Richard, The Vikings in Scotland, Wayland (BBC Education Scotland) Eye Witness Travel Guides, Scotland, Dorling Kindersley, 1999 Steele, Philip, Step Into the Viking World, Joanna Lorenz, 2001 Stenhouse, Lawrence, The Story of Scotland, 1961 White, Kirsty, Over the Sea to Skye-A Tale of Bonnie Prince Charlie, Franklin Watts, 1997 White, Kirsty, A Stranger in the Glen-A Tale about Rob Roy, Franklin Watts, 1997 Anderson, Scoular, Plotting and Chopping, Clays Ltd, St Ives plc, 1995 Directed by Hofer, Hans, Insight Pocket Guide Scotland, 1993 APA Publications Deary, Terry, The Stormin' Normans, Horrible Histories Guide, Scholastic Ltd, 2001 MacDonald, Malcolm, Edinburgh, The Pevensey Press, 1985Hirst, Mike, The History of Emigration from Scotland, Franklin Watts, 1997

26 VIDEOS: Braveheart with Mel Gibson Rob Roy with Liam Neeson Menzies, Gordon, In Search of Scotland, Volume 1:, BBC Scotland Menzies, Gordon, In Search of Scotland, Volume 2: The Wars of Independence; Court and Kirk; The European Life-Line, BBC Scotland Menzies, Gordon, In Search of Scotland, Volume 3: The Making of Union; Crucible of the Modern World; The Victorian Achievement; A Century of Pain and Pleasure, BBC Scotland Loch Ness with Ted Danson Macbeth, Polanski PRIMARY INTERNET SITES:

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