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Healthy Lifestyle - Balance Dr. Baohua Wang 5-11-2012.

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1 Healthy Lifestyle - Balance Dr. Baohua Wang 5-11-2012

2 What does healthy mean ? Yin - Yang - in Chinese Medicine (CM)

3 Yin-Yang Nature: couple Yin: cold, dark, quiet, down, inside, passive …… Yang: warm, bright, excited, up, outside, active ……

4 Examples of yin and yang fire - water day - night summer - winter spring - autumn man - woman

5 How to judge yin-yang for your body? feeling: cold - heat disposition: introversion - extroversion steady - impatient behavior: slow - quick sound: quiet - loud hobby: indoor - outdoor diet: cooked - fresh figure: fat - thin tongue:

6 the tongue

7 the common illnesses of yin-yang yin type body: cold diarrhea arthritis yang type body: insomnia constipation hypertension

8 How to regulate the body diet tea sports surroundings music

9 diet - meat / fish chicken - duck sheep - pork fish/ shrimp/ crab beef

10 diet - vegetable yang: ginger, pepper yin: bitter gourd, cucumber, turnip, celery...... bitter gourdtumip celery

11 diet - fruit yang: chinese date, longan, leechee yin: pear, watermelon, banana, apricot chinese date longan apricot leechee

12 tea Green tea Red tea - fermented Oolong tea Scented tea and flower tea

13 sports yin: yoga, chess, sit still, stand still yang: run, jog, walk; ball.

14 surroundings yin: quiet, cool, indoor yang: sunny, warm, outdoor

15 music yin: to calm down ( the mountain and river) yang: to wake up (happiness)



18 How to keep healthy? human and nature What can we learn from nature? the rhythm of nature

19 characteristics of spring warm beginning to move upward (outside)

20 lifestyle in spring living: warm diet: warm, less meat/fish, more vegetable

21 common disease in spring - allergy The cause of allergy in CM - coldness How to reduce symptoms? - pat, cupping, guasha How to prevent?

22 characteristics of summer hot; strong sunshine outside

23 lifestyle in summer living: to avoid heatstroke; to avoid cold (air-conditioning) diet: avoid: too much ice cube, ice cream; too much meat recommended: bitter gourd, cucumber, watermelon, peach bitter gourd

24 common disease in summer - diarrhea Causes of diarrhea in CM. How to prevent?

25 characteristics of autumn cool; dry beginning to move downward (inside)

26 lifestyle in autumn living: cool diet: more meat, more fruit (pear, apple, grape)

27 characteristics of winter cold hide (inside)

28 lifestyle in winter living: warm, but not too hot no violent movement, sauna diet: more meat

29 common illness - cold cause treatment thought in CM

30 Chinese tea

31 tea knowledge There are several types of tea: green tea, red tea, oolong tea (pure tea), black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and flower tea. The producing area of tea is specially emphasized in China.

32 Green tea a kind of no-fermented tea. The color of dry tea and after brewing tea look green. It can help to clear heat. Longjing (Dragon Well tea) from Hangzhou Biluochun (Green Snail Spring ) from Dongting

33 Red tea a kind of fermented tea. The stem color and brewing tea are mainly red. It is helpful to warm the stomach. Qimen Yunnan

34 Oolong tea a kind of semi-fermented tea. It is intermediate between green tea and red tea. Dahongpao (Red Robe Tea) from Wuyi Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess Tea) from Anxi

35 Scented tea and flower tea Scented Tea uses green tea as base, and mixes with scent of flowers (jasmine). Flower Tea is a simply dried flowers (chrysanthemum). Jasmine tea Chrysanthemum tea

36 Thanks for listening

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