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Investment passport OCHAKIV Ochakiv – The Pearl of The Black Sea.

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1 Investment passport OCHAKIV Ochakiv – The Pearl of The Black Sea

2 Ochakiv – our native town, holy ground, conquered by our ancestors. We were born here, here we managed to understand the beauty of our blue sky and waves of The Black Sea and golden wheat fields. Ochakiv – is the town that is famous for its history of 518 years. It witnessed the heroism of Suvorovs soldiers, and courage of the Black Sea sailors, the fate and victorious exploits, achievements of outstanding military, the arts and literature are connected with its name. Therefore, the glory and respect for our town we modern descendants, should increase their daily lives, so - inscribe worthy pages in its further development and history. Community of the city, local government hold to the motto - "never stop at what has been accomplished, to work for the benefit of native Ochakov. Our town needs investors. We invite everyone who is interested, and wants to earn, invest, and do something for Ochakiv. We look forward to warking with everyone. Yours sincerely, Mayor Topchiy Nikolay Borisovich

3 General Information The town was founded in 1492. The town is located in the Dnieper- Bug Black Sea Lowland steppe region on the Black Sea and the Dnieper-Bug estuary, the place of its confluence with the Black Sea. The distance from Nikolaev- 60 km., from Odessa -130 km. The area of the city is 12.46 square km (0.051% of the total territory of the region). Average population - 15,0 thousand people. Population - 15,0 thousand people.

4 The resource potential The hydrography of the Northern part of the Black Sea form estuaries. There are several estuaries in the area of Ochakov, each of which is a kind of unique. The Sea, estuaries, rivers, which wash Ochakov areconsidered to be important natural factors that significantly affect the living environment, the human body and form the local climate. There are sources of sodium chloride water of high salinity and brine type. On the territory of Ochakiv district and suburban areas there are deposits of non-metallic minerals: Sand, clay, rubble stone (limestone).

5 Tourist potential eeppe plateau between estuaries is a flat terrain where the "steppe pyramids rise - the ancient burial mounds (4-5 m in height) The coasts of the estuaries are cut with ravines, which abound with a variety of medicinal plants, many of which are in the Red book. Ochakovskaya steppe near the sea is broken with steep slopes, with the height of 35- 45 m, with stretching golden sandy beaches and warm sea. The sea air in coastal zone is enriched with oxygen, salts, iodine, bromine, chlorine, and healing for people. Breeze, the sound of the sea make beneficial effect on health. Therefore, it is useful to have rest and treatment here. Tnere are 10 recreation centres on the territory.

6 Labor potential The population – 15,0 thousand people. male – 7,0 thousand people female 8,0 thous. people Youth ( younger 30) - 8,9 thous. p. Working-age population – 9006 people (60,04%) Self-Employed – 3863 people (42,89%) The average salary is 1715,10 hrn. Unemployed - 382 people (4,24%) Employed – 4761 people (52,87%)

7 The breakdown of the workforce in the city by economic sectors SectorsNumber% to working-age population Industry 255 2,83 Building 125 1,39 Trade and public catering 150 1,67 Transport 35 0,39 Communication 40 0,44 Public service 376 4,17 Education 624 6,93 Public health 346 3,84 Financial activity 92 1,02 Housing and utilities 201 2,24 Sanatoria and health resorts 860 9,55 Other 4074,52 Private entrepreneurs1250 13,88 Self-employed population 3863 42,89 Total 8624 95,76

8 Gasification, water supply. Water supply system consists of: 106 km water supply systems, 106 km water supply systems, 54,7 km sewer, 54,7 km sewer, 16 boreholes, 16 boreholes, 4 sewage - pumping stations, 4 sewage - pumping stations, 1 treatment plant. 1 treatment plant. Centralized water supply provided 93% of the city. A total of gas networks - 238,5 km. Gasified 100 % of the territory.

9 Transport communications The total length of roads - 50,2 km. Car location : Local roads - 22,2 km. Public roads - 50,2 km., incl. improved surface (asphalt) - 32,2 km., paved - 20,0 km. Bus station Ochakov Routes: Nikolaev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev (in summer). Intercity transportation provided transportation by "PIKcompany, urban transport - the cooperative transport undertaking "Phaeton. "

10 Modern technology and communications As to 8/1/1910, the city installed 5,800 fixed telephones, there are 780 registered Internet users. Mobile communication network are rapidly growing. Within the city there are 4 mobile operators. Cell phone connection of the city is 100.00%.

11 Infrastructure of the city Number of retail facilities - 704. Number of consumer service– 82. Within the city recorded 3 of the market: KP "Ochakivs'kyi market, " "Privoz", "Prichernomorsky. 2 Hotels. Financial and credit network of the city is of the branches of the following banks: OAO Oschadbank; Raiffeisen Bank Aval; "Privatbank "; JSCB Pravex Bank Prominvestbank; Ukrsotsbank; Nadra " AKB ImeksBank "

12 Social sphere Edupcation: Pre-school - 3 children, with – 384. Average (educational) institutions - 5, in which 1826 students. Institutions of higher education – 1. Children's House "Eaglet". Health: Medical care in the city provides for: : - Central District Hospital, - 10 sites on the basis of general practice family medicine clinic at the Central District Hospital. Culture: The town has : - Library, - 2 schools of art, - The district Culture House (located in the town). There are 76 monuments of history and culture, the Military Museum named after Suvorov, the Museum of Artnamed after Sudkovskiy.

