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Regional Tourism in Southern Africa Transfrontier Conservation Areas Consolidation & Industry Diversification.

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1 Regional Tourism in Southern Africa Transfrontier Conservation Areas Consolidation & Industry Diversification

2 Structure Part I Regional Tourism Part II Trans Frontier Conservation Areas Non RSA perspective

3 Wouter Schalken Industry background Communal tourism Government Enterprises (Protected) area tourism planning Projects HR

4 1.Regionalisation of Tourism o Multi-destination itineraries o Tourism industry in generating markets sources regional products to reduce costs. o Increasing levels of multi-country ownership of tour operators and site-specific enterprises. o Transfrontier conservation areas function as (proposed) tourism hubs. o Regional conservation programmes prescribe tourism development objectives (compare RETOSA). o Increased regional mobility of residents.

5 Regional Tourism o Visitor Movement o Market Structure o Industry Characteristics o Enabling Environment

6 Visitor Movement o Visitors from the region o Surplus/Shortfall o Seasonal

7 Market Structure Embryonic Markets o low/extremely low visitor numbers o non-existent or poorly resourced tourism support structures o lack of, or even a negative, destination image o post conflict states (DRC and Angola) o local districts, provinces, municipal areas and regions

8 Market Structure. Adolescent (growth) markets o growth in tourism arrival numbers o growth in number of enterprises and capacities. o small tourism countries: Mauritius, Seychelles o dependent destinations: Swaziland, Lesotho o new destinations: Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia

9 Market Structure.. Mature destinations o long track record of positive tourism development in arrival numbers o diversified product portfolio o diversified source markets o effective support structures South Africa, Namibia and Botswana

10 Market Structure... Restart Zimbabwe holds a unique position in the region as it used to be a well-established, flourishing tourism destination.

11 Industry Characteristics o Equal Players o Up-scaling from a position of strength (market) o Regional resource access for national benefits o Employment o Financial movements o Multi-destination travel controlled for 87% by RSA

12 Enabling Environment o MoU <> Agreements o Regulations (employment) o Capacities o Mandate & Control o Reflection of market situation (visa)

13 Regionalising Tourism o Growth Potential (finite attractions) o Stakeholder control (tourism) o Capacities Controlled o Equal players (markets) o Access o Benefit o Build on Strength <> Hiding Weakness o Compete with national policy/strategy

14 Control o Psychological Level – perceived experience o Augmented Level – added value o Formal Level – destination facilities o Physical Level – resource base (USP) o Core Level – educate, relax, status

15 2. TFCA

16 TFCA o High Profile o Multi-donor o RSA involvement o T for Tourism is missing o Level of control

17 TFCA <> Tourism Market Inequity in TFCA Linkages o Mature <> Embryonic o Mature <> Dependent

18 TFCA > Upscaling Challenges o Local benefits o Industry Control o Limited diversity/ PA o Different Levels of Development o Industry value determines the resource value

19 TFCA > Upscaling Challenges. o High-end = My end/Low end = Your end o CBT initiatives to compensate for lack of local demand o Limits of wildlife tourism to create local tourism demand o Limiting national appeal (crafts)

20 Tourism Value of TFCA o Clearly defined area o Stakeholders o International o Conservation & Tourism o Control > elements of regional tourism

21 FY=xk+1 x (xk + y / (xk)n-1) / 2 Solution

22 Way Forward Use TFCA as controlled tourism development initiative? [1] Market adaptation [2] Market selection [3] Industry diversification [4] Regulatory environment strengthening [5] Mandate clarification

23 Fanta or Coke?

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