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LIVE JUICES JUICES OF LIFE Let food Be your Medicine.

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1 LIVE JUICES JUICES OF LIFE Let food Be your Medicine

2 Index What is the need of hygienic and nutritious food Introduction to Grishma Foods Poonam Kapurs profile Our business options Current assignments Sample Menu Let food Be your Medicine

3 Motive Food is associated with divinity, with celebrations and mourning's with get-togethers and community feasts thus closely interwoven in every feature of our existence. It sustains us, nourishes us and is life giver. Eating the right kind of food in correct amount is essential to keep us healthy. Nutritious and hygienic food is vital to keep us away from number of ailments in life thus leading to a healthy life. Nutritionally poor or junk foods are causing sky rocketing incidences of obesity, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems Let food Be your Medicine

4 You are what you eat Let food Be your Medicine Food has a unique power to restore the health of individuals and communities Real food is fresh with no toxins and chemicals Food is medicine and along with exercises guards against diseases of civilization Several schools have documented major behavioral improvements in the students after the cafeteria replaced high sugar, high fats foods with fresh nutritious offerings The major problems faced by children before putting them on a nutritious diet were Erratic sleeping schedules Laziness Nervousness Violence

5 Introduction to Grishma Foods Laying the foundation in July 2006 By Poonam Kapur ( MSc- Food Technology, DNHE) as dietician linked with hospitals and special recommendation for children On successful launch Grishma Foods took its second step by launching its Hygiene concept canteen for Gyan Kendra High School and Junior College in the month of June 2009 Grishma foods assures its clienteles to serve delicious and nutritious foods at no extra cost Let food Be your Medicine

6 Poonam Kapurs profile Having a total experience of 9 years at various branches and divisions of food, worked at research with Dr.Shinde Medicare Pvt ltd as practicing dietician. Encore Hotels Ltd (Rajdhani Thali) as Manager R&D Jus Fresh as R&D Manager. Trained at Britannia Industries Ltd. in Standards Department. Trained at Modern Bread Industries in quality control laboratory. Guest Lecturer as consultant nutritionist on the panel of esteemed corporations. Done a project on therapeutic juices and conducted successful workshops. Working on the project of developing a,totally new product, magical and delicious. Let food Be your Medicine

7 Our business options We at Grishma Foods are associated with following work assignments. 1)Managing canteen services at academic institutions so as to inculcate good eating habits in our children. 2)Making diet charts to help people overcome their ailments through good eating habits and adopting healthy lifestyle. 3)Helping people in designing a menu which is healthy, delicious and as per the needs of host and guests. 4)Recommending therapeutic juices in complement with the diet charts to achieve better health benefits and preventing many ailments by making use of natural powers that God has equipped the nature with. 5)Conducting presentations and workshops to bring awareness, regarding control of, different diseases of civilization, through changes in foods and eating habits. Let food Be your Medicine

8 Current Assignments Managing and running the canteen for Gyan Kendra School and Junior College Catering for the management meetings and functions of Gyan Kendra Association. Clinical consultations for corporations e.g. Peninsula land and Encore Group. Attached with Shinde Hospital Pvt Ltd as on house dietician Catering for the functions and parties requiring customized menus. Let food Be your Medicine

9 Thank You Contact Nos – 09820097377, 09324487377, 022-64292281 Mail on –, Let food Be your Medicine

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