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The Mediterranean Diet Myth or Fact

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1 The Mediterranean Diet Myth or Fact
RADIA MEHALAINE, M.D. Health Educator Clinical Instructor

2 Another fad diet ? The Seven Countries Study
American Heart Association Lyon Diet Heart Study 50%-70% less coronary events Alpha-Linolenic Acid? Linoleic Acid? The Seven Countries Study Cretan Diet: lowest incidence of heart disease. Finland Diet: highest rate of coronary events.

3 Mediterranean Diet What is Mediterranean diet? Birthplace and origin
Incidence of Heart Disease Question of Longevity New fusion Culinary Trend in upscale restaurants

4 Commun Characteristics
Generous amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Small portions of nuts and seeds. Healthy fats such as olive oil. Moderate amounts of dairy products, poultry and fish on a regular basis. Little amounts of red and processed meats Low to moderate amounts of alcohol

5 Conventional Diet Pyramid

6 One Mediterranean Diet a day keeps the doctor away

7 Mediterranean vs industrialized diet
Olive oil Greens Fresh fruits No corn Raw, lightly cooked Unprocessed Natural flavors Fish Some dairy products/Goat milk Other oils/ Trans fats Fries, Potatoes, Fries… Canned fruits Corn, Corn, Corn…. Charred, Deep fried Highly processed Artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners Redmeat High dairy/ Cow milk

8 Healthy Heart Diet or Lifestyle?

9 Heart-Healthy Diet or Healthy Lifestyle
Not so much the diet itself, as the groups of foods it promotes. Fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, cereals, nuts and olive oil .

10 The balance and variety of foods
Fresh Produce Processed Meats

11 The size of servings Eat when you are hungry All you can eat all day

12 What color are you eating?
Multicolors, more Nutrients One color, fried & Supersize it!!

13 Health Benefits Metabolic Syndrome
Research has scientifically proven the many health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. It has been proven that the Mediterranean Diet helps reduce the risk of: Metabolic Syndrome Coronary heart disease: decreases LDL and increases HDL Hypertension Cancers Stroke Diabetes Alzheimer’s disease

14 Clinical trials CLINICAL STUDIES
PREDIMED Study Stanford School of Medecine in California Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago The Hale Project Emory University Study Second University of Naples Federico II University Maris Study/Wagening University University of Michigan Walter Reed Army Medical Center

15 PREDIMED STUDY Mediterranean Diet with supplement of olive oil or mixed nuts vs Low-Fat Diet High cardiovascular risk In the absence of weight loss or increase in physical activity. Mediterranean diet beats Low-Fat diet in lowering heart disease risk (BP, LDL, BS) after 3 months.

16 Stanford School of Medecine in California
Lowers levels of inflammation markers linked to heart disease: CRP Anti-oxidant components in fruits and vegetables. Painkiller action of Oleocanthal NSAID’s action 50g of olive oil supplies 200mg of Oleocanthal

17 The HALE Project Mediterranean Diet, Lifestyle Factors and Mortality rate in healthy elderly 11 european countries 70 – 90 year old 1988 – 2000 Mediterranean diet and Healthy lifestyle linked to 50% decrease in mortality rate from all causes.

18 Federico II University
Mediterranean vs Low-Carbohydrate Diet and effect on Postprandial Lipid Anomalies and Glucose control in Type 2 Diabetes Mediterranean Diet Lowers Postprandial Lipemia in NIDDM.

19 Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.
Minnesota Breast Cancer Family Study It ‘s in the Olive Oil Oleic acid in Olive oil blocks the action of a cancer causing oncogene- HER-2/neu.

20 Second University of Naples Second University of Naples
Effect of a Mediterranean Diet on patients diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome but without cardiovascular disease or other risk factors.

21 MARIS STUDY Effects of MUFA and Medirerranean Diet on Hyperinsulinemia and other components of the Metabolic Syndrome.

22 Alzheimer’s Disease (WebMD) New research links a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, cereals, and olive oil to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia. 2250 older New Yorkers in their 70’s 262 cases of Alzheimer after 5 years Participants on Mediterranean Diet: 40% LESS

23 My living proof of the benefits of a Traditional Mediteranean Diet
Never traded her healthy Libaneese diet for the American Processed fast food Her Secret: Small amounts of everything; an abundance of fruits ,vegetables and nuts, Olive oil in everything

24 Mediterranean Diet in Extinction
Mediterranean countries succumbs to American diet of fast foods and trans fats. The region’s diet had « decayed into a moribund state » Childhood obesity, diabetes, HBP, High Cholesterol. Metabolic Syndrome and heart disease.

25 American lifestyle promoted

26 New Pediatric Diseases Morbid Obesity

27 Lifestyle choice we have to make to promote Mediterranean Heritage
Healthy physical activities I need my car

28 Lifestyle choice we have to make to save our children
Longevity Morbid Obesity

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