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Fad Diets and Eating Disorders

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1 Fad Diets and Eating Disorders
By: Maggie R

2 What is a diet? A a weight loss program.
B a restrictive eating program. C a series of pills. D everything you eat and drink.

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5 Most people think of a diet as a plan to lose weight, but really, it refers to everything you eat or drink, whether you make healthy choices or not.

6 What is a fad diet? A a diet consisting of fads.
B a diet that is popular for a short time. C a diet where you eat only one food. D a diet that works well.

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9 An example of a fad diet is the grapfruit diet
An example of a fad diet is the grapfruit diet. If a restrictive eating program has you eating only one food or group of foods, it will not provide all the nutrients you need to be healthy.

10 What is weight cycling? A using a bicycle to lose weight.
B quick and permanent weight loss. C losing and gaining back the same weight over and over. D trying to lose weight, but never succeeding.

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13 When you lose and regain weight, the lean muscle tissue you lost along with the fat the first time is often gained back as pure fat. This can lead to a decrease in metabolism, making it harder to lose weight the next time.

14 Which of these is a safe way to lose weight?
A Diet and exercise. B fasting. C liquid protein diets. D diet pills.

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17 Although pills and diet products promise fast results, the only safe way to lose weight is by eating sensible portions of healthy, nutritious foods and exercising.

18 What is fasting? A Running fast to lose weight.
B eating only one food to lose weight. C eating lots of food to gain weight. D avoiding food to lose weight.

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21 Fasting can leave the body malnourished and weak
Fasting can leave the body malnourished and weak. When you do not consume the fuel your body needs to function, it uses your muscle tissue for energy.

22 When considering a diet product, look out for:
A diets that involve eating only one food. B a promise of quick results. C a product that claims you can eat whatever you want. D all of the above.

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25 A safe rule of thumb for diets and diet products is, if it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is.

26 What side effects of diet pills make them unsafe?
A they can result is difficulty sleeping and raise blood pressure. B they cause drowsiness and anxiety. C they cause you to get jittery and restless. D all of the above.

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29 Diet pills can not only cause you to become drowsy and anxious, but they can also be addictive. No matter how amazing they claim to be, it’s always better to lose weight the natural, healthy way.

30 What is one major reason girls today are obsessed with their weight?
A super skinny models and TV actresses. B sports teams with weight requirements. C relatives and friend push them to be thin. D they want to be healthier.

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33 Many girls see the perfect bodies of women in magazines and movies and think they are supposed to look that way. In reality, that is not the figure of a typical, healthy female.

34 Over the course of history, many different body types have been viewed as ideal.
A true. B false.

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37 It seems that women always want what they can’t have
It seems that women always want what they can’t have. Being overweight used to be a sign of beauty, because only well off women could afford to eat enough to become overweight. Now that food is available in abundance, women have taken the opposite view.

38 Men cannot get eating disorders
A true. B false.

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41 While eating disorders most often affect females, men can also develop eating disorders from pressure to lose weight for sports, to look more attractive, etc.

42 People with eating disorders can be cured using drugs.
A true. B false.

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45 Eating disorders are psychological, so help should be sought from a health care professional. Often, counseling can help a person overcome their disorder.

46 Define Anorexia Nervosa.
A Anorexia means “hungry”, nervosa means “never”. B anorexia means “without appetite” Nevosa means “of the nervous system” . C anorexia means “anemic” nervosa means “chronic”. D anorexia means “always hungry” nervosa means “of the nervous system”.

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49 Anorexia is a disorder in which the irrational fear of being obese results in severe weight loss from self-induced starvation.

50 Which is not a typical behavior of an anorexic person?
A drop in performance in school and extracurricular activities. B and unnatural obsession with food. C excessive exercising. D extremely low caloric intake.

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53 People who develop eating disorders often feel a need to be perfect
People who develop eating disorders often feel a need to be perfect. They work hard in school and extracurricular activities, and want to have a perfect body as well.

54 Which group is most at risk for anorexia?
A females B males in their twenties. C high school males. D females in their teens and early twenties.

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57 Young women are often the group being targeted by ads with super skinny models. Also, many young women in Hollywood, who are looked up to by other women of a similar age, personify this unrealistic ideal.

58 What is bulimia nervosa?
A The act of overeating them exercising excessively. B the act of overeating and purging. C the act of throwing away all the food you are served. D the act of pretending you do not have an eating disorder.

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61 Bulimics eat huge amounts of food then throw it up or use laxatives to avoid weight gain. Often bulimics follow a restrictive diet in addition to binging and purging.

62 Bulimics are secretive and deny that they have a problem.
A true. B false.

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65 While bulimics try to hide their disorder, they are usually aware of the fact that they have one. Anorexics, on the other hand, usually deny that they have an eating disorder.

66 All of the following are health risks associated with bulimia except:
A irregular heartbeat. B liver damage. C tooth decay. D damage of stomach tissue.

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69 Chronic vomiting can erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay, and stomach acid can damage the walls of the stomach, esophagus and mouth. Kidney damage and irregular heartbeat can also become issues.

70 You should not try to counsel a friend with an eating disorder.
A true. B false.

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73 You should not try to play the role of therapist to an anorexic or bulimic friend. The best thing you can do for them is to speak up. Tell the school counselor or your parents. They can help your friend get the assistance she needs.

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