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Experience from creating successful Pay TV platforms Michael Werner CEO DigitalTVpartner.

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1 Experience from creating successful Pay TV platforms Michael Werner CEO DigitalTVpartner

2 2 Confidential 2 My Background Founder of several DVB-T pay tv operations within the European market and have contributed to a successful transition from analogue to digital TV in many countries during the last ten years. 99 05 06 07 08 09 Sweden DTP Founders Exit 2004 Finland DTP Founders Still shareholders Italy Portugal Spain DTP Founders still shareholders Pioneers of European DVB-T pay services Germany (in process) UK and other EU countries (to be developed) 10 11

3 3 Confidential 3 1928 – the first TV clip – a lot has happened in 79 years..

4 4 Confidential 4 Niche channels MTV, TV8, Discovery Broad band operators Big 5 Search engines Google, Yahoo VOD Web TV portals Youtube, FejmTV News sites Newspapers New consumer device DVD, PVR, Xbox, MobileTV More screen services than ever before and more to come…. Källa: Mediavision

5 5 Confidential 5 1992 22 channels Kanal 1 TV2 TV3 TV 4 TV 5 Nordic BBC TV-Europe Childrens Channel CNN International DR1 dansk TV 2 Discovery Eurosport Filmnet TV Finland Lifestyle MTV Europe NRK RTL Plus Screensport Sky News Super Channel TV 1000 Succé 2007 420 channels SVT 1 SVT 2 TV 3 TV 4 Kanal 5 Adult Channel Adventure One Al-jazeera Animal Planet Azadi BBC Food BBC Prime BBC World Bloomberg Canal+ Canal+ blå Canal+ gul Canal+ zap Cartoon network CNBC, CNN Discovery Discovery Civilisation Discovery Science Discovery Travel & Adventure Disney Channel 1980 2 channels Kanal 1 TV2 DR1 DR2 E! E! Style, Euronews Extreme Fox Kids Fox News God Channel Hallmark HRT1 Jaam-e-jaam Man U TV MBC Mezzo MTV Europé MTV2 Music Choice National Geo Nickelodeon NRK ORT1 Pink Playboy TV Prime TV Private Gold Rai Uno Sky News SVT Barnkanalen SVT24 TCM The History Ch Travel channel TV Chile TV Finland TV Polonia TV1000 TV1000 Cinema TV3+ TV400 TV4 Plus TV4 Guld TV4 Komedi TV4 Fakta TV4 Sportexpressen TV4 Film TV5 TV8 TVE VH1 VH1 Classic …………………. Number of TV channels on the Swedish market

6 6 Confidential 6 A Pay TV offer in Sweden 2007

7 7 Confidential 7 WCCO (CBS), KSTP (ABC), KTCA (PBS), KARE (NBC), Fox, KEYC (CBS)A&E, E!, Entertainment Television, Sci-Fi Channel, Telefutura, Este, BBC America, Encore, WAM / America's Kidz, SiTV, Telefutura Oeste, BET, FX, Soapnet, USA Network, Biography, Galavisión, Spike, TV Univisión, Este, Bravo, Game Show Network, Style, Univisión Oeste, CCTV-9, Lifetime, TBS, WGN Superstation, Comedy Central, Mun2, TNT, We: Women's Entertainment, Court TV, Reality TV, TV Guide Channel, Bloomberg Television, CNBC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, C-Span, CNBC, World, G4techTV, NASA, C-Span2, CNN, Headline News, The Weather Channel, ABC Family, Disney Channel (West), Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite (West), TV Land, Boomerang, Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, Games & Sports, Toon, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nick Toons, Noggin, The N, Disney Channel (East), Nickelodeon / Nick at Night (East), PAX TV, American Movie Classics, Encore Mysteries, Independent Film Channel, Turner Classic Movies, Encore (West), Encore, True Stories, Lifetime, Movie Network, Encore, Action / Adventure, Encore Westerns, TMC, Xtra West, Encore Love Stories, Fox Movie Channel, The Movie Channel (West), Altitude, Sports & Entertainment, Fox Sports Net, Cincinnati Fox Sports Net, South Sports Alternate 2, Comcast Sports, Net Mid-Atlantic, Fox Sports Net Detroit, Fox Sports Net Southwest, Sports Alternate 3, ESPN, Fox Sports Net Florida, Fox Sports Net West, Sports Alternate 4, ESPN, Alternate Fox Sports Net Midwest, Fox Sports Net West 2, Sunshine Network, ESPN, Classic Fox Sports Net, New England Fox Sports Net, World TV, Games Network, ESPN2, Fox Sports Net New York, Gol TV, The Golf Channel, ESPN2 Alternate Fox Sports Net, North Horse Racing TV, The Outdoor Channel, ESPNews, Fox Sports Net Northwest, Madison Square Garden, The Speed Channel, Empire, Sports Fox Sports Net Ohio, NESN, Turner, South Fox Sports Net, Arizona Fox Sports Net, Pittsburgh Outdoor Life Network, Fox Sports Net Bay Area, Fox Sports Net Rocky Mtn, Sports Alternate 1, Animal Planet, Discovery, Times Channel, History Channel International, The Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Wings, Home & Garden Television, Wisdom Television, Discovery Health, Do It Yourself Network, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Home & Leisure, Food Network, The Learning Channel, Discovery Kids, History Channel, The Science Channel, 7890 - 4 Decades of Music, Fuse, MTV2, Country Music Television, Great American Country, VH1, Dish Music - Classic Soul, MTV, VH1, Classic BYUTV, Good Samaritan Network, Panhandle Area Edu., University of Washington, Classic Arts, Showcase, HITN, RFDTV, Worldlink TV, Colours, TV Northern Arizona Univ, Research Channel, Free Speech TV, PBS, You, University of California, Angel One, Daystar, Eternal Word Television Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Auction TV, Home Shopping, Network, Shop NBC, Beauty & Fashion Channel, ISHOP, Shop at Home, Catalog TV, Men's Channel, Stuff TV, Healthy Living Channel, QVC TV, Outlet Mall WCCO (CBS) KSTP (ABC) KTCA (PBS) KARE (NBC) KEYC (CBS) …..and in USA 2007

