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Uued toiduained tootearenduses R.Vokk TTÜ Toiduainete Instituut 28.10.10.a.

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1 Uued toiduained tootearenduses R.Vokk TTÜ Toiduainete Instituut 28.10.10.a.

2 Uuendused toidutööstuses R.Vokk TTÜ Toiduainete Instituut 09.10.08.a.

3 Toidutööstus Interaktiivne koosmõju Tootearendus Toitumine

4 Tänased teemad haakuvad järgnevaga Millised uued toiduained kasutusele võetud? Milliseid uusi tootegruppe kasutatakse tootearenduses? Missugused on lisaainete kasutamise trendid? Millised on uued suunad tervisetoodete arendamisel? Kuidas arvestada klientide sooviga mitmekülgsuse tagamiseks? Kus ilmub vastav info trendide kohta?

5 Uuendusi iseloomustab Loovus Efektiivsus Tootlikkus Kvaliteet Turu jaotus Lugemus Teadlikkus Tehnoloogilisus Tarbijaootus Ostuvõime

6 Uute toodete konkurss Eesti Parim Toiduaine Parima toidu konkurss - stiimul ettevõtetele Obligatoorseks osaks tootearenduses on toorme valik, tehnoloogia valik ja toidu sensoorne hindamine, unustada ei tohi pakendit!

7 Enesehinnang toitumise tervislikkusele vastavalt sellele, millisesse leibkonna tüüpi kuulutakse (Omnibuss 1000, 2005)

8 Alternatiivse toidutoorme kasutamine Marjad metsast ja aiast – mustikas, astelpaju, mustsõstar jt Kohalikud puuviljad, köögiviljad – õunad, ploomid, porgandid, kapsas jt Kohalikud maitsetaimed – till, petersell, tüümian, pune, basiilik jt Kase- ja vahtramahl – naturaalne ja kontsentraat, hapendatud Ternespiim Ulukiliha

9 Et tarbijale meelepärast toota …

10 Toote väärindamine (eelmisest ettekandest) Hakkliha versus maitsestatud hakkliha Värske, fileeritud kala versus rannamehe räimed Köögiviljad versus külmutatud köögiviljahautis Hapukoor versus hapukoorekastmed Piimatooted versus kama, astelpaju- piimajook, vadakujoogid, Ricotta

11 10 trendi funktsionaalse toidu tarbimisel Toidud, mis lisaks makro- ja mikrotoitainetele sisaldavad ka tervisele toimivaid komponente, on saavutamas üha suuremat populaarsust Food Technology August 2010, Volume 64, No.8 Adding Ethnic Flair to Foods Lisades etnilist hõngu/kogemust toidule

12 Ja need trendid on USA-põhiselt 1. Tervislik majapidamine. Americans are looking to create a healthy household. Approximately 57% of shoppers are making a lot of effort to eat healthier. With half (53%) of adults controlling their diet61% for weight, 36% cholesterol, 22% blood sugar, 18% high blood pressure, and 14% diabetes. 2. Toidu naturaalsus. Recent scientific validation of the health benefits of superfoods have convinced consumers that key benefits are, in fact, naturally achievable, thus creating a new trend to whole food nutrition. New superfoods include: blood oranges goji berries – harilik taralõng!! seabuckthorn mangosteens garbanzo beans specialty mushrooms 3. Kõhutäite tasakaal. The U.S. weight loss marketprojected to grow from $58 billion to $69 billion by 2010is undergoing a sea change as consumers shift from dieting/weight loss programs to managing weight via smaller portions, specific food restrictions, and light/low-fat and super-satiating foods. Products providing, satiety, the state of feeling full or gratified, are now a hot commodity. 4. Ohugruppide toitumiseripärad. As 31 million Americans turn age 65 over the next 10 years, and the oldest of the 76 million baby boomers enter their 60s, the demand for condition-specific foods will skyrocket. Conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes have created a need for functional foods to manage/treat these conditions. Boomers are looking to consume more omega-3s, polyphenols, flavanols, and plant sterols as part of a balanced lifestyle.

