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AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 Proyectos Aeroespacial Argentinos Nuevas Tecnologías 7 Deciembre 2011.

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1 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 Proyectos Aeroespacial Argentinos Nuevas Tecnologías 7 Deciembre 2011

2 Introduction Aircraft manufacturers around the world have designed and built aircraft stating that they are multi-role capable. Very few have in fact achieved this e.g. the De Havilland Caribou, the Lockheed C130 and the Chinook helicopter. However, none can encompass the capability of AeroCat. AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

3 Multi-role Capable Using state of the art technology AeroCat is designed for minimal support and can operate in remote areas for extended periods. With endurance exceeding 36 hours, payloads up to 25-tons and an airspeed of 70 knots; AeroCat is truly a multi-mission capable aircraft. AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

4 Base Specifications Useful load (fuel and cargo) 41,000 kg Built-in fuel tank capacity 20,500 kg Maximum payload weight 25,000 kg Min cargo bay internal dimensions 25x3.6x3 mt Range @ max payload 4075 km Endurance @ 20 ton payload 48 hrs Max efficient cruise speed 130 km Nominal cruise altitude 1220 mt Max sustained altitude 3050 mt Emergency altitude 3660 mt Engine Horsepower (per engine) 650 hp AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

5 Dimensions Overall Length 94.4 mt Overall Height 25.3 mt Overall Width 45.1 mt Envelope Volume 46723 m³ Cargo Bay Length 25 mt Cargo Bay Width 3.6 mt Cargo Bay Height 3 mt Cargo Bay Floor Loading 1464 kgf/m² AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

6 Normal Taxi Limits Wind Direction Maximum Wind Speed Headwind 50 knots* (92 KM) *For low friction surfaces Crosswind 15 knots**( 27 KM) ** Crosswind above limits requires aircraft to be turned into the wind for parking and crabbed to taxi AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

7 Normal Parking Limits Wind Direction Maximum Wind Speed Headwind 50 knots (92 KM) Crosswind 30 knots (55 KM) ACLS suction on and operating normal AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

8 Passenger Transport AeroCat has the capability to operate from commercial airports or remote locations. Even in a total economy configuration passenger comfort and outside visibility is incomparable. AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 ConfigurationSeats Business Class64 Split94 Business Class16 Economy78 Economy108

9 Tour Economics One (1) AeroCat AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 SUMMARY - AeroCat SUA LOCAL TOUR OPERATION OperationUpdated: Summary assumes aircraft operate at an average airspeed of 55 kts; Configuration: 64 Passenger ALL Business Class; 45 minute flight; Las Vegas Strip5-Apr-2011 Snack & Beverage service includes appropriate cocktails & appetizers; Weather based on 1961-1990 yearly averages Purchase AcquisitionRevenue with a Load Factor of65% Acquisition Price$44,480,468Advertising$240,000 Annual Interest Rate5.38%Passenger Ticket Sales$18,075,950 Monthly Payment$306,765Total Revenue$18,315,950 Period (Yrs)20.00 Annual Payment$3,681,185 Profit / Loss Financed for Purchase Profit / Loss Aircraft Owned Expenditure$11,767,227Expenditure$8,086,042 Profit/Loss$4,785,219Profit/Loss$8,556,762 % on Expenditure40.67% on Expenditure105.82% Fixed Cost - AnnualIndicated Direct Cost - Per Hour Salary Sub-Total$965,000Direct Cost per Hour$1,092 Non-Salary Fixed Cost Sub-Total$6,046,315Direct Cost per Nautical Mile$24.27 Fixed Cost Total (Aircraft Owned)$6,501,720Direct Cost per Seat Mile$0.38 Fixed Cost Total (Aircraft Financed)$10,182,904Direct Cost per Available Ton Mile$2.02 Notes: 1) Current cost for a 1-hour tourist flight over San Francisco Bay is $495 per person. This ops estimate is based on $200 per person. Reference:Salary Averages from AV Careers, Professional Pilot and the US Government 2010 Salary SurveysSalary Averages from AV Careers, Professional Pilot and the US Government 2010 Salary Surveys ATA Monthly Jet Fuel Cost ReportATA Monthly Jet Fuel Cost ReportJeppesen SandersonJeppesen Sanderson British Capitol GroupBritish Capitol GroupARINC

10 Humanitarian Aid Average over 20,000 kg of payload Deliver payload directly to one or more villages Carry a transport vehicle to move supplies or bring patients to a medical AeroCat if the landing area is not next to or in the village AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 (23 standard pallets or 46 stacked) (12 standard pallets or 24 stacked plus 8 additional pallets on the truck)

11 Mobile Hospital Complete medical and dental facilities flown directly where needed. The medical AeroCat can stay in place as long as required while a Humanitarian Aid/Supply AeroCat replenishes food, clothing and other supplies as necessary. AeroCats long endurance brings quality aid and supplies in large quantities to remote areas not easily accessible by other modes. AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 Three examination rooms (or two and extra storage) Medical Supply Storage (Can be expanded) Quarters for flight crew Plus six person medical team Full Latrine With shower Reception, Latrine and Waiting Area Full Galley

12 Firefighting Low altitude and airspeed enables highly accurate retardant dispersal Able to deliver over 13,000 liters of fire retardant Containment in hours instead of days greatly reducing loss of life and property AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

13 Firefighting Economics AeroCat is possibly the most cost effective fire fighting aircraft to ever be developed Forest Fire Modeling Analysis provided by Fire Tech Management Ltd., Canada AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

14 Border Patrol Endurance; Up to two days on station Crew Rest Accommodations On-Board Platform Stability Improves Sensor Performance Capable of inserting interdiction personnel AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

15 Search and Rescue Capable of deploying air sea rescue personnel Medical facilities onboard Rescue operations in conditions up to Sea State 5 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002 WMO Sea State CodeWave Height (meters)Characteristics 00Calm (glassy) 10 to 0.1Calm (rippled) 20.1 to 0.5Smooth (wavelets) 30.5 to 1.25Slight 41.25 to 2.5Moderate 52.5 to 4Rough 64 to 6Very rough 76 to 9High 89 to 14Very high 9Over 14Phenomenal

16 Summary AeroCat is in every sense a multi-role, multi-function aircraft with the ability to be rapidly reconfigured to meet the demands of a modern changing world Facts, Not Suppositions Alliances Multi-use Aircraft Proven Technology Market Confirmed Future Products Second and third generation products will scale up the capabilities of the AeroCat aircraft to grand proportions: from a 40-50 ton payload to a notional 250-500 ton payload aircraft, capable of transporting time- sensitive cargo trans-oceanic. AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

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