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BUND Der Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Bund in Lite, Poyln, un Rusland.

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1 BUND Der Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Bund in Lite, Poyln, un Rusland

2 Bund Vilna, 1897 Marxism influenced 1912 joined Mensheviks 1917 40 thousand members, 400 branches 1921 joined the Communist Party Bund in Poland – Remains independent – 1939 – almost 100 thousand members

3 3rd Party Convention complete national emancipation, e.g. FREEDOM TO USE THEIR OWN LANGUAGE – Little support for the national rights – demand EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS

4 4th Party Convention Withdrew from the Russian Social Democratic Worker´s party Bund against Zionism Crypto-Zionists for the Russian Social Democratic Worker´s party

5 6th Party Convention After 1905 – focuses on CULTURAL ISSUES – advocates YIDDISH CULTURE

6 BUND New Jewish working class + young Jewish intelligentsia attracted by socialism 1890´s: focused on the amelioration of the human condition of a worker, not specifically on Jewish- oriented goals

7 Kishniev April 6 & 7, 1903 Pogrom publicly denounced by 317 Russian writers and artists (incl. Tolstoy) Bund and Poalei Zion organize groups of self- defense боевые отряды Beilis Trial, 1913

8 Bund View of founders Not specifically Jewish movement Want to integrate into Russian socialist movement View of Lenin& Stalin A national Jewish party developing independent political tendencies

9 Lenin Assimilation= only progressive solution of the Jewish question Antisemitism is reactionary Nationalism is bourgeois and must be fought against Zionism= rabbis Bund is not marxist but nationalist

10 Stalin Marxism and the National Question 1917-23, 1st commissar of the nationality of the USSR – Tacitly recognized Jews as a nationality – Fostered yiddish culture, administrative institutions and agricultural settlements Late 1930´s – purges – yiddish schools and insitutions systematically liquidated untill WWII Support if the Jewish State in Palestine against UK 1948 1948- 1953 – extreme hostility : – Jews = Zionists, US spies

11 BUND By 1905 the largest and best-organized Jewish party in EE 1917 – Feb – Pale of Settlement suppressed – Nov – Lenin and Stalin abolished all national and religious priviledges of Jews

12 Yevsektsiya 1918 – Jewish section in the Communist party aimed on DESTROYING THE ZIONIST INSTITUTIONS and the Jewish religious culture After destruction of all non-communist Jewish social life dissolved in 1930

13 Birobidzhan 1934- Jewish autonomous region Collective farming Yiddish Institutions Failed – Only supported by communists – Harsh conditions – Zion is not Birobidzhan – Stalin purges affected intellingetsia

14 Bund in Poland guardians of secular yiddish culture TRADE UNIONS EDUCATION CULTURAL ACTIVITY SOCIAL SUPPORT YOUTH- Tsukunft SPORTS SCHOOL NETWORKS – secular, socialist SANATORIUM for children with TBC NEWSPAPER – Folks-Tsaytung – Głos Bundu WOMEN – Yiddishe Arbeiter- Frey Organizatsye, YAF Network of day- care centers for children

15 Bund after 1939 Contact with the Polish underground and the exile government 1942 – report on the Jewish genocide smuggled to London 1941 New York – main center 1949 organization wiped out by the Stalinist line

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