13 Ja need trendid on 5. Ennetav elustiil. With the majority of consumers trying to live a preventive lifestyle, fortified foods and beverages have quickly become a way of life. Consumers are making a strong effort to get more vitamin C, calcium, B vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E, omega-3s/DHA/fish oil, vitamin A, potassium, iron, and folic acid from the food and beverages they consume. Proactive lifestyles have also created a need for functional foods that enhance skin, hair, and nails from the inside out. The U.S. cosmeceutical market is expected to grow from $14.9 billion to $17.2 billion by 2010. 6. Lihtsamalt, värvikamalt, naturaalsemalt. Many consumers are taking a simpler, more natural approach to the foods they eat, looking for foods with only a few ingredients and as fresh and close to the farm as time and budget will allow. Hormones topped the list of ingredients that consumers were least comfortable consuming. Organic food and beverages sales grew 13% in 2007 and are expected to continue at double-digit growth through 2010. Consumers believe local products are fresher, have fewer pesticides, and in general are of higher quality. Whole and heritage grains are among the ingredients that best symbolize the new natural direction. 7. Oskuslik valik. With two-thirds (66%) of consumers trying to eat snacks with more nutrition, 63% looking for lower-calorie favorites, and one-quarter looking for 100-calorie snack packs, healthier snack options is a must have for todays consumer. Healthy snack sales outpaced traditional snacks nearly 3:1 over the last few years.

14 Ja need trendid on 8. Ülitundlikkuse ohjeldamine. The number of adults who perceive that they, or their children, suffer from food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities continues to grow, creating lucrative markets, disproportionate to their true medical base. The 70 million Americans suffering from a digestive ailment expect to see more products fortified with fiber and gluten-free. Foods carrying a digestive health/probiotic claim reached $712 million in 2007. 9. Vaimse arengu verstapost. Energy was the top reason consumers made a dietary change last year. More than half of adults (55%) need something to give them an energy boost several times a week, 48% to increase their stamina/physical endurance, 46% to help them wake up, 43% to improve mental alertness, and 40% to keep them awake. Of all new functional food concepts, consumers are most interested in new products that improve mental performance. Just over one-third of consumers drink energy beverages for a mental boost. Ginseng, guarana and taurine are among the key ingredients in emerging beverages. Candies, gums and chocolates are also gaining popularity within this market. 10. Pakkumise eripärad. Without a doubt, the most important factor driving the healthy and functional foods market mainstream has been the increased accessibility of healthy products through additional channels. With todays grab-and-go lifestyle and rising gas prices, convenience stores have become a powerhouse for sales of some healthy products. Convenience stores have instituted new programs designed to increase sales of these types of products.

15 Imelised uudised toidumaailmast Hongkong on esimene linn maailmas, kus McDonalds pakub spetsiaalset menüüd noorpaaridele

16 10 trendi teises valguses Kiire valmistusviis : People want to eat at home: 77% of all dinners in 2004 were eaten there, but people want less hassle in the kitchen. Easy to prepare and ready to eat are key ingredients for most of us. We should expect to see more ultra-quick foods, bagged salads and side dishes. Võta söök kaasa: More of us are ordering take-out from full-service restaurants like Applebees. Take-out sales from these restaurants account for almost 10% of sales. More than half of Americans eat this way during the week. Kahtlemata tervislik: Consumers are increasingly choosing naturally healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts and yogurt. Fruit is now Americas second-favorite snack. Trendikas gurmee: People are choosing premium, gourmet foods. Fish, in particular, is undergoing something of a gourmet makeover. Maalähedane: Organic and natural are hot, so is fair trade. Expect cocoa to follow on the heels of coffee and tea. Maitsestuse rikkus: Flavored oils and vinegars, pairings of fruity and tangy flavors, Asian, Central American and Latin American flavors are in vogue. Silmale tervislik, kiiresti kätte : Healthier snacks in vending machines, single-serving snacks, nutrition bars, diet bars, energy drinks and mineral waters are in. Lahja, vaba ja rasvata : Low fat trumps low carb in what people seek in labels. Trans fats are on their way out. Demand for low calorie and light products will continue to grow. Watch for allergen- free claims on food labels. Toit kui ravim: Nearly two-thirds of shoppers tried to manage or treat a condition through diet. 72% of this effort addressed heart health. Next to low fat, whole grains were the most influential food label claim, influencing 62% of shoppers. Dairy products with cholesterol-lowering sterols, antioxidant- rich chocolate are making an appearance. Expect more functional foods to appear. Levik maailma : Many of the same issues affecting Americans affect overseas, too. Health and convenience loom just as large.

