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1 Diabetes Screening Camp Dr. Aravinth Reddy Educational & Charitable Trust

2 Agenda Why Diabetes? Financial Burden of Diabetes in India Our Mission Camp Flow Camp Facilities

3 Why Diabetes? Diabetes is on the raise in India because of cultural calamity in India since 20 years. In India around 10% of our 120crore population have Diabetes for each 1 diagnosed Diabetic there is around 4 to 5 undiagnosed Diabetic or pre diabetic. To make DIABETES FREE INDIA we have to SENSITISE ALL PEOPLE IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE

4 Financial burden of diabetes in India If we take at 10% of our Indian population is diabetic. 10crore people are diabetic if each or an average has to spend Rs.1000/- per month around Rs.10,000/-crores for one year Rs.1,20,000/-crores for medicine purchase out of which 50 to 70% of the pharma sales goes to multinational companies.

5 Financial burden of diabetes in India If we consider 30% of Diabetics have complications like – Eye problem, – Kidney problem, – Heart problem, – Nerve problem, – Foot ulcer problem Treatment cost becomes 2 to 3 times per month in 3crores x 3000 = 9000 cores / month x 12 months = 1,08,000 cores ie for treatment alone 120000 – 36000 + 108000crores Rs.192000 cores per annum

6 Financial burden of diabetes in India 30% of Indian population are in the age group of 20years to 40 years they spend Rs.1000 on as average to spoil their Health for Junk food / alcohol / Tv watching / coke / pepsi etc., On a average 30 cores x 1000 = 30000 core per month Yearly Rs.360000 cores out of which 80% goes for multinationals.

7 Our Mission Through this Diabetes Screening Camp we can screen the prevalence of Diabetes for 1 lakh people approximately which we can take as a representative of whole South Indian Population. The statistical report of the camp will pave way for the awareness of Diabetes in large extent so that we can fight against Diabetes thereby stepping down in the ladder ofDiabetes Hub India

8 Why BJP BJP, more than as a religious party is a National Political Party having its representatives in all Indian States. When such a National Party appeals to its members regarding Lifestyle change and Diabetes it will yield much attention among people about Diabetes. As a Opposition party in Parliament, it can make the Diabetes Control Programme more powerful and can insist the Central Government in taking measures against prevention of Diabetes and other economical, financial, social values of Diabetes.

9 Camp Flow Name Address & details Registration Vitals Blood Sugar Physical Examination Consultation Prescription Doctors Consultation

10 Facilities 10 Registration & Physical Examination Counters measuring 500-600 sqft 2 Doctors Cabin for Patient Consultation 1 Emergency Unit with 3 patient bed and 1 Doctors cabin Male/ Female Ward each having10 Patient bed & 2 Doctors Cabin respectively Diet Exhibition measuring 600 sqft 2 Patient Waiting Area

11 Registration 10 counters on the whole Each Counter having 5 Registration Tables – Registered Patient will be given an Pan ID for follow up – 5 tables to register 2000 Patient = 10000 Patient per Counter 10 Tables to measure – Blood Pressure, – Height, – Weight, – Random Blood Glucose.

12 Registration Flow 1 Registration person (to register)– 2000 registration – 2000 patient x 5 registration table = 10000 patient in 1 counter – 10 counter x 10000 patient = 1 lakh patient 1 BP checking person( to check for) – 1000 people 1 person to check Random Sugar( to check) – 1000 people 1 Ht / Wt BMI (to measure) -1000 persons Each unit 35 person x 10 counter = 350 persons 350 persons +50 Helpers = 400 persons

13 Registration Layout H/W B.Sugar BP H/W B.Sugar Ht- Height: Wt- Weight: BP- Blood Pressure

14 Diet Exhibition Diet plays a main role in prevention of Diabetes. The stall comprises of – Traditional Diet – Foods to be taken, not to be take & can be taken moderately – Keep fit Diet – Childrens health tips corner – Yoga & Diet etc and lots more…………..

15 General & Emergency Facility - Requirements Male & Female 10 bed each 5 Male & 15 Female Nurses 20 IV Stands, Cots 6 BP Apparatus 4 tables for Doctors 20 tables for patients 30 Waiting benches 10 wheel chairs 10 trolleys App Ambulance 10 ECG machine 6 Glucometers 100 Needles 1,00,000 Doctors 10 Allopathy 40 Alternate medicine 50 Physiotherapy Emergency Medicines

16 Layout STAGE 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 Doctors Chamber ICU Emergency MALE/FEMALE General Ward MALE/FEMALE General Ward Diet Exhibition Doctors Chamber Waiting Area Screening Hall

17 ICU Emergency Layout Bed Doctors Chamber

18 ICU Emergency The chamber consists of – 3 patients bed – 1 Doctors chamber – Emergency medicines trolley – Emergency medical equipments – 10 Ambulance – Emergency, ICU trained paramedical staffs

19 General Medical Facility- Layout Bed Dr Male BlockFemale Block

20 General Medical Facility The general medical facility consists of 10 male and 10 female bed with 2 doctors each. Requirements – 20 cot, medicine table – 20 IV Stand – List of medicines – Paramedical Staffs

21 Join with Us

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