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1 David Hotson Customer Service Director Director.

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1 1 David Hotson Customer Service Director Director

2 2 Granville/Time Group & Partners Founded in 1987 by Tahir Mohsan and Dr Tariq Mohammed $400m Annual Turnover Several companies in UK, EMEA & Asia Over 1.05m PC systems supplied last year Own 26 acre manufacturing site in UK (2m capacity) 2200 Staff In 8 Countries (UK, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Dubai,India)

3 3 PC BRANDS Key Brands – TIME Computers Leading UK Home PC brand – TINY Computers 3 rd UK Home PC brand Other Brands – GV, OPUS, Colossus, Omega, Platina, MJN – White Box/ Unbranded

4 4 10% Time /Tiny TimePackard Bell Tiny DellE-MachinesHP-CFujitsuSony Others 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Market Share % Total UK Consumer PC Market PC Brands - Market Share (Units) Time and Tiny 42% Brand of PC

5 5 Sales Channels- DIRECT Granville Technology Group Ltd – The Computer Shop – 130 retail stores – Time Computers Direct PC Sales Time Education – Primary & Secondary Schools Tiny.COM – PC Telesales and Web Tiny.COM – Home Cinema –UK Upgrades to 2.9 million active customer base Tiny – Home Cinema - France Opus Technology Ltd -Public Sector & Dealers

6 6 Sales Channels - INDIRECT UK RETAIL ( PCs and TV) – TIME Distribution Ltd- UK Retailers e.g. Tesco, ASDA, Office World, Makro (Metro), Woolworths, QVC, Index (Littlewoods), Co-op, Tesco (EIRE), Costco, Rymans, Powerhouse. FRANCE/SOUTH EUROPE RETAIL – GV Services Ltd – Retail in France/ S. Europe to major food and non-food retailers – Currently PCs – TV Range to be introduced next month. UK & EUROPE – White Box Distribution (Unbranded, Bare bones) – Currently only PCs

7 7 Internexus Group (Sister Company) True Telco with own hardware infrastructure VISP and hosting services for corporates Fixed Line Telephony Services Owns supanet – UKs 4th largest ISP Internexus/Supanet handle around 8% of all UK ISP traffic Every PC Sale = 85% chance of acquiring additional supanet customer

8 8 Current Call Centre Operations Over 400 seats in the UK – Inbound Customer Service ISP Support Hardware and Software Support Direct Mail Order – Outbound CRM programme for existing customers Over 90 in Bangalore (2/8/03) via 2 outsourced centres Pilot of 25 seats outsourced in Islamabad (17/11/04) 45 seats in France Break even in a service industry – very rare

9 9 Future Expansion The demand on centres to grow as the home becomes more complicated with set top boxes, servers, WI FI networks etc. We anticipate demand to grow at over 400 seats per year We have to assess the benefits of: – Outsourcing to an offshore centre – Creating a Joint Venture with an offshore partner – Invest in our own offshore centre We wish to finalise the strategy over the next 2 months

10 10 Why did we outsource? At first – out of hours experiment At first – generate interest for the service Resource in NW England was drying up Premium cost of any available resource Attitude of the UK labour market

11 11 Call Centre Requirements An available and suitable workforce A quality service An accessible service A cultural fit A seamless service between the UK and offshore Ability to upsell additional products

12 12 Call Centre Requirements (cont…) Clear communication between UK and offshore A commercial benefit Market leading technology Strong management skills Scalability

13 13 Offshore results so far Used a UK led Outsource model in India – Been in Bangalore for over 18 months Direct contract model in Pakistan – Been In Islamabad for 2 months Quality is rapidly catching up with the UK Sales figures comparable with UK Costs are significantly reduced Moved beyond a break even point to a profit centre

14 14 Our experience with Pakistan Proven (for pilot) Recruitment process Training Agent talent Accent Accessibility of service Communication with UK Commercially attractive Unproven ? Government commitment ? Cultural fit ? Quality of service ? Management skills ? Sales ? Back Office ? Growth potential ? Ability to scale up the provens

15 15 Our Risks Are the right skills available on large scale? UK confidence in Pakistan Immature contact centre market Pakistan is unproven on an international scale Management infrastrucure Indian headstart

16 16 Rewards $600 Billion global industry by 2007 $21.4 Billion industry in UK 2.99% of UK working population in contact centres (0.5m) $2.8 Billion industry in India 285,000 seats in India Still growing in UK despite the number of jobs offshore Huge attraction for potential employees – a modern opportunity for the future generations Move quickly or fall further behind

17 17 UK? India? Pakistan? ??? Help make it happen What next for Granville

18 18 For further information please contact; Eveready Communications (Pvt) Ltd. Tel: (+9221) 2634817,18,20 Email:

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