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Selling your products online in the Irish Market By Philip Hayes Coinigear Web Design (Deewhy Consultants)

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1 Selling your products online in the Irish Market By Philip Hayes Coinigear Web Design (Deewhy Consultants)

2 About Coinigear Web Design State of the Irish e-commerce market Potential growth Build a business, not a website Business Benefits If you build it, will they come? Measure your success Billing options Security Questions

3 About Coinigear Web Design Web design and development company based in Dungarvan Specializing in corporate websites and e- commerce solutions. Custom php and javascript development Also provide SEO (search engine optimization) services and hosting

4 Sample corporate websites

5 Sample e-commerce sites

6 State of Irish e-commerce market New research, illustrated in the graph, shows that Irish companies have a higher proportion of online sales than those of any other EU country. More than 70% of products sought by Irish consumers were only available from cross- border providers

7 Potential Growth Newly published figures for the final quarter of 2009 show the total number of broadband subscribers at 1.44 million, a 20% increase year-on-year.

8 Potential Growth In 2009, the average internet user was online for 13.2 hours a week, compared with 10 hours a week the previous year, according to the latest ComReg data.

9 Potential Growth Young adults are more likely to shop online than older or younger Irish consumers, according to new Eurostat figures.

10 Build a business, not a website – 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – Avoid Weak or inconsistent branding Cart abandonment Bad User Experience and usability Poor navigation Slow performance Slow or limited site search Inability to make changes quickly Poor Performance with search engines

11 Business Benefits Attracting New Customers Increasing Sales Increasing Customer Loyalty and Retention improves user satisfaction and trust which translates into returning customers Providing Superior Customer Service and Communications Reducing Operating Costs and Increasing Efficiency Promoting Your Brand and Enhancing Your Brand Image Preparing for Future Needs

12 If you build it will they come? Building the site is only the first step Getting visitors to your site is a long-term project SEF (Search engine Friendly) urls. Work the search engines Link, link, and link again Converting visitors to sales is the ultimate goal

13 If you build it will they come? Google Adwords Organic Search Referrals from other sites Affiliate marketing programs Outbound e-mail campaigns (20% of customers 80% of business) Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin

14 Measure your success Traffic: The number of visitors that are coming to your site Stickiness: The amount of time users spend on the site and the number of pages they view Conversion: The percent of visitors who become customers and the size of the average sales ticket Customer Retention: The number of customers who return to your site and the frequency of their purchase

15 Measure your success

16 Billing options Paypal – No monthly subscription charges – No setup fees – Around 3% per transaction – Not very professional Realex / Sagepay – 30 / month minimum charge – No percentage taken – Fully integrated in e-commerce site

17 Security SSL encryption for all credit card numbers Regular patching to prevent hacking No credit card details stored in system Anti-spam mechanisms such as captcha

18 Questions

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