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Behind the Low-Carb Headlines Dana Carpender View the complete video at

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1 Behind the Low-Carb Headlines Dana Carpender View the complete video at

2 Low Carb Diet Hurts Memory! Big, Carb-Heavy Breakfast Aids Weight Loss! Atkins Diet Increases All-Causes Mortality!

3 Deep Breath!

4 Headlines: Designed to sell newspapers and magazines Never subtle Subtlety is where the truth lies!

5 The ________ Media! Supported by advertising Food processors Drug industry What happened to the Incredible Edible Egg??? Is Beef still Whats for Dinner???

6 Consider the Source What is the publication? Who is the author? Credibility? Obvious bias? Read the article Any new information, or just the same old canards?

7 Studies Observational (most are this type) Correlation is NOT causation! Maybe suggestive, never conclusive. Clinical How many subjects? Over what period? Closely monitored? What was the actual diet? Multiple variables?

8 Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates No difference in diets for weight loss Clinical study, 811 (645) participants The diets: 20% fat, 15% protein, 65% carb 20% fat, 25% protein, 55% carb 40% fat, 15% protein, 45% carb 40% fat, 15% protein, 35% carb

9 Reading more closely… Low-Carb = 35% calories from carbohydrates, or 137 grams??? Only 40% from fat??? (I shoot for more like 70-75%.) Reported intakes did not reach target levels of macronutrients! They never actually tested a low- carbohydrate diet! 10% of participants kept off 10% of their body weight. Success?

10 Atkins Diet Increases All-Cause Mortality! by Dr. Dean Ornish (Gosh, were awfully impressed, I can tell you!) Annals of Internal Medicine Meat Intake and Mortality: A Prospective Study of Over Half a Million People

11 Reading more closely… Prospective = Observational Meat intake was estimated from a food frequency questionnaire… Big assumptions: Accurate memory of what you ate Food intake remains the same for a decade

12 So, how did this one work? High animal protein and high vegetable protein groups Broke into deciles by carb intake Men vs Women Lowest carb group still 37%, or 168 grams carb Low-carb/high-veg group was even higher over all Men ate more carbs than women. NO GROUP was close to low-carb

13 Furthermore….. High-veg group actually ate more animal protein than vegetable! Lowest 2/3 of low-animal group ate more animal protein than high- animal group! Lowest 2/3 of womens low-animal group ate more red/processed meat than high-animal groups! Differences persisted with the men. Where did the animal groups carbs come from? Had to be sugar.

14 What did this demonstrate? NOTHING! Except an overwhelming desire of some people (ahem-Ornish-ahem!) to prove that animal foods are bad and plant foods are good.

15 Next: Multiple Variables The Big Breakfast Study 94 obese women with metabolic syndrome Put on either a low-carb or a big breakfast diet Low-carbers did a little better in first four months, then regained Big-breakfasters continued to lose

16 Reading more closely… Calories: Low-carbers,1085; big- breakfasters, 1240. Huh? Carbs: LC, 17 g; BB, 97 g. Fat: LC, 78 g; BB, 22 g. Protein: LC, 51 g; BB, 93 g. Huh? Breakfast size: LC, 290 calories, 25% of daily calories; BB, 610 calories, nearly half daily calories.

17 SIX (count em SIX) Variables! Caloric intake Fat intake Carbohydrate intake Protein intake Breakfast size Weighting of caloric intake toward beginning/end of day So, who did what to whom?

18 And whats with this? Bad math! What low-carb diet restricts you to 1000 calories a day? What low-carb diet restricts breakfast size? Only 51 grams or protein a day? Straw Man Argument!

19 Low-Carb Diet & Memory Loss 19 women, aged 22 to 55 9 low-carb, 10 low-calorie Week 1: low-carbers showed decreasing memory and slowed reaction time Week 2: carbs added back, cognition skills returned to normal

20 Wait a minute now… First week was essentially zero-carb. (Do you remember your first week?) Just getting to Induction by the end of the study – and their cognitive problems vanished! Even in Week 1, low-carbers still out- performed on attention vigilance task Once again, someone is creating a reality they only wish were true.

21 Low Carb Diet Best for Lowering Blood Pressure (Now were talking!) 146 obese subjects with comorbidities (diabetes, elevated cholesterol & triglycerides, hypertension) Half put on low-carb, half on low-fat with orlistat (aka xenical or Alli) Low-carbers were on Atkins induction – an actual low-carb diet!

22 So, how did they do? Low-carb group lost 9.5% of their body fat; low-fat group lost 8.5% (even while taking the orlistat) Both improved cholesterol and trigs Insulin & glucose markers improved only in low-carb group BP improved far more dramatically in low-carb group 47% of low-carbers discontinued BP meds vs 21% of low-fat group

23 In summary, ask yourself… Do I trust the source? Is there actual science involved? Observational or clinical study? How big? How long? How was it constructed? Was it really low-carbohydrate? Do the headlines match the actual conclusions?

24 Tune in: Jimmy Moore Tom Naughton Dr. Mike Eades Denise Minger

25 Obligatory Self-Promotion Hold The Toast! (blog) Danas Low-Carb for Life (podcast) My TotalGym Transformation

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