8 8 Confidential 8 TV channels TV platform Broadcast Network Content Operator Retailer Devices Sales of devices/ CA-Cards Steakholders in a Pay TV platform MNOs Customer Broadcasting Marketing Subscriber mgmt Customer support Invoicing Wholesale Agreement Content agreement Network agreement

9 9 Confidential 9 It is no doubt, the most critical successful factor is to have the leading National Broadcasters support! They usually share up to 80% all viewing time in any market! Without their support will we not enter any market!

10 10 Confidential 10 TV4 28,2 SVT1 26,5 TV4 22,2 Share of viewing % SVT2 Satellite and others But all national broadcasters are losing marketshares during the digitalization!

11 11 Confidential 11 TV4 developed a very successful strategy! TV4 TV4 text-tv Allt om Stockholm 2002 Licensing and publishing Med i tv TV400 Tv4 Guld TV4 Sverige Tv4 FilmTV4 text-tv TV4 Komedi Tv4 Sport 2008 TV4 mobile TV4 Fakta TV4 Plus More planets 1990 The 4 S Samarbete/Cooperation Samordning/Coordination Solsystemet/ the Solar system Samarbetspartners/Joint partners

12 12 Confidential 12 TV4 Group TV4:s new channels TV4 National Share of Viewing of the TV4 Group (all 12-59 years), Estimates from April 2007

13 13 Confidential 13 Broadcasters position New channels as complement – Using synergies in cross-promotion, content rights and brand use New distribution as complement – mobile phone – Internet Pay TV revenue model as complement – in digital TV (incl. DTT, satellite and cable) – In new distribution The new digital market demands new broadcaster strategies To keep market share in the new fragmentizised market To find alternative revenue streams when advertising revenues fall, due to recession and fragmentization of media consumption As the major national broadcasters have had a dominant position in the analogue TV world, the new digital market has meant new strategies to keep market position. New insight is that existing position can be moved forward by taking the right steps. TV 1 Digital Analogue Time Share of viewers From a single channel strategy in the analogue world to a multi channel strategy in a digital world. Experience from Swedish TV4 and other media groups show that revenue will grow and market position will strengthen when introducing new pay Channels in addition to existing Free-to-Air channel, using all possible synergies. TV + TV X TV Y TV Z TV # TV S TV 1

14 14 Confidential 14 Conclusions and recommendations to Mobil TV operators Focus on existing TV channels and wait with the special programming for mobility! Take the advantage of existing viewer behavior Avoid create new needs and teach consumers a new viewing concept TV viewing is something very much mature and changes requires time and lots of money TV mobile doesnt mean people watching TV while moving but in a mobile environment Simplicity for the consumer is key: New formats, interactivity, VOD can come at a further stage Key success factors Groups of interest can be of any kind in a wide are of range: Youth/Kids, Entertainment, News and women/man oriented channels can be of interest for a mass market audience. good quality-low cost Pay TV Basic package is key in order to have a wide acceptance from the market. Premium content will also be relevant in the area of sports and adults. FTA broadcasters key for driving the audience and moving goods. FTA broadcasters see TV mobile environment as a new revenue stream driven by access fee revenues- FTA channels are for free in DVB-T mobile. DVB-H mobile is a further step on the DVB-T experience considering FTA & Pay but also better technology and user experience (i.e. indoor, battery, encryption-pay) Packaging content FTA broadcasters

15 15 Confidential 15 For contact: Call or e- mail Michael Werner, +46 73 500 82 66 Arholmavägen 3, 18248 Enebyberg, Sweden Visiting adress: Digital TV Partner AB, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 17th floor, Stockholm

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