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ORLEN GAZ - LPG market leader

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2 ORLEN GAZ - LPG market leader
ORLEN GAZ is part of the PKN ORLEN Group and the largest company operating on the Polish liquid gas market. The company has 15 years of experience. It specializes in selling and distributing products of the highest quality: propane, butane and propane-butane mixture. Special certificates of conformity show that the quality of all ORLEN GAZ products is in accordance with the requirements of the Polish PN C standard and the European Standard EN 589. ORLEN GAZ is the main supplier for the biggest in Poland and in Central Europe network of filling stations, which belongs to PKN ORLEN. ORLEN GAZ is not only an autogas market leader - the company also specializes in distributing gas cylinders and offers bulk installations for industry. Our products are widely used in technological processes in industry, agriculture and in building engineering. ORLEN GAZ’s distribution system is based on own supply sources (PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Lietuva, Unipetrol) and optimally located terminals, bases and filling plants. This allows the company to deliver LPG not only to clients all over Poland but also among others to Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

3 Modern storage and logistics base
Activity Logistic base products: propane, butane, propane-butane mixture supply sources: ORLEN Group production, import range: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine distribution: road tank cars, rail tanks storage capacity: tonnes logistics base: 4 bases and 2 terminals 32 storage tanks 15 loading stations for road tank cars 22 loading stations for rail tanks staff: a team of more than 200 specialists industry organizations: ORLEN GAZ is a member of the Polish Liquid Gas Organization and of the World LPG Association (as the only Polish company)

4 ORLEN GAZ sales segments
AUTOGAS supplying filling stations LPG sales TRADING gas wholesale transloading services BULK industrial installations gas deliveries CYLINDERS distribution filling EXPORT supplying filling stations wholesale 2 100 filling stations telemetry system favorable promotion programs for clients with exclusive supply agreement cooperation with biggest offshore LPG suppliers two terminals that are prepared to render transloading services (Sokółka and Szczecin) logistic support innovative solutions comprehensive installation services cooperation offer for designers warranty of safety: verification certificates, seals and safety instructions the originality of ORLEN GAZ LPG cylinders confirms the branded foil on the valve location in the border areas: Szczecin stable supply product which fulfils the requirements of EN-589 standard

5 Exemplary achievement of ORLEN GAZ for 2011
620 Kt of gas were sold - 6% more than in 2010 in 2011 ORLEN GAZ gained 200 new significant clients the company is on the rise in the prestigious rankings of the biggest Polish companies. In the list of Rzeczpospolita 500, ORLEN GAZ was ranked 187 (previous year - 225), while in the Polityka Five Hundred, the Company came in at 152 (previous year - 181). 28% - share of ORLEN GAZ in the Polish LPG market in 2011 Market segments AUTOGAS - 23,5%

6 ORLEN GAZ LPG Marine Terminal in Szczecin
This Terminal is one of the three in Poland, the second largest in terms of storage capacity and the most advanced technologically when it comes to transloading services. It operates since July 2009. The terminal was build in place of the former storage base of PKN ORLEN S.A. in Szczecin. The quay is next to the Parnica river, which flows through the centre of the Port of Szczecin. Fuel related business activities were conducted there already before the World War II It was designed to meet the requirements of such services as offloading, storing and shipping of LPG. Thanks to the advanced technical equipment, a reverse process is also possible. LPG can be offloaded from road tank cars and rail tanks to on-shore tanks and than to the tankers by using LPG compressors. The Terminal is adapted and ready to render transloading services.

7 General Features of the Terminal
GENERAL DATA 5 ha - working surface of the Terminal up to tonnes - deadweight of the tankers about tonnes - transloading capacity a year QUAY 274 m - total length of the quay 74 m - length of the jetty 110 m - max. length of the LPG tanker, 6.8 m - max. berth depth, 18 m - max. width of the tanker INFRASTRUCTURE 3 loading stations for road tank cars, 20 stopover places for road tank cars 2 loading stations for rail tanks, 2 rail siding tracks - each can handle 9 rail tanks; rail line for 50 rail tanks The first tanker ship - Lady Martine - arrived at the terminal in Szczecin in July It was carrying 1.6 Kt of propane from the English port in Stanlow. The journey took 5 days, the reloading - 15 hours.

8 LPG Marine Terminal - gas flow diagram

9 Did you know, that… ORLEN GAZ tests the quality of every batch of LPG that is to be released to the market. The company cooperates only with the accredited testing laboratories. 9 9

10 ORLEN GAZ – najlepszy wybór

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