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Ob, Biya, Katun, Pospelikha brown bear, Taiga, pine forests, Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Aleysk, Kolyvansky, Подготовила: Преподаватель КГБОУ НПО «ПУ68» Баталова.

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Presentation on theme: "Ob, Biya, Katun, Pospelikha brown bear, Taiga, pine forests, Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Aleysk, Kolyvansky, Подготовила: Преподаватель КГБОУ НПО «ПУ68» Баталова."— Presentation transcript:

1 Ob, Biya, Katun, Pospelikha brown bear, Taiga, pine forests, Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Aleysk, Kolyvansky, Подготовила: Преподаватель КГБОУ НПО «ПУ68» Баталова А.Г.

2 Тема урока: Altai territory

3 Изучить основные особенности Алтайского края.

4 1. Каждая группа письменно переводит предложенный текст. 2. Один представитель из группы представляет перевод текста у доски. 3. Выбираем группу, которая наиболее популярно представила текст. 4. Викторина. 5. Рефлексия. 6. Подведение итогов. 7. Домашнее задание.

5 climate

6 Climate Climate of the Altai territory sharply continental. In the region cold winter and hot summer. Average temperature of winter made about 30 40 degrees of a frost". Winter the most long season, lasting from 5 to 7 and more months. The coldest month January when temperatures can fall to 50 degrees of a frost at an average monthly temperature minus 18 20 degrees. Steady snow cover is formed at the beginning of November. The spring begins in the southwest of edge in April and comes to Altai usually one month later, than at the same widths in the European part of Russia. Then plentiful thawing of snow also begins. At the end of spring the southwest winds bringing droughty weather usually dominate. The summer has in mountains and on plains different duration. The hottest month of year July, temperatures 30 and above heat degrees are frequent. On plains the summer comes in the second half of June and lasts to the middle of September. The fall comes with the first frosts. On the plain it is the second half of September. After the first frosts the dry sunny weather "Indian summer" with sharp interdaily fluctuations of amplitudes is established. October rainy autumn month with cold winds, long drizzles which are replaced by not weathers. After establishment of a clear weather temperature goes down and keeps negative during the day and nights.

7 flora

8 Flora of Altai The flora of the Altai territory is rich and various. The woods cover the most part of the Altai territory. Here tape pine pine forests the unique nature education, similar to which isn't present anywhere on our planet grow only in all territory of Russia. The wood flora of mountain part of Altai is richer, than on the plain. Here the cedar and fir woods with impurity of a birch and grow in a large number pines. The set of bushes grows in a dark taiga raspberries, mountain ashes, guelder- roses, currants, bird cherries. Tree very widespread on Altai a larch. The Siberian cedar pine, cedar the well-known wood breed of the Altai woods. In the woods of the Altai territory from deciduous breeds the birch, an aspen and a poplar most often meet Bushes in the region grows some tens types, many of which give edible berry raspberry, blackberry, currant, a honeysuckle, blueberry, cowberry. Often thickets of a juniper, a silverweed, a meadowsweet meet. The edge for plentiful thickets of a useful bush a sea-buckthorn is nice the most beautiful carpet of multi-colored flowers: bright orange sparks, dark blue and pink tulips, blue hand bells, carnations, camomiles, white and yellow buttercups. From herbs in the territory of the Altai territory are most known a maraly and gold root (a radio-gramophone pink), a bergenia and a valerian, a dandelion and Maryin a root, the adonis spring, a glycyrrhiza, etc.

