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1 1 Tobii T/X Series Eye Tracking for Web and Virtual Worlds

2 Tobii Technology » Tobii is the world leader in solutions for eye tracking and eye control » Founded in 2001 » Headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden » Additional Offices in Norway, Germany, Japan and USA » Resellers and partners world-wide » Growing very fast with profit (several Deloitte Awards) » About 150 people today

3 Tobii Technology GmbH, Germany » Tobii Technology GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany » Founded in 2007 » In charge for the German market as well as for the Dutch, Austrian, Swiss and French market. » Sales and consultant representatives available on local markets

4 4 different business areas: » Usability and market research » Scientific research » Assistive technology » OEM Technology

5 Usability Testing and HCI Research Usability and HCI research on » Web pages » Software » Handheld devices » Physical products » Interactive TV » Testing methodology » Quick or in-depth eye tracking analysis » In parallel with think-aloud, observations and interviews

6 Market Research Advertising design testing on a variety of media: » TV commercials » Print advertising » In street advertising » Web advertising » Packaging » Product placement » …

7 Psychology Research Psychology and physiological experiments, such as: » Studies of autism, ADHD, schizophrenia » General psychological response studies » Infant research » Reading studies » Studies of ocular-motor behavior and vision deficiencies

8 Assistive Technology Primary users are people with disabilities such as: » Cerebral Palsy » ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) » High level spinal injuries » Multiple Sclerosis MyTobii enables individuals with special needs to communicate using only their eyes. » Allows to interact through printed words, symbols, speech or voice output » Individual solutions for individual needs » MyTobii is easily adjustable to meet needs » Try-out tools

9 OEM Technology Arcade Gaming » Opens up a New world of gaming possibilities » Faster interaction » More reality in interaction and simulations » Attract your customer Computers » Present in high end laptops in 5 years » Stereoscopic (3D) Display » Increased speed of operation » A third hand to work with » Faster learning techniques Automotive » A break through within automotive safety! » Excellent complement to Head Up Displays » Tutorial for drivers safety awareness Your Imagination » The sky is the limit!

10 10 Tobii T/X Series Eye tracking – general information



13 » 90% of the information forwarded to our brain are information from the visual cortex » Retina communicates to brain at 10 Million bits per second » Our eyes are the only part of our brain exposed to our environment Consciousness 10-40 Bits/sec Senses >11 million Bits/sec

14 The Human Eye Many rod cells (Stäbchen) Many cone cells (Zapfen)

15 0° 1-2° 5° Parafoveal Peripheral Foveal Vision » In real life the regions are asymmetric » E.g., in reading so-called Perceptual span (size of the effective vision), is 3-4 letter spaces to the left of fixation and 14-15 letter spaces to the right » 1 O of visual angle is roughly equivalent to 3- 4 letter spaces

16 Why do user testing? » New services/products have to be intuitive. It is hard to change behaviors. » People dont read instructions and manuals » The target group is often large and their abilities vary a lot » Users dont have time to learn how to use new services/products. » Best way to get information about the end users is to test the product in an early stage under supervised conditions » Usability and concept/content tests can be conducted during the whole development process

17 Why Eye Tracking? » Clear additional insights into behavior » More information/data » Measurable behavior » Objective results » Hard deliverables, data and images What can we learn from eye tracking? » Most fixations » Gaze time » First fixation » Fixation order » Movement between fixations (saccade)

18 Fixation The area of foveal vision Saccade

19 Tobii Studio » Static gaze plot visualization » Adjustable time frame options » Numbered gaze points and marked start and end points » Single and multiple gaze plot visualization » Additional information with mouse over » Areas of interest overlay option

20 Tobii Studio » Powerful heatmap tool with heatmaps, gaze opacity and 3D heatmap » Editable heatmap options » Areas of interest overlay option

21 Tobii Studio » Automatic generated areas of interest clusters » Self defined areas of interest

22 Tobii Studio » Powerful statistics tool for analysis » Graphs, tables or data export available » Adjustable statistical metrics » Demographic filters applicable

23 23 Tobii T/X Series Eye tracking on the web WWW.


25 First seconds on a web page Fixation count 0,5 sec Fixation count 1 sec Fixation count 1,5 sec

26 What does people focus on during a task?

27 Think aloudRetrospective Source: Dr L Ball, Lancaster University

28 28 Tobii T/X Series Eye tracking in games and in virtual worlds



31 31 Tobii T/X Series Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit Bei weiteren Fragen stehe ich Ihnen natürlich gerne zur Verfügung: Robertino Pereira Account Manager Mailto: Callto: + 49 69 24 75 03 4 15 Mobile: + 49 172 14 911 34

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