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Nutrition and Food Service Software Management System ThreeSquares ® TM 1-800-383-1999.

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1 Nutrition and Food Service Software Management System ThreeSquares ® TM 1-800-383-1999

2 you can navigate to anywhere in the program... From The Main Screen in ThreeSquares ® NOTE: Use the navigation button to move to throughout presentation, unless other options are shown. the next,or previous screen,

3 SureQuest provides a total Management Solution From providing a starting database... SureQuest provides each new customer with a starting Three Squares® database containing: 2 seasonal 4-week menus spread for 10 diets and 4 textures, as well as over 3500 recipes (with HACCP instructions included)! This information can be used as is, or can easily be customize without having to start from scratch.

4 Even Customized diet parameters! You can customize the diet parameters for each diet based on the diet manual you use in your facility!

5 Computerize Your Menus! or click here to proceed to recipe screens Click here to analyze the week at a glance menu for COST or NUTRIENTS for any diet AND any consistency type! Click anywhere on this menu day to edit the menu!

6 Calculate your Daily, Weekly, and Cycle Menu Costs... You can view and print a menu cost summary for any diet/ texture combination for a day, week, or cycle!

7 Calculate a detailed Nutrient Analysis... In just seconds you can view or print a detailed nutritional analysis of your menu day! …for any day for any diet/texture modification!

8 And Calculate a Nutritional Analysis Summary... View or print the nutritional analysis summary for any diet and consistency type! …for any day/week/range of days with just a click of the mouse! Return to menu screen

9 Build Menus based on the Nutritional and Cost Analysis! View the actual nutritional analysis of your menu day as you build it! You control the display! Select up to 6 items to view in real time! Click on Details to view the complete cost analysis! or click here to proceed to diet spreadsheet

10 Calculate your Daily Menu Costs... Ensure your menus are within budget when you write them!

11 And Calculate a Cost Analysis by Diet! In just seconds Three Squares® also calculates the cost for every diet AND consistency type! Return to menu build screen

12 Build Menus for every Diet and Consistency Type The first time you place a new item on the menu, you edit the diet spreadsheet. After that, ThreeSquares ® will automatically create the diet spreadsheet per your past instructions!...per your Specifications!

13 Computerize your Recipes! Click preparation, edit exchanges, analysis (with cost and nutritional options), and menu information to view these screens! Three Squares ® comes preloaded with over 3500 recipes or click here to proceed to select menu screens Click on Scale Recipe to automatically scale your recipe to the quantity you specify!

14 Automatically Scale Recipes... Click Calculate to scale your recipe to the new number of servings!

15 To the Quantity you specify! Return to Recipe screen In just seconds ThreeSquares ® automatically scales each ingredient to the new quantity!

16 with Detailed Preparation Steps...... Preloaded recipes include step by step preparation instructions including applicable Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points in each preparation step! Return to Recipe screen …including HACCP instructions!

17 Editing Diabetic Exchanges... Return to Recipe screen ThreeSquares ® will calculate the grams of carbohydrate, protein, fat and calories as you modify the exchanges, or you can let the program estimate the values for you!

18 Calculating your Recipe Analysis... ThreeSquares® quickly calculates the nutritional analysis of an ingredient, a recipe, or your menus! …View or print your recipe nutritional analysis Proceed to recipe cost analysis

19 Even Calculating a Recipe Cost Analysis... You can calculate any recipe costs with just a click of the mouse! Return to Recipe screen

20 And Detailed Menu Information! Return to Recipe screen You specify the menu category, dislike groups and standard portion size that applies to each recipe!

21 Computerize Your Select Menus! ThreeSquares® prints your pre-modified Select menus with the residents name, room, dining locations and allowed selections based on their diet, allergies and preferences!

22 Efficiently tally your select menus... Just click to highlight your residents selections and ThreeSquares® will calculate production and grocery lists for you automatically!

23 Or Forecast production for selective residents.. ThreeSquares® will forecast production automatically based on the calculation method you select! You can even edit the calculated values!

24 Special Event Menus Build your menu by the meal or for the whole day and then add the number of servings for each item that you will need.

25 Special Event Menu Scheduling Applying a schedule Date means that Functions can be planned far in advance and forgotten about; but then the necessary items for all of the days functions will be added to the Grocery List for Purchase and to the Production lists as that date comes up!

26 Computerize your Purchasing! Stock items are customized based on YOUR storage locations and product specifications!

27 Forecast your Grocery Orders.. Just click OK to calculate your forecasted grocery orders! ThreeSquares® integrates your resident information (if any) with menus, (including Special Event menus) Recipes, and vendor information! or click here to proceed to valuation

28 With Costing included... Click here to create your purchase orders directly from the forecasted order! Return to forecast screen

29 And Generate Vendor Purchase Orders! Return to forecast screen Purchase orders are specific to your vendors, including their product code numbers! You can even fax your order or send it electronically!

30 Calculate the Value of your Inventory too! ThreeSquares® calculates the value of your inventory automatically!

31 Three Squares ®... Your Fully Integrated Dietary Software System Solution! To request a customized proposal for your facility, contact your SYSCO repersentative. Feel free to visit us online at

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