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Dessert Your Diet. Mission Statement Dessert Your Diet is a hospitable company that is dedicated to providing desserts in a fun, friendly, and comfortable.

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1 Dessert Your Diet

2 Mission Statement Dessert Your Diet is a hospitable company that is dedicated to providing desserts in a fun, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere. We thrive on both our employees and our customers creativity and the fun environment that it brings to the workplace. We strive to bring the customers exactly what they want in a professional and friendly way. New ideas, diversity, uniqueness, and creativity are always welcomed and appreciated at Dessert Your Diet.

3 SWOT Analysis

4 Target Market Villanova families, college students, and those who desire variety/customization 60% have household income of $100,000 or more Population: 170,000 people High percentage of young adults and middle-aged men and women

5 Needs Assessment None of our competitors offer variety/customization Includes cookies, cakes, and ice cream in one place Offers advanced placement of orders decorate your own Appeals to all tastes and ages

6 Competitive priorities Order Winners Location Variety Customization Premium quality Order Qualifiers Basic quality Convenient location

7 Competitive Priorities (cont.) Top quality – Premium-quality ingredients – Fast, precise service – Friendly, accommodating attitude – Focusing on the experience Consistency – Reliable suppliers – Standardized manufacturing process Customization – Prioritize creativity, flexibility, and long-term relationship with customers – Accepting orders online, on the phone, and in person Variety – Wide range of flavors – Seasonal varieties

8 Products and Services Products: fresh baked cookies, cupcakes, prepared cakes, customized cakes, twelve ice cream flavors accompanied by twenty- four toppings Additional Services: accepting online customized orders and providing space to enjoy desserts

9 Core Competencies Core competencies are the unique resources and strengths that an organization's management considers when formulating strategy Lets talk about a few of Dessert Your Diets Core Competencies Market financial knowhow - facility advantage in an affluent college town. Workforce - Warm and friendly environment where customer and employee creativity and laughter is not only accepted, but preferred. Systems and technology – holistic quality control leads to quality and freshness unmatched by any competitor.

10 Core Processes Core Processes are a set of activities that ultimately deliver value to external customers. Lets Talk about a few of Dessert Your Diets Core Processes:

11 Core Processes Customer Relationship – A great way Dessert Your Diet plans for its employees to build relationships is to facilitate high retention rates with the locals, who will continuously come back to Dessert Your Diet seeking high quality customizable desserts. Supplier relationship – Maintain strong relationships with our suppliers, which will facilitate the timely and efficient flow of supplies. All of these will bring value to our external customer.

12 Suppliers Dessert Your Diet Katom Restaurant Supply Pastry Chef Central, Inc. Zecca Ice Cream Distributors Cake Art TM US Foods

13 Operations Strategy

14 Goals The goal of Dessert Your Diets operations strategy is to specify the means by which operational activities are used to implement strategy to build a customer-driven firm. Ability to deliver a customized product that exceeds consumer expectations for quality and service

15 Process Employees prepare a specific amount of ingredients and following guidelines. Dessert Your Diets mission of quality and consistency does not allow for variation in preparation. This process is verified both by the amount of inventory on hand as well as through the various measuring/cooking tools utilized by employees.

16 Process The custom desert line features high customer involvement and highly customized service. Flexible flows and individualized processes. High customer interaction. The bakery and premade desert line features low customer involvement and much less customized service. Large batch process that is standardized to create multiple products with moderate volume.

17 Capital Intensity Fixed Asset Purchases Resource Flexibility

18 Necessities Baking Oven$4,500.00 Commercial Mixer$3,000.00 Tools and Equipment$2,500.00 Refrigerator$2,500.00 Ice Cream Freezer$2,500.00 Ice Cream Display FreezerProvided by supplier Stainless Steel Work Area/Storage$3,000.00

19 Necessities Tools and Equipment: spatulas, cake lifts, pastry wheel cutters, measuring spoons and cups, cake and cookie cutters, bowls, rollers, whips, ice cream scoopers and other tools as they become necessary.

20 Quality Strategy Consistently high quality products. Dessert Your Diet does not compete on price. – Consistent high quality creating differentiation. – Standardize the batch processes. – High customer involvement and customization products can be controlled through consistent ingredient usage and highly skilled labor.

21 Quality Control Dessert Your Diet will collect and analyze the following data on a regular basis: 1) Number of products sold a day 2) Top selling product 3) Feedback from customers / comment cards 4) Posts about the business on social media/rating websites 5) Employee observations and opinions 6) Cleanliness of the facility 7) Ability to cover costs/ make a profit

22 Waste Management Just-in-time philosophy of eliminating unnecessary inventory and activities Address the 8 types of waste Important to manage inventory as an eating establishment/ food will spoil Keep employees on schedule and well- trained Eliminate defects as much as possible

23 Customer Demand and Expectations

24 Forecasting Technique Raw Materials – Shelf Life – High Levels Finished Goods – Short Shelf Life – Low Levels Non-Perishable – Held until used

25 Forecasting Technique Historical Averages Seasonal Holiday Weekends Exponential Smoothing – A smoothing parameter, alpha, allows the forecaster the opportunity to decide how much emphasis should be placed on the most recent information. – Adj. based on seasonality

26 Sales Demand WeekdaysWeekends Cakes 10-1220-30 Cookies 350500 Ice Cream 800 oz1100 oz

27 Queues Preferred Each order will be customized to meet the expectations and requests of the customer. Ordering station Preparation Final Delivery and Checkout

28 Dessert Your Diet Fresh Baked Cookies $2 each/ $20 dozen Available in: Chocolate Chip, M&M, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Fudge, Sugar, Cinnamon, White Chocolate Macadamia (May change based on season) Cupcakes (Flavors vary by day) $3.50 each/ $18 for six Prepared Cakes $35 half sheet/ $60 full sheet Customized Cakes Prices vary based on customization Ice Cream Kids $2 Small $3 Medium $3.50 Large $4 Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla bean, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Bubble Gum, Butter Pecan, Double Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Espresso Chip, Pineapple Coconut, Banana Choose from 24 toppings $.75 each or $1.50 for unlimited

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