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Display & Streaming Inventory Management Overview February 2009.

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1 Display & Streaming Inventory Management Overview February 2009

2 This overview is intended for Digital Sales Managers and those who manage them. Agenda: 1. Overview on Display Inventory Management 2. Overview on Streaming Inventory Management 3. Important Reminders

3 Digital Inventory Management Overview In online advertising (both streaming and display) you have two kinds of inventory: Sold & Unsold. Effective management of this inventory allows a website to meet or exceed customers expectations and efficiently use space availability while maximizing net profits. Properly meeting the impression demand requires historical analysis of performance over the past 60-90 days in order to forecast expected performance on your sites. Delivered impressions each month are never the same amount. For this reason we compile average impression reports monthly which are available on on this page: Utilizing the display inventory available on the site efficiently requires not only knowing the amount of impressions the site can deliver but more specifically how much each banner position typically delivers, and understanding the proper way to traffic your campaigns in 24/7 Open AdStream to serve the ads efficiently. Utilizing the streaming inventory available on the audio stream efficiently requires knowing the amount of impressions the stream delivers, and understanding the proper way to traffic your campaigns in Ando to deliver impressions. It is important to understand the variables that affect ad campaign delivery to meet impression goals so the campaigns are scheduled correctly. These variables are explained on the following pages.

4 Digital Advertising Traffic Systems We use Real Medias 24/7 Open AdStream for our display ad traffic system on all our websites. 24/7 Open AdStream in a very sophisticated traffic system that requires loading the campaign specifics that enable the traffic system to make delivery decisions based on chosen campaign settings. The system will consider the impression goal, run dates, amount of creative, type of reach, and frequency options to determine how often to serve each banner. All banner campaigns for all markets are trafficked through our corporate traffic department. We have an online order form available to place the banner campaign orders at We confirm when the campaign is set up so your digital staff can go into 24/7 to check it, and they can also make sure it is performing as needed throughout the campaign. There are instructions on how to check campaigns and pull performance reports 24/7 Access & Report Info (pdf) available on under Resources.24/7 Access & Report Info (pdf) We use Ando for our streaming ad traffic system on our streaming players. All streaming campaigns are trafficked locally by each market using Andos Campaign Manager for paid spots and Injector for all non-paid spots. Ando also offers setup for blackout programming, streaming stats (Webcast Metrics), Advertiser Reports and RIAA Reporting. For more detailed information about Ando and streaming please review the Streaming Media Console Overview:

5 It is important to check current sell-out rate and increase revenue by increasing sell-through and managing inventory efficiently. In 2008 we sold about 50% of our display and streaming inventory at an average CPM of $13 for display and $11 for streaming. We do fill this unsold inventory with remnant ads, but at 10% of the CPM. We are leaving literally millions of dollars on the table. Inventory Management and Revenue

6 Impression Goals – Display Ads Display campaigns that have specific impression goals are set up as Dynamic campaigns. All paid local campaigns should be set up Dynamic. Filler and Remnant campaigns are set up Open as back up with no specified goals. Each position on the site delivers impressions. The campaign is set up with the impression goal, not each creative. When looking at available inventory it is important to look at the impressions previously delivered in each position. rather than on the entire site, to ensure there are enough impressions for the positions that will be used in the campaign. We recommend that each campaign have multiple sizes of creatives to utilize the available impressions in each position to meet the total campaign impression goal. If you only have one size creative in a campaign the available impressions will come from only that one position. The available inventory listed in 24/7 is based on only a 28-day history. We do not use this forecast tool because various elements affect inventory on your site each month, such as online promotions, special events, and decreased weekend/holiday traffic, which the 28-day history in 24/7 cannot predict. It also does not count impressions used by Cluster and Open campaigns because it cannot predict how those will use the inventory. We post a monthly display banner impression report and a 3 month rolling average impression report on at to give you historical information of the amount of impressions each position on the site has delivered to assist in forecasting available inventory. This is the historical tool you should use for forecasting. www.entercomdigital.com

