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Sept. 13, 1819 – May 20, 1896 Leipzig, Franfurt, Germany.

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1 Sept. 13, 1819 – May 20, 1896 Leipzig, Franfurt, Germany

2 Daughter of pianist Friedrich Wieck Hadnt spoken her first words until she was 4 years old. Began training with her father at age 5.

3 At age 9 she performed for the first time in Leipzig, Germany. At age 19 she toured Germany, France and Austria Her father was her manager and at times he seemed cruel, but she felt it made her a better musician.

4 Clara was one of the few musicians to play music from memory. At age 36 Clara began to consider herself more of an performing artist rather than a composer and stopped composing. In those times there was a lot of negativity towards women composers.

5 She wrote 3 part songs, 29 songs, 20 compositions for solo piano and 4 compositions for piano and orchestra. She also wrote cadenzas for Mozart and Beethovens piano concertos.

6 Scherzo 2 Op.14 1842 Aria starts off at an allegro tempo, then andante in the middle of the piece. The second half has many sections where it crescendos. com/watch?v=qUGK AaK1BAY com/watch?v=qUGK AaK1BAY

7 Romance in A minor 1853 Many parts of the piece where it decrescendos. Leaves you with an amoroso feeling. com/watch?v=rdmH7 PeP9so com/watch?v=rdmH7 PeP9so

8 Clara married Robert Schumann on Sept. 1, 1840. One day before her 21 st birthday. She was pregnant 10 times but only bore 8 children. Just 4 years after they married her husband had a breakdown in 1854 and tried committing suicide. Her husband was placed into a sanatorium and she was forbidden to visit him because doctors considered him dangerous.

9 Clara did not see her husband until a couple days before his death in July of 1856, Clara was 37. After her husbands death she devoted most of her time editing his work. In 1878 she began teaching piano, while still performing. She never remarried and continued to teach until she died on May 20, 1896

10 Clara Wieck Schumann Bach Cantatas Website June 27, 2007 http://www.bach- Clara Schumann 1819-1896 Music Academy Online 2007 poser/biographies.php?bid=51 poser/biographies.php?bid=51 Profile of Clara Wieck Schumann Music Edition 2012 od/p/claraschumann.htm od/p/claraschumann.htm

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