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HomePlug & Hybrid Networking for Wired Performance and Wi-Fi Mobility

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1 HomePlug & Hybrid Networking for Wired Performance and Wi-Fi Mobility

2 nVoy™, announced June 4, 2013: The nVoy program will provide the industry with product certification and marketing for interoperable solutions implementing the IEEE hybrid home networking standard. 2 2

3 Rising Annual Shipments of Networking Gear Broadband speed PLC alone is expected to triple by 2014
Millions of PLC Units Source: iSuppli Q3-2010

4 No single connectivity technology has 100% Coverage in every region in every home
Only 11% of homes have CAT5 Part of a home may be on the other PLC phase reducing performance Wi-Fi coverage is dependent on construction and density Seamlessly add multiple connectivity technologies and the picture changes 4 4

5 Multiple Technologies are Needed
No one technology can meet the performance and coverage needs of today’s market (没有一项技术可以独立地同时满足性能和覆盖范围的市场要求) ETHERNET Each one has advantages in certain scenarios Various states of adoption and consumer awareness Industry leading technologies with roadmaps of continued innovation E.g. Wi-Fi 11ac, HomePlug AV2 and MoCA 2 Hybrid networks using multiple standards are ideal for whole home connectivity

6 The Future | Hybrid Home Networking
Hybrid Technology MAC/PHY MAC/PHY 1901 MAC/PHY 802.3 MAC/PHY MoCA ETHERNET IEEE defines an abstraction layer (抽象层)that provides a common interface (接口)for the most compelling home networking technologies in the market. A broad base of industry-leading chipmakers, equipment manufacturers and service providers are collaborating to bring IEEE to fruition. Great for the industry: Enhances user experience and enables next generation connected services for consumers. Hybrid Networking Standard (IEEE ) was unanimously approved by the Working Group in December 2011.

7 IEEE 1905.1 (Hybrid) Industry Support
Among Others, Active Members of IEEE Include:

8 Backwards Compatibility (向后兼容性)
Hybrid Technology MAC/PHY MAC/PHY 1901 MAC/PHY 802.3 MAC/PHY MoCA ETHERNET FEATURES Backwards Compatibility (向后兼容性) Mobility (移动性) Ease of Use (易用性) Advanced Diagnostics (高级诊断) Quality of Service (服务质量) Aggregated Throughput (整体性能) Fallback (及时切换) Load Balancing (负载平衡) Multiple Simultaneous Streams (多并发媒流体) Self-install (自动安装) Security (安全性) Energy Management (功耗管理) Universal Connectivity(连接性)

9 Backwards Compatibility (向后兼容性)
Technology Interoperability with deployed Wi-Fi, HomePlug, MoCA and Ethernet devices. Benefits Augments rather than replaces current deployments. No loss of investment to Service Providers or end users from switching technologies. Example Use Case Bill has significant investment in his existing wired and wireless entertainment network and wants to add new products. He purchases gear and it works seamlessly with his existing Wi-Fi, HomePlug and MoCA products already in use.

10 Mobility (移动性) Technology
Wi-Fi is integrated into the hybrid network. IEEE is the only industry standard to integrate wired technologies with Wi-Fi. Benefit Consumers no longer have to choose between the flexibility of Wi-Fi and the performance of wires for home connectivity. Example Use Case Trigva has an internet tablet and an IPTV set-top-box at the furthest corner of his house. He uses a hybrid HomePlug + Wi-Fi range extender to connect both his TV and tablet to the network.

11 Ease of Use (易用性) Technology
Common setup procedures for adding devices to a network. Establishes secure links Quality of Service implementations Network Management Benefit Simplifies network setup for consumers [networking proficiency not required]. Example Use Case Shawn works for a Service Provider and regularly installs triple play services. reduces the time Shawn spends adding products and services to home networks.

