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Sign&Depth ROOM 729A, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,Guangdong, PRC Calvin Cindy Isabella.

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1 Sign&Depth ROOM 729A, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,Guangdong, PRC Calvin Cindy Isabella

2 Companys mission Mission Statement To provide a worth perfect image deign,with a fashion and dynamic modern style.

3 Location and Geological Information The shopping mall in tianhe central area has convenience and superior enviroment.

4 Service:Products: Own design and sales agency In your clothing store,you can alway find what you want, not even that,we have professional tailor wating for you.we will match your clothing with different occasions to avoid wearing the same clothes with others events.we make you feel decenting and confidence.

5 Competitive advantage 1, happy combination of colours

6 2, Personal style image positioning 3, hair Positioning

7 4,simple guidance and rituals, physical exercise 5, For your lifestyle and personal preferences, we provide the top dress guide

8 6, For your wardrobe shopping guide 7, Closet organize 8, Taste guide


10 Board of Directors Board of directors Isabella Clavin Cindy

11 Calvin

12 responsibilities

13 Market Analysis

14 1.Size and growth trends Today, people no longer depend on personal likes and dislikes to judge a person's dress. China's "Dressing " also have "standard".This popular fashion design in today's era of rapid design market in China's image, image design has quickly grown into a new industries.

15 our business is not affected by seasonal aspects. economic seasonal technical factors we have business in each season because different season we can design different clothing. Market Analysis

16 Spring Summer Autumn Winter

17 4.Competition Market Analysis Market Analysis Now in this increasingly attention appearance society, a lot of image design companies establishment of successive, such as the paris night or 7°, etc, these companies are our competitors, but to be worth delight, they haven't occupied in the market share as much. After all, this is a burgeoning industry, which we have the development prospect is good.

18 3.Target market Market Analysis Market Analysis Because our products are more expensive, so our target population is middle income and high income groups, because they have enough spending power, and they need to improve their image, and we can custom design this type of population So that they taste can be improved.

19 Products 1.Our products suit footwear underwear casual clothes hight price 10000 rmb-low price 3000 rmb hight price 3000 rmb-low price 300 rmb prices luxury common hugo boss gucci dior LouisVuitton Chanel jack jones me&city levi's JACKJONES jack brand

20 Products 2.Our products skin care vichy avene l'oreal dior chanel roche-posay luxury common prices hight price 3000 rmb-low price 500 rmb hight price 500 rmb-low price 100 rmb men

21 3.Our products watch luxury common cartier chaprd IWC swatch casio perfumKenneth Cole Adidas Adrenaline Very Sexy For Him2 Gucci Pour Homme davidoff cool water gucci Cham pangme hight price 100000 rmb-low price 5000 rmb hight price5000rmb-low price500rmb

22 hair style 100RMB up) Hair Design can according your clothes to design your hair, so you better overall. 2.Services Services

23 make up (100RMB up) Our makeup service is for those reception and attend special occasions the person designs. 3.Services Services

24 whole design (500RMB up) This is all services, including the design, makeup and hair, this is for those who consulting one-stop complete customer design service, in this can get more comprehensive services. 4.Services Services

25 All sales

26 Financial Date Income Statement OPENING DAY BALANCE SHEET Start-Up Capital Estimate Capital

27 Income Statement





32 Start-Up Capital Estimate Monthly CostsMonthly Expenses Cash Needed to Start % of Total Salary of owner-manager 9,000 2,700 0.59% All other salaries and wages 285,000 85,500 18.74% Rent 7,300 21,900 4.80% Advertising 3,500 10,500 2.30% Supplies 3,000 9,000 1.97% Telephone 1,200 3,600 0.79% Other utilities 4,750 14,250 3.12% Insurance 7,500 1.64% Maintenance 400 1,200 0.26% Legal and other professional fees 500 1,500 0.33% Miscellaneous 1,300 3,900 0.85% Subtotal 161,550 35.41% One-Time Costs Cash Needed to Start % of Total Fixtures and equipment 50,000 10.96% Decorating and remodeling 50,000 10.96% Starting inventory 133,168 29.19% Legal and other professional fees 1,000 0.22% Licenses and permits 500 0.11% Advertising and promotion for opening 5,000 1.10% Cash 50,000 10.96% Total Estimated Start-Up Capital 456,218 100.00%

33 Capital Partners Investment Cindy 18000 Calvin 18000 Isabella 18000 Total 54000

34 Thanks

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