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Orientation: New NAB Members

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1 Orientation: New NAB Members
Welcome to the National Association of Bionutritionists (NAB)

2 NAB Organization Organization Formed in 1990
Formerly NARND (National Association of Research Nurses and Dietitians) Organization Name Change: NAGB to NAB The National Association of GCRC Bionutritionists (NAGB) renamed to the National Association of Bionutritionists (NAB) in 2007 after NIH transitioning of General Clinical Research Centers to Clinical & Translational Science Award sites (CTSAs) Mission The National Association of Bionutritionists is an organization dedicated to promoting the health of the nation through the pursuit of clinical research  

3 What is a “bionutritionist”?
This term was coined in years past by NIH officials who wanted to have a uniform, unique job title amongst dietitians and nutrition researchers For the purpose of NAB membership, a bionutritionist is “a nutrition specialist trained in research who is employed by a National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)-funded research center, such as a General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) and Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) centers, or by the NIH Clinical Center”. This definition is in our by-laws and helps us to identify who is eligible for NAB membership.

4 NAB Organization NAB By-Laws
Located on NAB website: As necessary, the board will make recommendations for revisions or additions to the by-laws The board will ask the membership to vote on these changes prior to the annual meeting

5 NAB Government NAB Board Elected Officers (Voting)
Appointed Committees Chairs Appointed Regional Representatives

6 Elected Officers 2010-2011 Suzanne Summer (President) Holly Callahan
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Holly Callahan (President - Elect) University of Washington Meena Shankar (Past - President) University of Florida Kathleen Farrell (Sec/Treas) University of Colorado, Boulder Emily Tarleton (Sec/Treas – Elect) University of Vermont

7 Regional Representatives 2010-2011
Midwest: Lisa Davis University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics Northeast: Diane Meehan The Rockefeller University West: Rachelle Bross Los Angeles Biomedical Institute/Harbor UCLA South: Dawn McDougald Morehouse School of Medicine

8 Committee Chairs 2010-2011 Jennifer Frediani (Chair) Julia Jordan
Education/Leadership Resources Committee: Jennifer Frediani (Chair) Emory University Newsletter Editor: Julia Jordan Oregon Health & Sciences University Information Management Committee: Lisa Basel-Brown University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

9 University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics University of Washington
Committee Chairs Webmaster: Beth MacIntosh University of North Carolina Membership & Mentoring Committee: Lisa Davis (Chair) University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics Well Controlled Diet Study Book: Linda Easter Wake Forest University School of Medicine Nominating Committee: Meena Shankar (Chair) University of Florida Planning Committee: Holly Callahan (Chair) University of Washington

10 New Members If you are interested in becoming a new member of the NAB, please review the membership descriptions under the Membership site, to see which member status category (Active or Affiliate) applies to you. Please contact the Secretary/Treasurer about dues payment and addition to the roster.

11 New Members Once you are added to the online roster, you will receive a 90-day free access password for the Members Only/NAB Forum section of the website. The NAB Forum section of our website will allow you access to: FAQs and answers asked from our list serve in the past Continuing education seminars Election and voting information

12 Transitioning or Relocating to another CTSA or GCRC site?
If you are vacating your Bionutritionist position at one CTSA/GCRC and are going to start working as a Bionutritionist at another CTSA/GCRC, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer – Elect and let he/she know what date you are leaving your current position and starting your new one. Also, provide your new work address, , and phone numbers if that is available to you.

13 Resigning Bionutritionist
If you are resigning, please the Secretary/Treasurer – Elect and let him/her know when you will be leaving your Bionutritionist position. If you would like to continue to have access to the membership section of our website after your resignation, you may pay dues as an Affiliate Member. Please refer to our Membership page for membership description options.

14 RESOURCES NAB Members ADA Conference/Research DPG Listserv Website
Bionutrition Research Books

15 RESOURCES NAB MEMBERS The MOST important resource provided by the NAB is its members. Each member has developed their own specialty areas since we have different areas of interest and each of our units have different needs.

16 RESOURCES American Dietetic Association ADA/R-DPG
The NAB has connected with the ADA’s Research Dietetics Practice Group. This DPG has a subunit called the “Clinical and Translational Science” subunit, which is of interest to many NAB members, and which any R-DPG member can join. Several NAB members have joined this subunit. The R-DPG meets at the annual ADA Meetings. You can become a member of the Research DPG and request membership to their online listserv as another resource. See the R-DPG website at

17 RESOURCES LISTSERV There is a Bionutritionists’ list serve at This list serve is an excellent way to ask or respond to questions shared amongst the CTSA/GCRC Bionutritionists. To request addition to the NAB listserv, please send your name and address to the Secretary of the Association of CTSA/GCRC Systems Managers at


Physiological Assessments Research Diets Research Kitchen Research Participant Education Research Articles of Interest NAB WEBSITE NAB FORUM/Members Only Section Using the Site/Help Current Topics General Discussion BOD and Committee Area Administration Diet Assessment Information Management

20 RESOURCES NAB WEBSITE Newsletter is published twice yearly on the NAB Website: February August

B. Dennis, A. Ershow, E. Obarzanek, B.Clarence. Well-Controlled Diet Studies in Humans: A Practical Guide to Design and Management ADA Available to order through the NAB website. E. Monsen. Research: Successful Approaches ADA 2008 (3rd Edition). Available to order through the ADA website (

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