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A tour of Locational Intelligence introducing REALMaps.

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1 a tour of Locational Intelligence introducing REALMaps

2 A tool for Market Rent Analysis RTA S25 (3) … what a willing landlord might reasonably expect to receive, and a willing tenant might reasonably expect to pay for the tenancy, in comparison with rent levels for similar properties in similar areas.

3 Its a bit like alchemy… a pinch of this a dash of that shake it all together Throw in a bit of statistical data - How do you figure out market rent? The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone, by Joseph Wright, 1771 $ ????/week …And out pops a magic number

4 Two industry sources – a real life example

5 There simply isnt enough information to be able to compare properties using these statistics - Helpful… but is it good enough? Pets allowed? Smokers allowed? Maximum number of tenants? Close to schools, shops and parks? Nice area or not so nice? On a hill or in a valley? Does it have views? Does it have garaging? Are there any seasonal factors? Data is highly summarised

6 Market Rent Analysis - easy as 1-2-3 Instantly search over 75,500 rental properties since Jan 1 Login to REALMaps 2 Search, Filter and Select 3 Save and Print

7 Login – 1

8 30000 ft view Closer….Closer still….

9 2 Search, Filter and Select

10 Searching and Filtering Highly optimised code for speed and efficiency Client side Techy stuff : all written in HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, AJAX with compressed streaming data and a combination of Google APIs and locational algorithms. Server side Techy stuff: Lots of data scrubbing and geo algorithms such as Damerau–Levenshtein, Hamming distance, Haversine, and fair weighted queuing. Oh, and our secret sauce! Works on an iPad or PC with a modern browser (5x faster on Chrome)

11 Get a little detailed

12 3 Save and Print

13 Please come and see us during the break for a demonstration.

14 Thank you visit Greg Munro

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