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A call to action Global warming Environmental pollution Geopolitics

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0 Arnold Roth Chief Operating Officer Advanced battery technology for the emerging electric vehicle opportunity Arnold/ Dror: We are developing batteries based on a new chemistry that delivers exceptional high energy density Our target industry is the automotive – this is where the major need is and where value can be realized

1 A call to action Global warming Environmental pollution Geopolitics
Oil prices

2 Establishing technology leadership in one of the most valuable segments of today’s global markets
Collaboration: Industry Execution Experienced management team Track record of success Science Innovation Collaboration: Academia

3 Successfully addressing the key challenges calls for focus on energy density and cost
(Wh/l) USABC long term target 4.7V (NMS) Q1 2014 Q4 2012 High5ive™ prismatic 1-2Ah 4.7 Volt cell Battery for UAV Volumetric energy density 3.6V - 3.8V 3.2V Li-ion LCO, LMO NCA, NMC 1.2V Li-ion LFP NiMH NiCd Robert: Existing technologies do not provide sufficient energy They are too far from the targets set by USABC ETV addresses the major need for energy density by building a high voltage technology platform Gravimetric specific energy (Wh/kg) Source: ETV Energy; BDG Battery Report - Dec. 2009, Roland Berger Target values are compared to USABC long term goal for EVs. Assumes 30% increase in weight and volume for battery pack and BMS

4 High performance in key measures: energy density, power rating, safety
Cycle life % % capacity C/2 C/5 Cycles High power performance Minimal thermal runaway (safe) V Arieh: We already have energy density higher than any commercial system The inherent safety is as good as the best Inherent high power rating, which is very important to hybrid vehicles Cycle life is now 500 but continues to improve Our major challenges are in high temperature,, which we are on the way to solve Cell voltage Heat Flow (Wg-1) Temperature (0C) Nominal capacity Graph: High voltage Nickel Manganese Spinel Oxides for Li-ion Batteries - Electrochimica Acta 53 (2008), CEA France Typical data obtained from ETV Energy 1Ah cell (4.7V) vs. graphite

5 Elimination of electrolyte oxidation by eliminating Manganese dissolution and deposition on the anode Cathode: Protective layer to minimize dissolution of Mn+2 into electrolyte and electrolyte oxidation Anode: Protective layer to minimize deposition of Mn+2 into anode material Anode Cathode Separator: Scavenging membrane minimizes the transfer of Mn+2 to anode without affecting Lithium conductivity Arieh: The main failure observed is the electrolyte oxidation Most of the research is focused on electrolyte additives We too a different approach – reduce the migration of the manganese to the anode: Three fold solution IP secured by patent strategy Manganese ion Lithium ion

6 High5ive™ cell chemistry: outstanding performance
ETV’s goal is an enabling high voltage (>4.5V) technology platform, engineered to be ready for future developments and enhancements NMS chemistry delivers significant customer value: 50% to 100% higher energy density compared with state-of-the-art As much as 30% lower cost of production and use of inexpensive materials Power rating as good as the very best Inherently as safe as the safest competitor Robert: We see substential advantages fir such system in the context of automotive We are not the only company that works on such solution Our understanding is that we are the most advanced While many companies are focused on delivering new cell component, we are focused on developing a technology platform that can incorporate new components and deliver even more value (e.g. silicon anodes)

7 Validation in relevant market segments
Underway Dec’10 Approved Collaboration with industry $Mn Addressable Market 100,000 10,000 >$50B 1,000 $500M 100 Robert: Early validation of the technology with niche application Initial discussions with OEMs $100M + Cycle life + Operating temp + Storage 10 Energy density + Power density 1 Focused Medium Broad Technology requirement

8 Partnering with industry leaders for mass markets, addressing niches directly
Production Aviation Price kW/h Superbikes Licensing Defense High Up to $2,000/kWh Telecommunication JV Cars, trucks, buses Hand tools Mobile Electronics Low <$500/ kWh Electric bicycles and motorcycles Robert: Hybrid model of go to market 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 Market size

9 Seasoned, accomplished management team
Dror Ben David CEO Initiated and led multi-billion dollar technology programs at the Israeli air force As chairman led Al Cielo Ltd (fiber-optics) to successful M&A transaction, achieving 20x return Dr Arieh Meitav CTO Pioneer of the Lithium battery technology since mid seventies Invented polymer supercap – company acquired by AVX; product commercial since 2001 Dr Neal Naimer Director Invented large-format Zinc-Air batteries - implemented by US military Arnold Roth COO Led successful IPOs and exits in Israel, US and Australia

10 So in summary… Team has proven track record of bringing new electrochemical systems to market and succeeding A truly game-changing high-voltage electrochemistry Strong patent position Twice the energy density of state-of-the-art batteries 30% lower cost of production and inexpensive materials Blended go-to-market model : Licensing into highly competitive markets, with in-house production of own-brand cells/batteries in high-profit niche markets Once proven in market, High5ive line will strongly support ETV’s global technology licensing revenue stream Exceptionally capital efficient – first revenues within 3 years of inception Expecting to achieve break-even by 2013 Dror: Summary

11 Comments and questions are welcome
One of the company’s labs on the Bar Ilan University campus World class experties in battery technology with structural advantage n cost Structural advantage in range extender technology Prototypes Multi-billion dollar collaboration partner Comments and questions are welcome Arnold Roth • President and Chief Operating Officer • Toll-free from the US • Herzliya, Israel 11

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