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Andrew Spriggs By Kate Cary Published by Razorbill Published August 17, 2006.

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1 Andrew Spriggs By Kate Cary Published by Razorbill Published August 17, 2006

2 The Battlefield The setting of this chilling tale is in the early 1900s during World War I. A soldier, John Shaw, is fighting the Germans but is injured on a midnight raid with his fearless Captain, Quincey Harker. He is then sent home to England for better care, and is met by the dashing Nurse Mary Seward, a woman he met many years ago. He suffers of Trench Fever, but is cured thanks to Nurse Marys help. Now awake, John begins to piece together his terrible hallucinations into one fact… Captain Harker is not what he seems…

3 John Shaw John Shaw is an intelligent, battle hardened 19 year old soldier who is injured. He is an orphan, and returns home to his younger sister Lily, has unfortunately has begun to fall for his Commanding Officer, Quincey Harker.

4 Quincey Harker Quincey Harker is a strikingly brave soldier and is known for his fierceness in battle. He is the Commander of Johns regiment, and asks John to follow him on a midnight raid on which John witnesses ghastly horrors at the hand of Harker. When he returns to England to visit John, he woos Johns sister, Lily.

5 The Clash After coming to from his fever at the hospital, John realizes that his commander is attempting to court his sister. He is approving until he realizes from Mary Sewards father that Quincey is a…vampire. Now aware, John must stop Quincey from carrying out his agenda before his innocent sister is corrupted.

6 Lily Shaw Lily Shaw is a young orphaned girl in England, innocent as can be. Her brother is away fighting in war as she stays in England, only to be seduced by Quincey Harker after John arrives home.

7 Mary Seward Mary is the daughter of the owner of the sanatorium. She is Johns nurse, and after spending day after day with him, begins to fall in love with him. She then attempts to help him in his journey to stop Quincey Harker.

8 Dr. John Seward Dr. Seward is Mary loving father. He owns the sanitarium which is converted to a military hospital during the war. He also aided Van Helsing in his attempt to rid the world of vampires, and helps Mary and John on their mission.

9 Critics Take The first review of the story says that the books way of telling the story in journal entries was interesting and fun. The writer said the book was awesome and they are looking forward to Bloodline: Reckoning. The next reviewer gave a different opinion. They thought Kate Cary took on a task too great like following up on classic like Dracula. He enjoyed the book, but felt it could have been much more. http://www.thestorysire e-by-kate-cary.html http://www.thestorysire e-by-kate-cary.html http://jo- 10/10/review-bloodline- by-kate-cary.html http://jo- 10/10/review-bloodline- by-kate-cary.html

10 My Take My opinion on the novel is that it was first-class. The journal entry method adds drama and tempo to an other wise boring tale. It also entwines romance with action easily and smoothly into one book. My recommendation of this book is a 100% must read.

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