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SOLAR MARKET in INDONESIA By Carlos Rosas. Agenda Indonesia Energy Market Solar Market Grid Parity Example.

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2 Agenda Indonesia Energy Market Solar Market Grid Parity Example

3 Indonesia Location: 6.175 S, 106.83 E Territory: 1,919,440 km 2 (15th) Population: 237,560,000 (4th;2011; Rural: 111,060,243 (47%;2010) Access to Electricity: 64,5% GDP/capita: 1148 $ (144th,2008;122nd) Poverty: 2007 17,8% 2011 = 12,5% Unemployment rate: 6,3% (11,2%;2006 ) Inflation: 4,5% (7% ;2010) Currency: 1 <> 11643Rp (2012)

4 Energy Market PLN (86%) 26,9 GW by 2012 (including subsidiaries) ( Own rights for transmission and distribution Law (1985, 2002, 2004, 2009) Third Generation IPP 2009 (Removed PLN from total power decision, IPPs can satisfy unserved areas and are allowed to sell to public directly, however not connected to public transmission, tariff are not controlled by PLN anymore, tariff no longer uniform throughout country) Gov. share risk with PLN BKPM The Investment Coordinating Board (centralized projects electricity) The Ministry of Finance Tax incentives through Gov. electricity project and guarantees. APLSI, The Independent Power Producers Association Facilitate communication to Gov. PPP, Public Private Partnership Collaboration of private efficiency to reap better value for public. PT PII, Indonesian Infrastructure Guarantee Fund Reduce financial cost for investors and/by guarantees (Burocracy, project performance, legislation changes) Bidding process for tariff and approval For renewables: Arrangements (Certain price and time for renewables) Ref:

5 Four main sectors of energy users Household11,4 % Commercial3,7 % Industrial44,2 % Transportation40,6 % Source of Energy Oil46,93 % Coal26,4 %(2 nd in 2008 exporters) Gas21,9 %(14 th ) RE (Hydro, Geothermal, Wind, PV)4,8 % Ref :

6 Solar Market Installed 14MW (2011;mostly SHS & utility-scale plants) Radiation: 4,8 kWh/m 2 /day (Germany 2,73 from NASA) 17,000 small/remote islands with bad electricity connection and many rural villages and thousands of 35,5 % No access to Electricity (41.573.000 people) Half of Potential clients than Bangladesh Statistics Average 2009570,00kWh/capita Indonesia Produces ; 2011 150,00TWh/years Whole Indonesia Consumed104,06TWh/years Households Consumes14,57TWh/years Energy Demand Needed Whole Population22,59TWh/years Households that Need Electricity7,79TWh So Far SHS n Utility SOLAR14MW % Produced relative With Already installed System0,26% Future install capacity5,48GW Projects 1MW> 5000 2012 Biggest Power Plant Charanka Park, India. ( 214MW … 64,5% ONLY Rural Areas39,41Millions People Possible Market4,93Millions SHS

7 Grid Parity By PLN 2009 Residential average (Low V): 13,9 cts/kwh Up to 10MW any renewable energy Contracts 15 years (Not clear) If price @ 1/ wp system cost. 7 years ROI at 8% (5,8% Interest Rate Central Bank Republic of Indonesia) FROM NREL (LCOE) Online Calculator 15 years, Interest of 8%, O&M fixed cost of 3 %, Capacity Factor 17% @ 1000 / wp 10,1 cts/kWh @ 2000 / wp 19.9 cts/kWh @ 2400 / wp 29.8 cts/kWh (Sharp in Bali @ March 2, signed MoU. 300milion$ 100MW) 18,34 cts/kWh (Half price of Fuel energy (No price of selling to PLN have been set)

8 Example Grameen Shakti started 96 with SHS reached 600 thousands SHS : Plan 1 million by 2015 Solid structure of management company ++ organizations involved to develop renewable energy. University of Singapore (Report of Governance small-scale renewable energy in Asia) Indonesia Solar Loan Programme (oct2010 - dec2011) Support programme to help develop a competitive credit market for Solar Energy Technology UNEP With GermanGO help of Frankfurt school of finance Aim Help to reduce risk therefore cost and to jointly partner together FIs and SETs 38 pilot projects PT. Azet Syrua Lestari with sustainable business No experience with Solar PV project finance or Solar PV technology PLN adopted also that program. 140 millions $ 25MW (1 year ending 2012) Now plan installing over 1000 island by 2020 Rendev (NGO, aims: alleviate poverty through development of microfinance) Synergies between MFI, promote development in solar market. GOI With Technical, institutional and financial issues development in Indonesia study Plan 2025 95% rural villages will be electrified. Rural Electricity condition in Indonesia (By UNEP/SoF REPORT) Indonesian Population: 237 million (2011 estimate) Villages: 66 thousand Electrified Villages: 78% or 51,000 Non-electrified Villages: 22% or 15,000 No of Households: 38,5 million Electrification ration: 53% or 20.4 million households Non-electrified Households: 47% or 18.1 million households solar.pdf

9 RENDEV Intelligent Energy Europe 2007 - 09 All for Solar projects

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