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Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran IRAN Area: 1648195 Km 2 (18 th ) Population: 76064623 (17 th ) Official Language: Persian Government: Islamic.

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2 Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran

3 IRAN Area: 1648195 Km 2 (18 th ) Population: 76064623 (17 th ) Official Language: Persian Government: Islamic Republic Capital: Tehran Provinces: 32 Neighbors: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, [Oman, U.A.E, Qatar, Bahrain(Persian Gulf neighbors)]

4 History of Iran Iran is one of the worlds oldest civilizations 4000 B. C. Medes, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanids, 625 B.C – 625 A.D Islamization of Iran 632 - 1501 Safavids, Afshars, Zandies, Ghajars, Pahlavis 1501 - 1979 Islamic Revolution 1979 - Current

5 General Information Education: Highest ratio of female to male school enrollment, 1.22 female per male student Science: World's fastest growth rate in science and technology, 1000% increase of science and technology output in 9 years Space Program, 9 th country in the world capable of both producing and sending satellite to space from a domestically made launcher Stem cell research and nanotechnologies, amongst the top 10 in the world. Geophysics: Most accurate calendar in use, Iranian calendar Climate: Among 4 countries with most diversified weather, the smallest country among them Industry: Largest producer of Turquoise, Largest reserves of Zinc World's largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets leading manufacture industry in the Middle East, car-manufacture and transportation, construction materials, home appliances, food and agricultural goods, pharmaceuticals, information technology, power and petrochemicals Agriculture: Largest pistachio producer, output of 230,000 tons Largest saffron producer, 93.7% of world's total production Largest caviar producer Largest producer of berries Largest producer of stone fruits Largest producer of Berberis Humanitarian: Host to the world's largest population of foreign refugees

6 Economy of Iran Currency: Iranian Rial (IRR) Gross Domestic Product (PPP) (18 th ): Total: $928.9 Billion Per Capita: $12,200 Gini Index: 44.5 (medium) HDI: 0.71 (high) Growth Rate: 2.5% Stock Markets Capitalization: $ 135 Billion Founding Member of UN, NAM, OIC and OPEC Iran ranks SECOND in the world in natural gas and oil reserves. It holds 10% of the world's proven oil reserves and 15% of its gas. It is OPECs second largest exporter and the world's fourth oil producer. Tourist attraction rank in the world: 10 th

7 Iran Economic Sectors Financial Sector Real Sector Foreign Sector

8 Financial Sector InsuranceMoney MarketCapital Market Securities & Exchange Organization Stock Exchange Iran Mercantile Exchange Financial Institutions Associations OTC Market Central Securities Depository Public Joint Stock Companies

9 Iran Capital Market History 1936 Introduction of capital market concept in Iran 1966 Ratification of Stock Exchange Act by Iranian Parliament 1967 Official commencement of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) operations 1970s Economic growth and capital market expansion

10 Iran Capital Market History (contd) 1989 Re-commencement of trades in TSE after Iran-Iraq war 1990s More listings and stock market growth 2005 Introduction of new Iranian Capital Market Law 2006 Establishment of Securities & Exchange Organization (SEO), Demutualization and incorporation of TSE (November 2006)

11 Law Characteristics Separation of supervision and trading operations More regulations on primary market specially for disclosure Possibility to introduce new Islamic financial instruments Severe punishments for insider trading, non-disclosure and market manipulation Demutualization and incorporation of exchanges Establishment of Central Securities Depository Possibility to launch new Islamic financial institutions and supervising them

12 Securities & Exchange Organization (SEO) Main Tasks To Prepare by-laws, rules & regulations regarding capital market To supervise the good performance of Law and related rules and regulations To issue, suspend or cancel licenses of Exchanges, Associations, OTCs and Financial Institutions To take necessary measures for preventing violations in the securities market To supervise activities of Exchanges, Associations and financial institutions

13 SEO Organization Chart Board of Directors President Dept. of Research, Development & Islamic Studies Dept. of Public Relations & International Affairs Secretariat of the High Council Security Office Internal Auditor Deputy of Supervision on Exchanges & Issuers Dept. of Supervision on Exchanges Dept. of Supervision on Primary Market Dept. of Supervision on Issuers Board of Cooperation with Auditors & Accountants Executive Deputy Dept. of Information Technology Dept. of Financial Affairs Dept. of Human Resources & Logistics Deputy of Supervision on Financial Institutions Dept. of Supervision on Financial Institutions Dept. of Supervision on Brokers Deputy of Legal Affairs Dept. of Criminal & Judicial Affairs Dept. of Offence Prosecution Secretariat of the Arbitration Board Secretariat of the Board of Directors Boardof Directors' Steering Committees

14 SEO Main Objectives Developing Islamic financial instruments, institutions and securities markets Developing infrastructure and Information Technology in capital market Improving investor education Expanding relationships with foreign supervising entities and related international entities Systemic Risk Management Market integrity Investor protection

15 SEO Main Fulfilled Goals Launch of IME international floor in Kish free zone Launch of new issuers mechanized information system (CODAL) with digital signatureIntroduction of new markets (Over The Counter)Launch of new trading systemMoUs Signed with Some other similar entities Developing more regulated financial institutions (Investment banks, Investment Advisors, Mutual funds, ….) Introduction of new Islamic Financial instruments such as Islamic Futures, Mosharakah, Ijarah, Murabaha, etc. Introduction of Financial Institutions and Instruments Development ActIntroduction of On line Trading and Telephone tradingIntroduction of crude oil trade in Iran Mercantile Exchange

16 SEO Future Plans Creating a more regulated and transparent market Implementing severe punishments for non-disclosure, manipulation, fraud and insider trading To enhance risk management in financial institutions

17 Tehran Stock Exchange & Iran Farabourse Date of establishment: 1967 & 2009 Markets: Main Board (A&B) Secondary Board # of Listed Companies: 339 & 32# of Brokers: 87Main indices: TSE all share price (TEPIX) Industrial index Financial index TSE - 50 Clearing & settlement: T + 3

18 Tehran Stock Exchange Best performing market in 2011 29.25 percent return in index The most diversified Industrial Classification 36 industrial sectors based on ISIC Best performing market in the past decade 583 percent return in index, 1,343 percent increase in Market Capitalization, and 1,464 percent increase in turnover Market returns in 2009, 2010 and 2011 30, 67 & 32 percent respectively One of lowest P/E ratios in the world around 6 Red carpet welcome for foreign investors

19 Iran Mercantile Exchange Date of establishment: 2007 # of brokers: 75 Traded commodities: Metal & Industrial: Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Minerals, Gold Multi-commodity: Bitumen group, and agricultural: Cereals, Oil cake and seeds group, Dried and trans products, Crop group Petrochemical and Oil Products:, Chemical products, Polymer group, Extract group, Oil group, Naphtha group

20 Iran Mercantile Exchange(IME) The most diversified commodities market in the regionTrading in 4 rings, 11 main groups and 181 by products 4 main rings: Industrial, Oil and Petrochemicals, Agricultural and Futures One of very few Commodities Market that trade Steel contractsExport Ring in Kish Island (Free Trade Zone)Trade in all different contracts in IME, spot, futures, credit, forward and options

21 Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran April 2012

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