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The pearl of the Tunkinsky valley – the health resort Arshan.

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1 The pearl of the Tunkinsky valley – the health resort Arshan

2 In Buryat "Arshan" means "healing water". The resort is known for the curative mineral springs and peloid.

3 Location The Tunkinsky valley, the Republic of Buryatia, banks of river Kyngyrga in The Eastern Sayan, at the bottom of Tunkinsky alps at the height of 900 m, in 479 km from Ulan-Ude and in 210 km from Irkutsk.

4 Climate Summer is not hot with an intermittent rain. July is the warmest month (average temperature is 16 °C, maximum + 25 °C) Fall is bright, sunny, and windless. Winter (in January): -25 … -28 °C.

5 How to get to Arshan? bus station, bus Irkutsk – Arshan daily at 8.45. Fare is 300 rub for 1 person (one-way ticket). Time takes about 3,5h. railway station, train Irkutsk – Arshan daily at 9:30, 13:00, 18:00. Fare is 350 rub for 1 person (one-way ticket).

6 Sights of Arshan

7 Khoymorsky datsan It is small Buddhist temple. On its territory there are two stupas and several prayer wheels. For tourists excursions are conducted. In datsan the lama astrologer receives visitors, it is possible to meet him and ask any personal matters.

8 The Throne of Genghis Khan This is a huge stone which is situated on the high and steep bank of river Baruun Handagayta, in 200 m from a vertical slope of the mountain. According to the legend Genghis Khan sat on this throne when he performed a solemn rite devoted to spirits of mountains.

9 Waterfalls on the river Kyngyrga

10 The nearest waterfall is located in half an hour from the settlement on the track. Water falls from the height of 6 meters, the suspension bridge is thrown over a canyon. In total in the cascade of Kyngarga there are 12 falls. To view all of them you might need 6 hours.


12 Peak of Love The rock is more than 2000 meters high, on the rock you may view the Tunkinsky valley and The Eastern Sayan. Climbing on the rock can take 2-5 hours, depending on physical condition.

13 Crystal Lake

14 «Marble bottom» The marble bottom represents small but very beautiful site of the channel of river Kyngyrga that is made of pink-yellow marble. It is located in only 500 meters from the curative springs and therefore it is often visited by tourists.

15 During the summer period bus and horse tours on the main sights of the resort are organized.

16 Accommodation Sanatoria. Pensions. Hotels. Recreation centers. Private sector.

17 Sanatorium «Arshan» It seats up 290 places and has pavilion structure: cottages, a dining room, the bathing corpus, a hall of physiotherapy, club. Prices: 615-2000 rub per day.

18 Sanatorium «Sayan» It seats up 402 places and it is located in one big 6-storeyed building. In this complex there are living rooms, dining room, medical and diagnostic divisions, dancing, cinema and concert halls. A drugstore, a pool, and a hall of physiotherapy work. Price: from 462 to 4010 rub per day.

19 Guest house Arshan Accommodation in comfortable house: 3 rooms: 3-seater, entry into kitchen; the dual block – 3-seater + the 2-seater (4-seater)(TV). Beds, bedside tables, mirror, table, chairs. In a yard there is illumination, a toilet on the street (with illumination). Kitchen: kitchen set, electric furnace, refrigerator, TV, crockery, table, chairs, sink. Bathroom (common): a shower, a bathtub, a toilet bowl. Food: independent preparation or in dining rooms and cafe that are located in 50 m from the guest house. Leisure: TV, badminton, walks. Accommodation cost: 650th rubles for 1 person per day.

20 Hotel «Castle of the King of the Mountain» In hotel there are following categories of rooms: "business A, B, C" and "economy". All roooms are double and well-equipped. There is a possibility of installation of an additional bed. Cost: Business A - (20 sq.m) 5100 rub per day Business B - (30 sq.m) 5700 rub per day + upholstered furniture + desktop Business С - (30 sq.m) 7500 rub per day + upholstered furniture + desktop + drinks + fruitы + additional illumination Economy - 4600 rubles per day

21 Guest house "At Irina" The house 1 (wooden) – 4 rooms: 1 rooom is 5-seater, 1 room is 2-seater; 1 room is 4-seater (with a separate entrance); 1 room is 3-seater (attic); The house 2 (brick) – 4 rooms: 1 room is 2-seater, 1 room is 4-seater, 1 room is 4-seater (summer, with a separate entrance), 1 room is 4-seater (attic); The House 3 (wooden) – 4 rooms – 3-4-seater with a separate entrance. In each house there is a kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, crockery, a cupboard, a table, chairs, TV. In a yard: place for a bonfire, arbors, brazier, playground, parking, bath, 2 toilets. Cost: bed in a room - 450 rub for 1 person in a day, without a food 1 person in 2-seater room - 700 rub for 1 person in a day, without a food 2-seater room - 900 rub for 2 people in a day, without a food 4-seater number - 1800 rub for 4 people in a day, without a food Children till 12 years – 20% a discount. Firewood - 70 rub.


23 Waterpark in village Zhemchug (Pearl) Entry is 250 rub for adults, 100 rub for children. Two water slides, depth is from 1,40 m to 1,80 m.

24 Natives of Arshan and village Zhemchug propose tourists horse and camels riding. The price is from 200 rub. Driving on horses and camels

25 Thank You! Shadrina Marina

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