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National Summit on Cold Chain: “Emerging Trends & Market Challenges”

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1 National Summit on Cold Chain: “Emerging Trends & Market Challenges”

2 Global Cold Chain Logistics Market
Growth Drivers:- Increasing globalization of food industry Global efforts towards sustainable growth Increasing contribution of emerging economies Changing consumer taste and preferences. Major International Players Americold, Swire Cold, Preferred Freezer Services, Nichirei Logistics Group, Partner Logistics etc. Top Five Nations on The Basis of Cold Storage Space Growth During © TechSci Research Source: IARW

3 India Cold Chain Market Scenario
NRHM’s allocation has been proposed to be increased to USD 3.7 Billion in from USD 3.23 Billion in 100 per cent FDI is permitted for health and medical services under the automatic route. Projected Growth of India Cold Chain Market In INR Billion 11% of world’s total vegetables production is accounted by India alone but India’s share in global vegetable trade is only 1.7%. 127 Million Tonnes of milk was produced in , but cold storage capacity is only available for 70,000-80,000 Tonnes of milk. 20%-30% of fish production is annually wasted in India. ~25,000 unregistered slaughter houses are present in India, which generally lacks chilling facilities. © TechSci Research

4 Temperature Controlled Vehicles Market
Mostly operated by small & non integrated firms. 30,000+ refrigerated vehicles are plying in India. 25,000 of refrigerated vehicles are utilized for milk and milk products transportation. The high cost of transportation is a major challenge for refrigerated vehicles market. Growth Drivers: Meat products export , Rising demand of confectionary, Frozen food etc. © TechSci Research

5 Refrigerated Vehicles Demand By Verticals
Increasing demand for milk and milk products from every corner of the country High meat export demand from Middle Eastern countries Increasing focus on supply chain in Pharmaceutical sector © TechSci Research

6 India Temperature Controlled Warehouse Market
Projected Growth of India Cold Chain Market 95% of total storage capacity is under private players. 36%+ of the total cold storages in India have capacity below 1000 MT. 5381+ number of total cold chain storages in India. Major contributor in the revenues of cold chain industry of India. Growth Driver: Growth in Organized Retail & Food Service Industry, Government’s initiatives, Rising export demand for processed & frozen food. © TechSci Research

7 Regional Distribution of Cold Storage
65% share of India’s cold chain storage capacity is contributed by Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal. Gujarat(5.2%) Maharashtra (2.2%) Karnataka(1.7%) Uttar Pradesh(41.4%) Punjab (5.5%) Bihar(4.7%) AP In Fish Production with 13.5 LT -ASSOCHAM 2nd AP In Tomato Production with 5.9 LT -NHB 1st AP In Papaya Production with 1.1 LT AP In Mango Production with 3.3 LT Madhya Pradesh(3.3%) West Bengal (23.2%) Andhra Pradesh(3.7%) ~10 Lakh Tonnes Source: Directorate of Marketing & Inspection LT – Lakh tonnes © TechSci Research

8 Cold Storage Price-Volume Analysis
By Value Huge Variation in the share of potatoes storage capacity and revenues generation. Share of multi purpose cold storages is low in storage capacity but high in revenues generation. Growing focus towards the multi-purpose cold storages. © TechSci Research

9 Government Initiatives
FDI allowed through automatic route 100% FDI Since , cold chain has been given the infrastructure status . Infrastructure Status Up to 40% of the cost Viability Gap Funding 5% concession on import duty, service tax exemption, excise duty exemption on several items. Subsidy of over 25% to 33.3% on the cold storage project cost. Monetary & Tax Benefits Established in 2011, to look into matters related to cold chain infrastructure Establishment of National Centre for Cold Chain Development Proposed financial outplay for cold chain infrastructure & food parks of around INR 1,675 Crore & INR 3,250 Crore respectively. Over 50%-70% capital grant on projects. Growing Emphasis On Food Parks & Integrated Cold Chain Development © TechSci Research

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