17 10 võtmetrendi Toidus, toitumises ja tervises Trend 1: Hea seedimisele Trend 2: Kiire toime Trend 3: Kaalu jälgimine Trend 4: Energia Trend 5: Naturaalne ja vaba Trend 6: Puuvili Trend 7: Toit lastele Trend 8: Tervise ampsud Trend 9: Lojaalne tarbija Trend 10: Pakendi uudsus

18 10 võtmetrendi mikrotrendid Toidus, toitumises ja tervises Mikro-Trend 1: Antioksüdandid Mikro-Trend 2: Liikumine Micro-Trend 3: n-3 rasvhapped Micro-Trend 4: Naha tervishoid Micro-Trend 5: Emotsioonid (mood-food)

19 Uued toiduained Röstitud sipelgad ja tõugud. Just in time for a true Halloween scare, Giant Toasted Ants, part of a line of equally disturbing edible insects, are now available from England (; about $25 per 8-ounce bag). Made with real ants that are toasted and then packaged in attractive pouches, theyre considered an aphrodisiac by the Guane Indians, who harvest the ants in the Colombian Amazon. Also available are Mopani Wormsa diet staple in Southern Africa. The worms are handpicked or shaken off trees, and then local collectors squeeze them to remove their bright green guts. Theyre cooked in salty water until the liquid has evaporated, then sun dried.

20 Uued toiduained Lõheviin Alaska Distillerys Salmon Vodka (, made in Wasilla, Alaska, is the brainchild of owner Toby Foster, who markets the beverage strictly as an ingredient for Bloody Marys. Currently available at Alaskan bars and restaurants and some locations in the lower 48 states, this micro-distillery, which also makes award-winning, premium vodkas like PermaFrost and FrostBite, creates this unusual vodka by smoking the salmon, removing its skin, crushing the fillets and putting the pieces in a vat mixed with highly concentrated ethanol. The fish is eventually strained out and Salmon Vodka is born. Its currently being marketed in Texas and soon will be in California as

21 Uued GMO toiduained Lõhe. The fishing industry and nearly 400 lawmakers have joined together in opposition to the FDAs pending approval of genetically modified salmon for consumption as food. salmon that has been given a gene from the ocean pout, an eel-like fish, which allows the salmon to grow twice as fast as a traditional Atlantic salmon. It also contains a growth hormone

22 Veel GMO toiduainetest Rapsi seemned ja mais kõrgendatud polüküllastamata rasvhapete sisaldusega Spinat ja lehtsalat, mis akumuleerivad vähem nitraate Tärkliserikkam kartul, mis imab vähem rasva kuumtöötlusel Teravili kõrgema lüsiini sisaldusega Herned ja oad kõrgema metioniini sisaldusega Vähese allergeensusega riis Kollane riis, mis sünteesib beeta-karoteeni Maasikas ja brokkoli, mis toodavad rohkem antioksüdantseid komponente

23 Sotsiaalne mõju tarbijale iCarly saade USAs – spaghetti taco Children all around the country have been demanding spaghetti tacos made popular by the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly. Spaghetti tacos are exactly what they sound like

24 Mäng toiduga? Sõbralikud sõjamängud (alteejuurest maiustustega) If you want to wage a friendly war, I suggest taking up the Marshmallow Double Crossbow instead of a Super Soaker. Yes, water fights are fun and all, but a marshmallow fight is just heaven.

25 Ja Eestis Pannkoogid Moosid Joogid Näksid

26 Keskkonnatervis ja toit Tuuleahi The Korean designer Jihae Kim has engineered this efficient and eco-friendly Wind Heater, a contraption that employs wind power for heating and cooking. Instead of burning down trees during cold winter nights, this invention offers a great alternative for sustainable living and respect for the land.

27 Uued toormed ja toidud Punane seller Florida-based company Duda has introduced Celery Sensations, a new brand of red celery that will hit the market in December 2010. Duda hopes the celery will find a market during the holiday season Sinine kartul Juba Eestis Astelpajust marjakaste Juba Eestis Seenepulber Maitseeliksiir Kressiseemned Leeksputke chutney/sukaat Kalaviinerid Köögiviljasült

28 Toote väärindamine looduslike lisanditega Ca lisand Se lisand Fe lisand Zn lisand Vitamiin D lisand Antioksüdandid (orgaanilised) lisandina Kapseldatud bioaktiivsed toimeained lisandina

29 Selleks soovin Head nuputamist Palju kummalisi ideid Tarbijate kaasamist Tänan kuulamast!

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