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Caribbean Market Research Let our Caribbean experience help your business.

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1 Caribbean Market Research Let our Caribbean experience help your business.

2 Company History Caribbean Market Research, Ltd. has been in business since 1970. Over the past 41 years, the company has been providing market research services in a number of Caribbean regions, to a wide cross-section of local and international businesses.

3 Caribbean Territories GUYANA C.M.R. currently offers market research services in the 20 highlighted Caribbean Regions

4 Caribbean Territories Serviced

5 International Associates ACNeilson – New York DATOS – Venezuela Prodatos – Costa Rica and Central America Assoc. for Caribbean Transformation A.C.T Lazslo & Associates – Washington Lurijos Management Consultants – Antigua Luntz Research Company – Virginia The Futures Group, Inc. – Washington, DC Gaither International – Puerto Rico Hope Enterprises – Jamaica JHM Communications – New York Systematic Market Research Services – Barbados Applied Marketing Consultants (AMC) – Barbados J.A. Young & Associated – Jamaica CID Gallup – Costa Rica Lazarus & Associates – U.S.A Mc Donalds Market Research (MMR) – Guyana Jude Bernard & Associates – Grenada Market Beat Consultants – Ontario, Canada IDOS – Suriname IMD Consultancy – Cuacao & Aruba Tertuillan & Associates – Bahamas Clarice Herzog Associates - Brazil Ipsos Dominicana Horwath Conculting – Domanican Republic Louis Harris & Associates – Martique and Guadeloupe Roig Investigacion Accion S.A

6 Software Utilized At Caribbean Market Research Ltd. we utilize a number of data entry and statistical packages. These include: 1. SURVEY 2. SPSS 3. SNAP 4. SORITEC 5. We can also create data files if needed in any format specified, for easy transfer to your company's software package. All that we require is the data formatting specifications.

7 Qualitative Research Types of Qualitative Research: 1.Extended Sessions - Brand Essence 2.Evaluation of Advertising Materials - Story Board, Animatics, & Finished Advertisements 3.Consumer Product Tests - e.g. Taste Tests 4.Package Testing 5.Consumer Habits 6.Internal Employee Research 7.Naive Listening 8.Depth Interviewing 9.Image studies

8 Qualitative Research CMR utilizes a series of projective, role playing and other techniques to assist in the positioning of products and services.

9 Qualitative Research Sectors Consumer Products Environmental Issues Tourism Travel Political Sensitive Issues - AIDS/Family Planning/Adult Diapers Government - Public Opinion/Ministry of Health Telecommunications Financial Services Insurance Services Gaming Petroleum and Energy Alcoholic Beverages

10 Quantitative Research Customized Surveys: Habits and Attitudes Studies Market Segmentation Analysis Product Testing Advertising Recall and Evaluation of Creative Materials Concept Tests Corporate Image Studies Customer Satisfaction Surveys Trade Research

11 Quantitative Research Brenda Bayley is a member of ESOMAR and C.M.R. follows the ESOMAR Standards and Code of Ethics (which has been jointly drafted by ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce), and endorsed by the major professional bodies around the world.

12 Econometric Studies The estimation and forecasting of demand through the use of standard econometric techniques. e.g. 1. Single equation model to estimate demand for Rum The model estimated price and income elasticities as well as cross elasticities relative to beer. 2. Estimating the demand for housing units in Trinidad & Tobago This was an input into the estimates of demand for windows & doors. 3. Price and income elasticity estimates for The Telecommunication Service of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) re Residential, Single Line Business and Corporate Business Lines. 4. The industry profile for RBTT Services. Energy Industry Distributive Trades Insurance

13 Mystery Shopper Commercial Banks Pharmaceutical Companies

14 C.M.R. Clients







21 Contact Information Main Office21A Marli St, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago. Telephone : 1-868-622-6545 or 1-868-628-7159 Fax : 1-868-622-4924 Data Processing Office 1333 McDermott Drive, Suite 200, Allen, Texas 75013 United States of America. Telephone : 1-469-519-7888 Fax : 1-469-519-7889 Email: Website:

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