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Introducing the DCF Nominees for 2012 – 2013 Read 5 DCF books from this list and join us for next years DCF party !

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1 Introducing the DCF Nominees for 2012 – 2013 Read 5 DCF books from this list and join us for next years DCF party !

2 1893, New York 13 year old Maks, a newsboy, teams up with Willa, a homeless girl to solve a mystery. His older sister has been charged with the theft of a gold watch from the brand new Waldorf Hotel where she works. Historical Fiction ~ immigration

3 12 year old Foster (who loves to cook) and her mother escape from her mother s abusive boyfriend and end up in the small town of Culpepper, West Virginia. They use their strength and friendship to build a new life. Humor, surprises and lots and lots of heart. Amazon review

4 December, 1941, Canada Historical Fiction Marie Claire and her younger brother and sister are sent to a sanatorium because they have tuberculosis. Marie is only 16 years old and World War II is underway. Romance, friendship, family, patriotism…

5 It s hard to change your reputation… But 6 th grader, Clay Hensley, really wants to change the way people look at him and treat him. He routinely gets involved in good-humored mischief and dangerous behavior, but when his brother lands in serious legal trouble, Clay begins to look at life differently.

6 Money disappears from Evan s pocket and everyone thinks it is the pesky classmate Scott. But Evan s younger sister stages a trial involving the entire class trying to prove what really happened!

7 London s alley cat Skilley wants to get rid of his life living in the streets He moves into a famous tavern and befriends Pip a resident mouse… This is an adventure that involves Skilley s love for Cheshire cheese and his friendship with a clever mouse. Also meet characters Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria.

8 This book is filled with newspaper- like pages of information and photographs about the sinking of the Queen of the Ocean. April 12, 1912 the Titanic struck an iceberg. How did it happen? Who was responsible? Read about the building and the sinking of the doomed Titanic!

9 She wanted to circumnavigate the globe at its widest point --- But over the great Pacific Ocean she just disappeared. Author Candace Fleming tells the life story of Amelia Earhart and the search for her. Stunning photographs and handwritten documents.

10 14 year old Wren and Darra meet at a summer camp. They recognize each other…even though they have never met. Using poetic verse, these teenage girls unravel the puzzle that connects their past…one that reveals friendship and forgiveness.

11 A heartfelt novel about a girl named Rachel and her younger brother and sister, Joey and Cassie. They suddenly become three city kids trying to survive alone on a farm during the Great Depression.

12 All about the life of 7 th grade Addie Carle Tall, smart, outspoken and trying to navigate through middle school. The plot includes…. Finding love Enduring gossip Fighting with her boyfriend Meanness from a former friend Sound like middle school? Read Addie on the Inside

13 Jack is abandoned by his mother in an Acadia National Park campground. He tries to make his way back to Boston before any one finds out…. with only a toy elephant for company. Beautiful and Intense ~ Amazon Review

14 Written in shore poetic verses… This is the story of a young girls journey from her beloved Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam conflict and her new life in Alabama, USA.

15 A broken family rediscovers love when they adopt 4 dogs and a cat! Sweet with a touch of magic.. Amazon Review

16 14 year old Janie and her friend Benjamin get swept up in a race to save the world from nuclear war. Full of adventure suspense, mystery

17 A simple introduction to African American history – From Revolutionary –era slavery to President Obama.

18 A magical talisman brings power and evil to whom ever touches it… A fairytale with pixies and fairies, magic and mystery. Based on a fairy tale written in 1910, Katherine Paterson has written a fun, magical story. Wonderful colorful illustrations too!

19 Zelly Fried wants a dog more than anything! Then her grandfather comes up with the idea of a practice dog made out of an orange juice jug! Will Kelly go for it? Setting: Vermont

20 Eleven year old Abby and her beloved Shetland sheepdog are separated by a tragic car accident. Read and discover what happens. A story for animal lovers.

21 Part memoir Part graphic novel Part narrative history A complex look at real-life relationships between a mentor and his student. An artist in search of himself. Watercolor, cartoons, photographs and maps

22 This is the story of 13 year old Travis and his friends Velveeta and Bradley. Travis is the new kid in school. Everything is going okay, until his teacher asks him to read out loud in front of the class. Travis knows he cant read, but now everyone else will know too. A story of a great teacher and good friends. Warmth, humor and friendship.

23 Doug Swieteck has just moved to town and has no friends, an abusive father, a jerk for an older brother and just about everything is stacked against him until…. He meets Lil Spicer whose friendship and fiery personality helps him find the strength to cope with lifes troubles.

24 Author of Hugo Cabret brings you Wonderstruck! Over 600 pages of text and amazing sketches. This is the story of the parallel lives of Ben and Rose. Two people who are mysteriously connected and who eventually find each other.

25 Lucy Wu thinks that 6 th grade will be the best year ever…until she learns that her aunt is moving in and sharing a room with her! An aspiring basketball player and interior designer, Lucy Wu learns from her quiet aunt how to tackle her problems and fulfill her dreams.

26 An adventure story about 12 year old Chase and his father as storm runners racing across the country pursuing hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. But then the hurricane of the century hits Saint Petersburg, Florida and Chase must survive.

27 7 year old Molly has visions and she can see the future. Unwanted at home, Molly goes to work for the king of Westria as a maid. While working on the kings ceremonial hand basin, the basin mysteriously tells her about the dreaded curse. A curse that has stalked the royal family for years. A fantasy of castles and kingdoms

28 Jessica is a first class runner with a bright athletic future. She is popular at school and a good student. However, a school bus accident leaves Jessica an amputee and unable to run again. Until…she acquires a prosthetic limb that rekindles her dream of running again. Wonderful story full of friendship, teamwork and a bit of romance too.

29 This is a warm novel about friendship and first love. Marleys life is precarious as an overfull water balloon. Her parents are newly separated, she has to go live with her father and she has a job she doesnt like. On the upside, Marley likes a cute boy who likes dogs as much as she does. Funny, heartfelt and emotionally true.

30 The story of three unique kids at the National Scrabble Tournament. Each kid wants to win! 1.Duncan can feel words and pictures under his fingertips. He knows what they are without even looking! 2.April wants to be seen as more than a nerd in her family of jocks. 3.And Nate is struggling to meet his fathers high expectations. Three kids with a different drive to win. A touch of magic and wry humor.

31 Marley is entering 7 th grade and is a Star Trek geek who hangs out with the Sci-Fi crowd. He may not be able to catch a ball, but he can run fast and his coach believes that he can win the race. Is Marley up for the competition? And then there is Digger, the class bully, who beats him up, steals his tests and homework. Marley must face him and figure out what to do. Full of humor and crazy middle school antics

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