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Vocabulary Workshop Unit 8 Level D.

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1 Vocabulary Workshop Unit 8 Level D

2 Asylum (n.) an institution for the care of children, elderly people, etc.; a place of safety. Synonyms: sanatorium, sanctuary, refuge

3 Dilate (v.)to make or become larger; to expand upon
Synonyms: enlarge, expand, swell, prolong Antonyms: contract, compress, constrict

4 Dwindle (v.) to lessen, diminish
Synonyms: decrease, shrink, fade, peter out. Antonyms: increase, enlarge, swell, proliferate

5 Immunity (n.)resistance to disease; freedom from some charge or obligation Synonyms: exemption, impunity Antonyms: vulnerability, susceptibility, exposure

6 Institute (v.)to establish, set; (n.) an organization for the promotion of learning. Synonyms : (v.) found, bring about; (n)academy Antonyms: (v.) terminate; discontinue, demolish, raze

7 Liability (n.) a debt; something disadvantageous
Synonyms: handicap, difficulty, impediment, drawback Antonyms: advantage, asset

8 Preposterous (adj.) ridiculous, senseless
Synonyms: nonsensical, absurd, incredible Antonyms: sensible, reasonable, realistic, plausible

9 Rejuvenate (v.) To make young again; to make a new life
Synonyms: revitalize, renew Antonyms: wear out, exhaust, enervate, debilitate

10 Sterling (adj.) genuine, excellent; made of standard fineness
Synonyms: first-rate, outstanding, worthy, pure Antonyms: mediocre, shoddy, second-rate, sham

11 Warp (v.)to twist out of shape; (n.) an abnormality
Synonyms: (v.) bend, distort, misshape; (n.) irregularity Antonyms: (v.) straighten, unbend, rectify

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