9 fauna

10 Fauna of Altai Here inhabitants of the West Siberian taiga meet: elk, brown bear, glutton; representatives of the woods of Western Siberia: кабарга, maral, wood-grouse, stone partridge; animals of the Mongolian steppes: jerboa, groundhog-tarbagan. About 90 species of the mammals, more than 250 bird species live in Altai. Some of them (a cat манул, a polecat bandaging, a crane the belladonna and) are included in the Red List. Distinctive feature of fauna of Altai is formation of endemichesky types: Altai mole, mountain turkey, Altai buzzard, tundra partridge, brown bear and elk. Hoofed animals. The elk, the roe, soiled. In the woods of Altai the lynx, a badger, a glutton, an ermine, a chipmunk, a squirrel meet. The most valuable fur animal of a taiga is the sable. Other valuable fur animal a fox. Lives on the flat district. Here everywhere rodents are found: hamsters, gophers of different types, groundhogs, jerboas, hares, wolves. Birds: owl, eagle owl, hawk, black grouses, hazel grouses, partridges, wood- grouses. kedrovka and jays, crossbills, small singing birdies. Reservoirs of plains and mountain zone Altai to paradise are rich with fish: burbot and таймень, grayling and lenok, ruff, gudgeon, perch. crucian, tenches, pikes and perches.

11 minerals

12 Minerals Subsoil of the Altai territory is rich with minerals. Rich fields of polymetallic ores are in Ore Altai. Ores contain copper, lead, zinc, silver, gold. Volframo-molibdenovye fields are in crystal breeds. Sometimes in the limestones cut with quartz veins with various components, consisting of tungsten, zinc, copper and rare metals. In the Altai territory different types of sand are widespread. Praktichechki stocks of the major construction material limestone are inexhaustible in the region, and such valuable decorative construction material as marble get on the Pushtulimsky field, and in Charysh's valley korgonsky marble. World fame the edge is rich with a field of quartzites and jaspers. As is available gneisses and plaster, natural soda, there is medical dirt.

13 waterways

14 Water resources. Water resources of the Altai territory are presented by surface and underground water. The largest rivers (from 17 thousand) Ob, Biya, Katun, Chumysh, Are more scarlet also Charysh. From 13 thousand lakes the biggest Lake Kulunda, its area is 728 km ². The main waterway of the region the river Ob of limits of edge of 493 km, is formed from confluence of Biya and Katun. The basin of Ob occupies 70% of the territory of the region. The Altai territory has Mineralnye Vody and medical dirt on the basis of which the sanatorium system has development. The resort of Belokurikha widely applies sources with subthermal low-mineralized slaboradonovy nitrogen- siliceous waters, the Zavyalovsky field of mineral medical and table underground waters, medical dirt of the lake are developed. Small Summer (400 m3/year), prepare for development of a field of medical dirt of the lake. Gorkoye- Zavyalovsky and lake Mormyshansky.

15 relief

16 Relief The surface of the Altai territory shares on plains and mountains from which the most part of the territory is the plain. In the east it is bordered with low Salair Ridge, and in the south closely rises to Altai Mountains. In the general plan the territory of the Altai territory represents the district which is gradually raising from the northwest on the southeast. The highest point 2490 meters yet has no official name on the card. Other ridges Tigersky, Kolyvansky, Bashchelaksky, Anuysky, Cherginsky and Seminsky, on slopes of caves some of them many Altai Mountains consist of the ridges having a difficult arrangement. Relief types in Mountains Altai are more various, than on plains: there is a nizkogorye, average and highlands, sites of ancient plains and intermountain hollows. The Kulundinsky lowland having the lowest in the region of a mark of height (96-98 meters above sea level), is located in the northwest. Ob Plateau for which gentle slopes увалов in the form of terraces are characteristic, and the Biye-Chumyshsky height the highest foothill sites of the West Siberian Plain.

17 ВИКТОРИНА «ЗНАТОКИ АЛТАЙСКОГО КРАЯ» 1. What climate in the Altai territory? 2. What animals are included in the Red List? 3. What tree the most widespread on Altai? 4. What minerals have a world fame? 5. What lake the biggest In Altai?

18 Правильные ответы: 1.sharply continental (резко- континентальный) 2.a cat manul, a polecat bandaging, a crane the belladonna (кот манул, хорь, перевязка, журавль красавка) 3. a birch (береза) 4.quartzites and jaspers (кварцит и яшма) 5.Lake Kulunda (Кулундинское озеро)


20 Домашнее задание: 1.Написать сочинение «Мой край.» 2.Презентация «Моя малая Родина»

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