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1 3PO, INC. Reach anyone, in any language

2 Contents 3.The team 4.What we do 5.The secret sauce 6.Competition 7.Unfair advantage 8.Market strategy 9.Funding 2

3 10-person team with a low burn rate Management J. P. Makeyev, CEO & Founder Mathematician, linguist, and computer technologist. BA Mathematics, PhD. Linguistics, UC Berkeley 20 years of start-up experience in automotive and software development Nancy Philippine, COO 20 years experience leading teams of software and web development for Electronic Arts Jerry Hong, Principle Engineer 15 years experience in object-oriented software development with several fortune 500 companies Language team Chaodong Zang, MA Communication, U of Oklahoma Alix Pora, MA, Universidad de Complutense, Madrid, Spain Thomas Marsoner MA, 10 years exp. in IT & language services Bench Team Andreas Kathol, Ph.D. linguistics, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley. Research Linguist SRI International, Menlo Park, CA Satish Buddhavarapu, MS Comp. Science, BS Engineering Jenny Li, MBA International Business Peimin Zhang, M.A. Communication, MA East Asian Studies 3 Engineering Lead Apps Engineer: Anthony Grouselle Back End Engineer: Maxime Roux Back End Engineer: Nicolas Nioche Business Development Director of BizDev: Alex Makeyev Legal Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Accounting Delahunty Accountancy Corporation

4 What we do Remember that robot from Star Wars that could understand and speak any language in the galaxies? Weve got him! 3PO empowers you to write in the language of your choice, on the platform of your choice, while your customers and colleagues around the world read your words in their own native languages 4 Texting, e-mail, IM Document creation Multilingual commercial websites Customer support in all languages at once

5 Our secret sauce 3PO is an Artificial Intelligence semantic platform Its reading engines understand the meaning of words and sentences in all languages The platform stores the meaning of the text in the form of a metalanguage The writing engines decode the metalanguage and create 100% accurate texts every time 5

6 We make our competition irrelevant Human translation companies are expensive and slow. A 30-page manual in 10 languages would cost you about $100K and take 8-10 weeks to do. With the 3PO platform, it will cost $300 and will be done in real time. Translation Engines are inaccurate and dangerous Original message We will need to have a meeting on the Smith account first thing Monday morning. Everyone from Marketing must be there. Google translation into Chinese and back to English We need to have an account on the Monday morning session of Smith first thing, everyone must be there from the market. 6

7 Unfair Advantage With 3PO, people speaking different languages will finally be able to exchange ideas and information in real time and without the fear of being misunderstood 7 Patent protected Real time communication Less than 20% of current market cost 100% grammatically, syntactically, and semantically correct, every time

8 Market Strategy: Consumer Validation We are launching multilingual texting apps for mobile devices beginning with iPhone in November 3 months later we will launch international multilingual e-mail Consumers validate the accuracy and dependability of our service and set the stage for business and government contracts 3PO becomes ubiquitous and ready for an IPO or M&A 8

9 Funding We need $300K to finish our development and go to market Self funded for 3 years – friends and family since Sept 2010 3PO will be profitable by Q1 2012 9

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