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3 SHARKS By JAMAL ANDERSON Habitat: My animal lives in the Pacific
Ocean. Anatomy: My animal is 4 feet. By JAMAL ANDERSON Diet: MY animal eats fish. Enemies: Its prey is fish. Interesting Fact: My animal eats little things like fish.

4 Spiders By Chauona Austin Habitat: They live in webs.
They make their own webs. They have 8 legs and lay eggs. Each leg has a claw. They eat insects. They trap the insects in webs. Bird eat spiders Silk is made by spiders. Anatomy: Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact:

5 SEA OTTERS By JODIE BAILEY Habitat : Otters live in the water.
Anatomy: They have flat feet to swim. They have fur to keep them warm. Diet: They eat fish. By JODIE BAILEY Enemies: There enemy is polar bears. Interesting Fact: They float on there backs and break open clams with rocks.

6 Polar Bears By Cameron Brinkman Habitat:
They live in the Artic Circle. They are white to match the snow. Anatomy: By Cameron Brinkman Diet: They eat lots and lots of fish. Enemies: There enemies are man. Polar bears have thick insulating fur and blubber. Interesting Fact:

7 TIGERS By KEARA DEAS Habitat: Tigers live in grasslands. Anatomy:
It’s colors is orange and black. Diet: It eats large and small mammals. It catches them by running fast. Enemies: It’s enemies are man. Man destroys the habitat of the tiger. Interesting Fact: The stripes help to hide it in the grass.

8 LIONS By Nate Freeman Habitat Lions live in jungles because
it has a lot of food. Lions grow up to be 6 feet long. Most lions live in grass lands. By Nate Freeman Anatomy: Diet: Lions like to diet on antelopes, zebras, wild beasts, and warthogs. Enemies: Other lions and large predators that fight over their food. Interesting Fact: A group of lions is called a pride.

9 Rhinos By D.J. Green Habitat: Rhinos live in grasslands. Anatomy:
He’s big big. They have a horn that is very long. My animal is a carnivore. A lion can eat my animal. When they are mad they run and try to stick the horn in people. Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact:

10 Leopards By Michael Hester Habitat: Leopards run fast on flat land.
Anatomy: They grow to be 5 feet long. They are carnivores and eat meat. There main enemy is man. By Michael Hester Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact: They hunt at night and sleep in the day.

11 African Rock Python By Seth Howell Habitat
An African Rock Python lives in tall grass. By Seth Howell Anatomy: They are 8 to 28 feet and are brown and yellow. They eat mice and rats. A hawk because it will eat the Rock Python. They are cold blooded and they have 75 eggs. Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact:

12 Kangaroos By NICHOLAS HUCKEBY Habitat:
Kangaroos live in the open range. And they will go anywhere to raise there young. By NICHOLAS HUCKEBY Anatomy: They are 6ft tall. They are 300lb to. Diet: They are herbivores. Herbivores are plant eaters. Enemies: Man is its greatest enemy. Interesting Fact: They can jump 40 ft high. They can jump fast.

13 Dolphins By Isaiah Inman Habitat: The Dolphins live in the ocean.
There color is grey. The dolphins eat fish and squid. Anatomy: Diet: By Isaiah Inman Enemies: Their enemies are sharks. Dolphins are very very smart. They can learn to do tricks. Interesting Fact:

14 Monkeys By Kimberly Keathley Habitat: Monkeys Live in the woods .
They like to climb trees . They are hire and dirty . They are not scale . They are very strong . They eat bugs . Jungle animals eat them . Anatomy: Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact: There are about 125 species of monkeys.

15 KOALAS By HAYLEY LEMONS Habitat: The koala lives in a eucalyptus and
they eat gum leaves. A koala is gray and fuzzy and it can be 2 to 3 feet long. The koalas diet is gum tree leaves cause the leaves are not fatting. The koalas enemies are men because they destroy there environment. I know that the koala has a big diet and that there fur protects them from the rain. Anatomy: Diet: Enemies: Interesting Fact:

16 Cheetahs By Kristen Lloyd Habitat: Cheetahs live in grasslands.
Anatomy: Cheetahs are orange with black spots. They have very strong legs. Diet: Cheetahs are carnivores Enemies: Men are the cheetahs enemies. Cheetahs can run about 100 miles an hour. Interesting Fact:

17 BEARS By Kaci Mitchell Habitat: Bears live in caves in the forest.
Anatomy: Its size is 35 and his color is brown . Diet: Its diet is plants and nuts and roots and. Enemies: Men are there enemies. Interesting Fact: Bears hibernate in the winter.

18 Rattle Snakes By Coady Perez Snakes live in dry areas like deserts.
And need warm places. They Do not have Legs But they do have teeth They eat mouse and rats And there ante Habitat: By Coady Perez Anatomy: There enemies are eagles and people. Enemies: Diet: Interesting Fact: Rattlesnakes are poisonous.

19 Golden Eagle By Liam Schramm Habitat:
Golden Eagles live on high cliffs. By Liam Schramm Anatomy: They are a bright gold color,and have Long wings. Diet: They eat rabbits, rodents, and other birds. They see their prey from a distance and drop down on them. Enemies: Interesting Fact:

20 DEER By Taylor Sparks Habitat: Deer live in forests. Anatomy:
They are two 1/2 feet. Diet: They are herbivores. That means they are plant eaters. Enemies: Their enemies is Wolves. They are fast animals. The baby deer have spots to hide them in the forest. Interesting Fact:

21 WOLVES By Quinn Williams Habitat: The wolves live in caves in the
eastern USA. By Quinn Williams Anatomy: The wolves in Tennessee are red wolves. The wolves in the west are gray wolves.. Diet: Wolves hunt in packs. They live in packs too. Enemies: There worst enemies are man. Interesting Fact: The Red Wolf lives in Tennessee and it is endangered.

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