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Motivational Talk on Open Mobiles + Android Speaker: Mr. Muhammad Bilal Mr. Rehan Mushtaq Mr. Faheem Ijaz.

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1 Motivational Talk on Open Mobiles + Android Speaker: Mr. Muhammad Bilal Mr. Rehan Mushtaq Mr. Faheem Ijaz

2 Evolution of Software and Mobile Scope of Mobile Phone Application Different Markets of Mobile Application Open Mobile and Handset Alliance Future Mobile Application Fully Open Mobile Platform Handset Demo of Android Application and Device (by Faheem Ijaz) Motivational Talk on Open Mobiles + Android

3 Evolution of Software and Mobile Operating Systems Game Applications and Console Internet Evolution Mobile Handset and Applications Evolution

4 MS DOS before 1985Windows 1.0, 1985 Windows 2.0, 1987 Windows 3.0, 1990 Operating Systems changes since 1985

5 Windows 95 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Operating Systems changes since 1985

6 Tetris 1985GameBoy 1989 Games in 1989 Sony PlayStation 1995Games in 1995 PSP 2005 Game Applications and Console

7 Todays Console and Games Game Applications and Console

8 Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) 1957 by USA 1 st E-Mail Application in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web 1990 Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet came after cable and fiber optic in 2000 YouTube Video Sharing website Launched in 2005 3 G Mobile Phones i.e. Google Android based G1 2008 Internet Evolution

9 Analog Motorola Mobile Phones in 1980s Initial Versions of GSM Sets in 1991 Initial stages of Smart Phones by Nokia 1996 An IMTS car phone by Motorola, from 1964. It weighed 40 pounds, Simple Mobile Phones, Flip Phones and PDAs till 2004 Smart Phones Black Berry, iPhone, G1 etc 2008 Mobile Handset Evolution

10 Todays Smart Phones Smart Phone Market Share Smart Phone Market Facts Scope of Mobile Phone Application

11 Internet and Mobile Phone Users

12 BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Google G1 Todays Smart Phones

13 Smart Phone Market Share 2008 Smart Phone expected Market Share 2012 Smart Phone Market Share

14 Smart Phone Market 2008

15 Smart Phone Market 2009

16 Smartphone sales grew by 29% year on year Nokia lost market share to RIM, Apple, and HTC ( Size and Growth of Smartphone Market Will Exceed Laptop Market for Next Five Years ( 85 percent of the market untapped for application developers ( Smart Phone Market Share Facts

17 Of the 1.2 billion phones shipped worldwide in 2008, 1 billion were not smart phones (IDC, September 2008). 75 percent of phones shipped in 2008 were not 3G (IDC, September 2008). Developers to Get 70 Percent of Windows Mobile Store Sales ( Smart Phone Market Share Facts

18 Daily 10,821(Jan 2008) 22,369(Jan 2009) change 107% (source: comScore) 74% of all messages globally are now sent through a mobile device then previous year 59% Estonia to vote by mobile phone in 2011 6.5 Billion SMS's Sent Every Month in the UK SMS will continue to maintain its lead as the highest revenue generator across all messaging categories, providing global service revenues of $177 billion (83%) in 2013 Some facts about Mobile Phone Usage

19 9 Million US Mobile Users Have Used Their Mobile Phone to Pay (m-commerce) for Goods or Services – 41 percent of data users who do not participate in mobile commerce say security is their biggest concern – 23 percent say they worry about being charged for the airtime – 21 percent say they don't trust that the transaction will be completed US Mobile Entertainment Market to See Stronger Growth from 2010 at annual growth rate of 16.3% Some facts about Mobile Phone Usage

20 Share of Different type of Mobile Applications

21 A commitment to openness, a shared vision for the future, and concrete plans to make the vision a reality. Started : November 5, 2007 Founder: Google, Inc. Total Member: 47 Members: Mobile operators, Software companies, Commercialization companies Semiconductor companies, Handset manufacturers Hardware Vendors Software Vendors Open Handset Alliance

22 Key goals of this alliance – lower the cost of developing and distributing mobile devices and services – Developers will have complete access to handset capabilities and tools that will enable them to build more compelling and user-friendly services. – bringing the Internet developer model to the mobile space. – consumers worldwide will have access to less expensive mobile devices that feature more compelling services, rich Internet applications and easier-to-use interfaces - ultimately creating a superior mobile experience. Open Handset Alliance

23 "The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to facilitate global user adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile service enablers that ensure service interoperability across devices, geographies, service providers, operators, and networks while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation." Started : June 2002 Founder: OMA Total Member: Over 200 Members: Sponsor Members (13), Full Members (73), Associate Members (66), Supporter Members (73) Open Mobile Alliance

24 Key goal for this alliance – To provide standardization applicative protocols – Products and services are based on open, global standards, protocols and interfaces and are not locked to proprietary technologies – Open Mobile Alliance can address areas that previously fell outside the scope of any existing organizations, as well as streamline work that may have been previously duplicated by multiple organizations. – Example of specifications Browsing specifications, now called "Browser and Content", previously called WAP browsing. In their current version, these specifications rely essentially on XHTML Mobile Profile. MMS specifications for multimedia messaging OMA DRM specifications for Digital Rights Management OMA IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence) specification, which is a system for instant messaging on mobile phones (formerly known as Wireless Village). OMA SIMPLE IM Instant messaging based on SIP-SIMPLE OMA CP specification for Client Provisioning OMA DS specification for Data Synchronization using SyncML. OMA PoC specification for Push to talk Over Cellular. Open Mobile Alliance

25 NEO by OpenMokoAlpha 680 Netbook by SkytoneHTC Dream G1 Mobile Associations & Hardware

26 Sixth Sense Mobile Phone (MIT Media Lab) Future Mobile Application and Devices

27 Android is the first free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform. Android offers a full stack: an operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. It also contains a rich set of APIs that allows third- party developers to develop great applications. Android is only Multi-tasking operating system for mobile phones after Windows Mobile Android Open platforms like Android will drive the mobile network to open-up like the internet.

28 Android Platform

29 Accelerometer Light Magnetic Field Orientation Proximity/Distance Sensor Temperature Available Sensor in Android

30 HTC Magic G2 by T-Mobile in Q2 1 st phone in June and 2 More by the end of 2009 1 st Handset by Summer 2009 Q2 Samsung I7500 will be launched in US by T-Mobile and Sprint Q2 2009 US launch (Europe in Q3 2009) Demo Android Netbook Shown at Computex Taiwan, Plans to launch Handsets and Netbooks in 2009 Upcoming Android based Hardware

31 Android Videos Multi – Tasking operating system See accelerometer, and orientation sensor in action

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