13 Sport The Children's sports school provides sports and educational work. There is a well-equipped sports area with football, basketball and volleyball fields, tennis courts on the territory of the sanatorium Ochakov. There are 10 recreation centres. The youth festival of extreme sports "Wind of Freedom began its activity in 2010.

14 Spa facilities There are 17 health institutions, 7 of them have the status of recreational centers. "Ochakiv union recreational centers ZAO Ukrprofozdorovnitsya. is considered to be one of the leading health institutions of the town, its profile is treatment of patients with diseases of the respiratory system and peripheral nervous system. Sanatorium works seasonally - during the summer recreation period.

15 Housing - Utilities Housing and Communal Services of the city occupies 314.0 thousand square km of housing area, including - 250,0 thousand square km, and refers to the private housing stock. Provision of shelter is 20,6 square km to 1 person.

16 Industry The main directions of industrial output are: - Extraction of water ("Sirena")– 86,4 %; -Publishing (Publisher Ochakov town newspaper «Ochakov»)– 13,6 %;. Industrial output in the selling prices for January-June 2010 amounted to 474.1 hrn. At present, work on restoration of the fish cannery is provided. At the production facilities Ochakiv fish cannery began operations enterprise PC "Dole - Fіsh - Ukraine". The sample quantity of canned fish was released.

17 Competitive advantages The most southern town of Mykolayiv region, which has a unique resort - the tourism industry ; There is a network of tourist complexes, which are built according to European standards; The level of tourist attraction is high: there are lots of places suitable for green tourism, the availability of commemorative and historic sites, conservation areas; Favourable geographical location relative to the regional center of the town of Nikolayev and the main markets for products; Developed infrastructure; Favourable investment climate.

18 Priority areas for investment IndustryHousing - Utilities Tourism, recreation, culture Available raw material base and the necessary conditions Seacoast, Infrastructure for recreation and recovery Food Industry Developmen t of extractive and processing industries Reconstruction of sewer facilities and pipelines Improving management systems in the field of housing Construction of recreational facilities Creating of Tourist Information Tourist Routes

19 Experience of attracting investment In 2009 with the help of investment were put into operation: - Parking for 25 cars with a snack bar with 25 seats, - Barber, - 2 car workshops, - Trading house with total area - 1200 sq km, -Shop Techno-World total area - 1500.0 sq. m. -Dental office, - 4 Shops. The number of attracted investmet for the period 2009-2010 is about 45 mln. hrn.

20 Production of paving slabs Project Proponent: Ochakiv utility "Combine utilities" The scope of investment project: Creating a plant for production of paving slabs. The total investment needed - 2000.00 thousand USA dollars. Invested own funds - 30,00 thousand USA dollars. Plant for production of ceramic bricks Project Proponent: PC «Ochakivskiy brickyard» The scope of investment project: Construction of plant form and obpalennogo clay bricks and blocks. The total investment needed - 5000.0 thousand USA dollars. Payback period: 5 years.

21 Mini-bakery Project Proponent: The Executive Committee Ochakiv local council Scope of investment project: Construction of a bakery The total investment needed - 500.00 thousand USA dollars. Payback period: 5 years. Workshop for bottling mineral water. Project Proponent: The Executive Committee Ochakiv local council Scope of investment project: construction of plant for bottling carbonated and noncarbonated water. (mineralized wells are located in the city.) The total amount of necessary investments - 300,0 thousand USA dollars.

22 Recreation center Project Proponent: The Executive Committee Ochakiv local council Scope of investment project: Construction of recreation. The total investment needed - 5000.00 thousand USA dollars. Payback period: 5 years Hotel complex. Project Proponent: The Executive Committee Ochakiv local council Scope of investment project: Construction of hotel and recreation complex. The total investment needed - 5000.0 thousand USA dollars. Payback period: 5 years.

23 Free land Location: Ochakiv, 60let USSR str. Area: 0,8 ha. The possible ideas to use the land: the construction of the object of trade Location: Location: Ochakiv, Lunacharskiy and Engels str. Area: 0,4 ha. The possible ideas to use the land : to build a hotel-shopping complex. Location: Ochakiv, 60let USSR str. Area: 0.06 ha. The possible ideas to use the land : to build parking. Location: Location: Ochakіv, Olviyskaya str. Area: 0,5 ha. The possible ideas to use the land : to build a petrol station.

24 Thank you for your attention For more detailed information please refer to ukrainian or russian version. Contact: 57500, Ukraine Mykolayiv region, Ochakiv, 50 October str., 7-A Tel./fax: +38(05154) 2-26-90 +38(05154) 3-04-96 Е-mail :

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