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Fixed Income- Basics SBI Mutual Fund Distributor Module.

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1 Fixed Income- Basics SBI Mutual Fund Distributor Module

2 Dashboard- Summary of your business Group Management – Manage multiple folios as a group Portfolio Analysis – Keep a watch on the client portfolio Transaction History – Track all your clients financial transactions Account Statement – Generate account statement for the client or groups Transaction Tracker – Keep a watch on SIPs and High value redemptions SIP Reminders – Send instant reminders to clients for SIP renewals Marketing Support – Download all latest marketing collaterals What is on offer…

3 The future… Client Risk Profiling tool Goal Seek and Goal Builder tool Asset Allocation tool Financial Planning tool

4 Fixed Income- Basics SBI Mutual Fund Distributor Module – User Manual

5 Steps to be on SBI Mutual Fund Distributor Module Visit our website www.sbimf.comClick on Distributor Space tab If you are new user click on register for distributor module Click on Activate if you have received the FPIN from SBIMF after the registration process Click on Login if you have activated your account

6 Your registration

7 Activate your account

8 Logon to your account Provide your Login ID and Password created at the time of Activation of your account

9 Landing page – Your Dashboard The Dashboard depicts: Your last 6 Months AuM trend Your last 6 Months Gross Sales Your last 6 Months Brokerage Earnings Your last 5 Transactions Your top 5 investors Market updates

10 Use this section to create a group(s) of clients based on: Scheme Family Area AuM Any other criteria of your choice Group Management

11 Portfolio Details You can view the complete portfolio details of your investors. You can view the portfolio details based on Folio Number or a Group created under Group Management

12 View the transaction history of your clients based on Folio No. or Group(s) You can even export the report to MS-Excel Transaction History

13 Keep a track of latest expired SIP(s) or discontinued SIP(s) for the past one year View all High Value Redemption(s) Transaction Tracker

14 Account Statement Download consolidated Account Statement for a Folio No. or Group(s)

15 MIS Report Generate MIS reports on: Last 6 months AuM, Gross Sales, Net Sales

16 Marketing and Sales Platform Download – Common Application Form(s), Offer Document(s), Latest Factsheets, Fund One Pagers, Latest Newsletters etc.

17 Knowledge Center Get the latest update on Market View, Our Equity and Debt Outlook, updates on New Events

18 Get the data of SIP(s) expiring of your chosen date range Send SIP renewal reminders at a click of a button to all your clients with SIP(s) expiring in next 15 days SIP Reminder

19 Fixed Income- Basics Thank you

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