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Velcome to Regional Library Karviná (RLK) modern, progressive, advanced CASLIN 6th - 10 June 2010 Tále, Slovakia.

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1 Velcome to Regional Library Karviná (RLK) modern, progressive, advanced CASLIN 6th - 10 June 2010 Tále, Slovakia

2 Syllabus - characterization, function and activities of RLK - modern trends of librarian and information activities - culture and education activities - RLK in virtual world of SecondLife and Facebook - awards of RLK

3 Regional Library Karviná started its activities 28th of May 1923 when took place meeting of the librarian boards of the 3 nations – Czechs, Poles and Slovaks in Fryštát (now part od Karviná) From 1st May 1992 it´s called Regional Library Karviná (RLK)

4 RLK is a town library with regional function. It operates in Euro-region of Těšín´s Silesia territory. The district town of Karviná spreads out in a valley wold of the Olza River in the northernmost foothills of the Silesian Beskydy Mountains. It borders on Poland in the northeast and a frontier to Slovakia is approximately 50 km eastwards.

5 RLK administer 14 od special workplaces RLK files about 160.500 librarian sets 400 titles of serials together 8.505 of registered readers From that 2.240 of children and younger than 15 years 223.100 visitors a year (2009) including virtual visitors 431.400 borrowed librarian sets (2009)

6 Universal workplaces: Center of librarian and information services (CLIS) Karviná – Ráj CLIS Karviná – Nové Město CLIS Karviná – Hranice (Karviná – Mizerov) Karviná-Louky, Karviná-Staré Město, Spa Darkov, Rehabilitative Sanatorium

7 Special servicies: Center of stock acquisition Karviná – Hranice Center of polish literature and Center of music and art Karviná – Fryštát Town information center Karviná – Fryštát (Art gallery, bookstore) Information center of Czech railways Book restoration Karviná – Ráj Center of computer technology (IT center) Karviná – Mizerov

8 RLK is certified library which provides mainly advisory, educational and coordinative servicies to 12 libraries in Karviná region, it builds exchange stocks and it works in another activities which help to next development of libraries in their public librarian and information services.

9 RLK´s products: Bibliographic journal SOVA (Owl) – from year 2002, it informs about new servicies of RLK, about cultural and educational actions of RLK Biblioset – useful electronical help for all libraries and librarians, useful and complete informations in one place – Inter-librarian cirtulation system, backround research,, Electronical biographical dictionary of Tešín´s Silesia)

10 RLK services: Ask your library – answering question (provided services, questions to our region etc.) Delivery services – for ill and healthy indisposed citizens

11 RLK´s services: Film club – it was found in 1968, it belongs among the oldiest film clubs in the Czech republic - it offers movies of noncommercial movies which you can´t find in normal cinemas – movies of different countries, all kinds, feature films, animated and also documents

12 RLK´s services: Movie and school project – for students of middle schools, it´s education cycle which enable students to understand movie art, adjustment to school – leaving exam Info-service for small and medium enterprisers ( – free making and service of web pages for enterprisers from our town

13 RLK´s databases: Town information system – 1928 notes – complex information data bank of enterprisers and their services in our town – 356 libraries – 185 companies Beletrie – 7054 notes – literature of RLK´s fund

14 Backround research – 25909 notes – searching of informations in serials in RLK, notes from year 1992, 108 regional and national serials Electronical biographical dictionary of Těšín´s Silesia – 5746 notes – database of personalities of Těšín´s Silesia Database of important personalities of Karviná – 2400 notes

15 Licence databases: Anopress – full texts of newspapers and journal articles Zákon (law) – profesional law information system

16 Cultural actions for public: Librarian fair on the Masaryk´s square in center of Karviná – from year 1994, sale of new and older books and discs, offer of servicies of RLK, original polish literature, all-day cultural and music program, games for children etc.

17 Cultural actions for public: Cycle of meetings for coal-miner seniors – cycle of interesting meetings for special group of our seniors, meeting with interesting people, interesting themes. It´s financed by maining company OKD.

18 Cultural actions for public: Project Z książką na walizkach – it´s organized in cooperation with Ossolineum publisher, Association of polish literature friends, author meetings of writers and young readers in our region.

19 Cultural actions for public: Meetings with important personalities in RLK – from year 2001, it´s financed by Town Karviná, important personalities from art, culture, sport (Jan Tříska, Ladislav Chudík, Václav Postránecký, Květa Fialová, Petr Nárožný, Irena Obermannová, Iva Hüttnerová etc.)


21 Cultural actions for public: Poetry afternoons – RLK in cooperation with Regional association of Slovaks, declamation of poetry in different languages (Czech, Polish, Slovak, Greek, Gipsy) Exhibition in Art Galery Pod Věží

22 Actions for children: Night with Andersen – national finishing of March – month of readers All the Czech republic reads to children – national project, support of loud reading, supported by many important personalities in our country (Aleš Juchelka, Jiří Sedláček-TV speakers, Jana Bernášková, Kristina Maléřová, Lada Bělášková-actressies, Adolf Dudek- illustrator, Wanda Michałek-actress, Petr Bende-singer, Václav Vydra-actor) Realization of competitions, knowledge quizzes and creative workshops for children and parents If you read – you don´t ramble, if you sports – you are not bored! – cycle of meetings


24 Educational actions for public: Project Public internet acces in RLK – financed by grant – SROP EU, new places with public acces to internet (every Monday internet meetings, We start with PC etc.) Seniors communicate – financed by Foundation of Livia and Václav Klaus – president of the Czech republic, 1 public acces to internet for seniors


26 Educational actions for children: Project They live with us – in cooperation with Romcenter Karviná, Czech Policy and civic association NET Project To live together – in cooperation with Romcenter Karviná, multicultural program for children and young people, cycle of meeting – Children and young people in multicultural world, Education of children and young people to toleration

27 Educational actions for children: Multimedia festival in RLK – from year 2002, knowledge competition for students of primary and secondary schools

28 RLK in virtual world SecondLife - activity has started from 1st of July 2008 - library use creative potencial of SecondLife and offers very interesting librarian and informations services and others products (Town information system, Infoservis, InterLibrarian circulation system, Film club, bookstore) - on-line consultations - journal SOVA – possibility of browsing and reading of all publications - virtual gallery of exhibition Art Gallery Pod Věží – copies of expozed artifacts




32 Facebook and RLK - Regional Library Karviná works on Facebook from summer 2009. - propagation of cultural and social actions arranged by RLK and town Karviná, sharing of photos from actions - communication with other libraries on Facebook

33 Facebook and RLK - connection to project Login grandmother and grandfather to Facebook (propagation every Monday internet meetings, We stard with PC, PC for seniors) - the aim of this project is meeting of generations through Facebook

34 Awards:


36 Helsinki City Library and Finnish Literature Information Centre have awarded The European Library Award for Regional Library Karviná for their outstanding work in promoting literature and reading.

37 Regional Library Karviná has got commemorative medal of Zdenek Vaclav Tobolka for their succesfull reprezentation of Czech librarianship.

38 Used sources: MOLINOVÁ, Halina. Virtuální knihovna v SecondLife. Čtenář. 2009, roč. 61, č. 2 [cit. 2009-03-21]. Dostupný z WWW:. ISSN 0011-2321.

39 Regional Library Karviná Thank you for your attention. Compilers:PhDr. Halina Molinová Bc. Markéta Kukrechtová Petr Ženč

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