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Sabine Righetti Folha de S.Paulo/ Brazil

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1 Sabine Righetti Folha de S.Paulo/ Brazil

2 The biggest Brazilian daily newspaper 330 thousand copies/day

3 More than 200 million people

4 26% of the Brazilians are still living in slums!

5 Brazilian higher education 23 hundred tertiary institutions 191 universities 101 public universities (tuition free) 14% of the Brazilians on university age (18-24) are studying

6 RUF - Brazilian Universities Ranking We evaluate only the national universties (191) Scientific production Innovation Education quality Market assessment

7 Scientific production Papers with Brazilians authors (10 points) Citations received in 2010 (10 points) Citations per faculty (8 points) Papers per professor (8 points) Fundraising for research (8 points) Percentage of faculty with doctoral degree (5 points) Citations per paper in 2010 (2 points) Percentage of articles with international collaboration (2 points) Articles on "SciElo – Brazilian database (2 points) = points

8 Education quality Evaluation of teaching at universities based on telephone interviews conducted with 597 high scientifically productive researches around the country They listed the top ten Brazilian universities on their area of expertise excluding their own university = points

9 Market assessment To assess the perception of the labor market about the Brazilian universities, 1.212 professionals were heard. They were responsible for Human Resources on companies that recently hired professionals that got a degree from one of the twenty courses that undergraduate the most in Brazil (such as Business, Law and Journalism). = points

10 Innovation RUF assessed the technological innovation of universities measuring the amount of patent filings on the last ten years at INPI (Brazils National Institute of Industrial Property) database We granted points to Brazilian universities that have made at least one patent application recently (141 from 191 universities evaluated) = points

11 The ranking!

12 Results The quality of higher education in Brazil is concentrated in the Southeast and on public institutions The best universities of the country are public; the first private institution is PUC-Rio, ranked 13 th All universities that are at the top in each one of the five regions of the country (North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South) are also public USP, ranked first in RUF, is the only Brazilian university among the first 200th on the global ranking "THE"

13 Repercussion Positive feedback from readers of the newspaper, students, academics and also the Brazilian government itself RUF filled an important gap in the Brazilian higher education scenario and also brought up a rich debate about higher education quality in Brazil

14 Changes to the second edition We are going to improve the quality education indicator The number of evaluated courses will raise from 20 to 30 (the courses that most graduate in Brazil) We will include a new indicator: internacionalization. This is considerer the number of faculty and students from abroad We still dont know how to reach the formal students from the universities!

15 OBRIGADA! (THANK YOU!) Sabine Righetti Folha de S.Paulo/ Brazil

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