12 Advanced Diagnostics (高级诊断)
Technology Empowers service providers to gain access to a customer’s network and troubleshoot. The overall network monitors itself to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation. Benefit Ease of troubleshooting from a Service Provider perspective. More robust home networks increase consumer confidence. Example Use Case A service provide is concerned with the amount of time and money spent troubleshooting. By utilizing ’s advanced diagnostics, the service provider is able to quickly resolve issues on hybrid networks.

13 Quality of Service (服务质量)
Technology Specifies end-to-end QoS without compromising the internal integrity of any medium over which it runs. Assigns high priority to IGMP based IPTV streams. Benefit Ensures delivery of video will not be interrupted by other network traffic. Example Use Case An IPTV Service Provider utilizes IEEE ’s QoS in a customer’s home. The network recognizes an IPTV video stream, intelligently chooses the best medium for delivery and ensures the video goes uninterrupted.

14 Aggregated Throughput (整体性能)
Technology Enables a single device to aggregate throughput from multiple interfaces. Benefit Maximizes speed (throughput) for consumer applications regardless of proximity to the router. Especially important for demanding applications such as IPTV and online gaming. Example Use Case Conrad has been unable to stream blue ray quality HD video to his bedroom located on the 2nd floor far from his router. By switching to , Conrad’s network aggregates his set top box’s HomePlug and Wi-Fi connections to easily support his HD video stream.

15 Fallback (及时切换) Technology
Optimizes the hybrid network by making an alternative route available when a link is down or congested. Benefit Increases the performance and reliability of the network. Example Use Case Larry is using a Wi-Fi connection to stream a video to his TV when the Wi-Fi signal becomes weak. The network automatically switches to a HomePlug connection without Larry’s knowledge.

16 Load Balancing (负载平衡) Technology
Enables a hybrid network to intelligently distribute video over different paths. Benefit Increases hybrid network’s reliability by limiting congestion. Alleviates network glitches by switching paths if one path becomes impaired. Example Use Case Molly streams an HD video while her boys play online games on a hybrid network. The network delivers a flawless HD viewing and gaming experience by intelligently choosing between [and aggregating] the wired and wireless paths.

17 Multiple Simultaneous Streams (多并发媒流体)
Technology The network utilizes multiple mediums simultaneously. Aggregates throughput across mediums. Benefit IPTV and other broadband applications can exceed the maximum throughput of a single medium. Enables consumers to stream multiple HD videos simultaneously. Example Use Case Jon has been unable to deliver simultaneous HD video streams using a single technology so he purchases products. Jon is now taking advantage of aggregated throughput and can stream sports to his tablet while his wife watches her favorite movie on Netflix.

18 Self-install (自动安装) Technology
Self configuration and push button authentication. Benefit Increases end users’ ability to self-install. Example Use Case Tommy and 3 friends get together once a week with their own game consoles to play online games. Each of the boys buy a set of HomePlug adapters; all they need in order to connect is find an outlet and press the security/authentication button.

19 Security (安全性) Technology
Consistent password and authentication procedures for legacy devices. Button push security configuration. Benefit Helps consumers, of all skill levels, to enable network security. Example Use Case Alice is concerned about privacy but doesn’t know the first thing about setting a password on her router. She secures her network with the simple push of a button on each device and sleeps easy.

20 Energy Management (功耗管理)
Technology Optimizes power usage across different technologies for “greener” operations. Selects interfaces for transmission of data such that other interfaces can be placed in sleep mode. Benefit Enables users to save electricity costs without sacrificing network performance. Example Use Case Lance is a recent graduate and wants to be environmentally friendly so selects gear. His network chooses paths that allow devices not in use to enter sleep mode. His network is responsive and his electric bill is deflated.

21 Universal Connectivity(连接性)
Technology Integration between wired technologies (HomePlug, MoCA and Ethernet) and Wi-Fi. Benefit Brings whole home connectivity to a new level. Anywhere there is an outlet, coax jack or Wi-Fi signal, there is broadband. No more need to arrange a living room to place the TV and Game Console next to the broadband gateway. Example Use Case Ben uses a number of technologies in his connected home that are all seamlessly connected on his hybrid network: His NAS is out of site in the closet connected via a HomePlug adapter but easy to find on his hybrid network. His IPTV is connected using MoCA near the gateway. His mobile devices enjoy plenty of bandwidth using HomePlug/Wi-Fi range extenders where the signal normally would not reach.

22 IEEE 1905.1 Drivers (推动因素) IEEE 1905.1 Drivers
Increased Revenue Opportunities (更多创收机会) Technology Maturity (成熟技术) IEEE Drivers Synergies of Widely Deployed Networking Technologies (多种广泛应用技术的有机结合) End User Demands (消费者需求)

23 Hybrid Networking (HomePlug + Wi-Fi) 混合网(电力线网+无线局域网)
Hybrid (HomePlug + Wi-Fi) products are already available today from several manufacturers!

24 Hybrid Example | D-Link DHP-W306AV
Key Features Wireless N connectivity for superior wireless performance, clarity, and coverage Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for secure, simple 1-button setup High Speed Ethernet for fast wired connectivity Intelligent QoS technology prioritizes both wired and wireless Internet traffic to enable enhanced gaming and phone calling (VoIP) experience Up to 200 Mbps through PowerLine Network Easily connect and secure Home Network with push button security Supports secure wireless encryption using WPA or WPA2 Plug & Play installation Connect computers, game consoles, or media players to the Web D-Link Green Product

25 Hybrid Example | NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 + Wireless N Extender Kit
Extend your network - Extend Internet access throughout your home for wireless devices like laptops and Wi-Fi enabled smart phones and wired devices such as desktop PC's, gaming consoles and set-top boxes Plug-and-play - Sets up in minutes, no need to configure or install software High-speed connections - Speeds up to 200 Mbps enable Internet applications such as multiplayer gaming Push-and-Secure - Secures the Powerline network connection with the touch of a button, no need to remember passwords Pick-a-Plug - Automatically tests the connection at any electrical outlet to ensure the highest possible performance Push 'N' Connect - Ensures a quick and secure wireless network connection NETGEAR Green features - Power on/off buttons, Automatic Powerline shutdown when not in use and 80% recycled packaging XAV XAVN2001

26 Growing Interest in Hybrid at International CES (国际消费电子展) 2012
Lower Left: Presenter is holding a HomePlug Wireless Range Extender while discussing the benefits of hybrid (HomePlug + Wi-Fi) networking. Lower Right: HomePlug media streaming demonstration. using 4 manufacturers products including a hybrid router and hybrid wireless range extender.

27 IEEE Hybrid Home PC Gateway HDTV + Gaming System HomePlug AV Ethernet Tablet Phone Notebook Wi-Fi MoCA DVR HDTV HomePlug, Ethernet, MoCA and Wi-Fi integrate to promote whole home connectivity whether wired or wireless. Security Camera Internet IEEE Broadband

28 IEEE Hybrid Home PC Gateway HDTV + Gaming System HomePlug AV2 Ethernet Tablet Phone Notebook Wi-Fi MoCA DVR HDTV By integrating market leading standards, can leverage future efficiencies of each standard as they continue to innovate (such as HomePlug AV2). Security Camera Internet IEEE Broadband

29 Summary Annual shipments of home networking products are on the rise.
IEEE leverages efficiencies of Wi-Fi, HomePlug, MoCA and Ethernet to provide: Reliable and seamless connectivity. Additional bandwidth for HD video streaming and other demanding applications. Ubiquitous coverage for stationary and mobile devices alike. Benefits to Service Providers needing Advanced Diagnostics and Quality of Service. An optimized hybrid network. The IEEE Working Group has broad industry support. Customers no longer need to choose between the performance of wires and the flexibility of wireless. IEEE based products are available today.

30 T H A N K Y O U

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