7 Impression reports The banners are set up in the campaigns in position numbers that match the positions on the site. The current Regular positions are: X10 = 728x90 leaderboard X20 = 300x250 medium rectangle X30 = 160x600 wide skyscraper X40 = 120x240 vertical banner X60 = 234x60 half banner X64 =234x60 streaming player banner X70 =300x100 new music site homepage banner The impression reports have each site listed with the impressions delivered for the month in each position. These reports are located on under the Resources tab – Impressions & Forecasting Reports NOTE: The Non-Regular positions are separated on this report and those positions are not added to the standard banner site Total. Non-Regular positions refer to positions that are not part of the regular site template, such as those that are added to a specific page for sponsorship purposes, banners within email newsletters, and the streaming player 234x60 banner position.

8 Example of the Banner Impression Report Key to all banner positions Position breakdown per site The X64 streaming player banner is listed separately because many sites are not using that as part of regular inventory

9 Example of the 3 Month Average Impression Report This report provides a 30 day average impression number for streaming pre- rolls, streaming audio, regular display banners, the streaming player banner, and the email database members.

10 Campaign Ad Delivery Decision As the site is opened by a user, the page has code on it called ad tags that call out to 24/7 Open AdStream to fill the banner positions on the page. 24/7 decides how to deliver the live campaigns to the site based on several settings in each campaign. Priority Completion and reach settings Weight Flight dates – number of days campaign runs (if Dynamic) Impression goals – Dynamic campaigns (daily impression goal) Number of Creatives running in campaign – multiple positions vs. one position These settings in the campaign affect inventory usage. The Flight dates, Impressions, and the creative sizes used in the campaign have the greatest affect and are determined by the DSM. These can be changed to help the campaign reach its goal. These first three settings are standard for all campaigns.

11 Flight dates and Impressions A campaign with an impression goal is set up as a Dynamic campaign. The number of days the Dynamic campaign runs will be calculated to a daily impression goal. As long as there is available inventory it will equally distribute the impressions over the campaign and meet the impression goal by the end date. Each day 24/7 re-calculates this daily impression goal and any impressions that were under-delivered the day before will be re-distributed over the remaining days. If there is not enough inventory available this daily impression number will keep increasing each day. The impressions will show up as a negative red total on the Inventory List Delivery Status Report in 24/7 if there are not enough impressions to meet the goal. It is a good idea to regularly check the campaign delivery status on the site to make sure the current live campaigns are meeting the set impression goal.

12 To get the current campaign status: 1.Go to the Inventory tab 2.Click on Campaign from list on left side of screen 3.Put the call letters of the site in the Campaign Keywords field 4.Click List Delivery Status 5.All current campaigns running on the site will be listed with the current delivery status 6.Any campaign that has a negative red impression number should be addressed immediately because it is under-delivering 1 2 3 4 5 Inventory List Delivery Status Report in 24/7

13 Do Not Use The LIST FORECAST Tool in 24/7 The List Forecast button on the Inventory page does not provide accurate inventory data. Do not use this. It does not count Open campaigns and campaigns set up as Cluster campaigns, and is only based on a 28-day history. Use the impressions report instead at: 0613.php?coCache=1 0613.php?coCache=1

14 Music 2.0 Homepage layout 300x100 Banner Ad (X70) 300x250 Banner Ad (X20) Homepage Ad Units: One 300x250 (X20) One 300x100 (X70) Both on lower right side Homepage Ad Units: One 300x250 (X20) One 300x100 (X70) Both on lower right side Music 2.0 Insidepage layout Insidepage Ad Units: One 728x90 (X10) - leaderboard on top of page Two 300x250 (X20, X21) Both on lower right side Insidepage Ad Units: One 728x90 (X10) - leaderboard on top of page Two 300x250 (X20, X21) Both on lower right side 300x250 Banner Ad (X21) 300x250 Banner Ad (X20) 728x90 Banner Ad (X10) Available Display Banner Ad Units

15 Creatives Each site page has specific ad banner positions. The homepage has different banner positions than the inside pages. For example, there are no leaderboards on the homepage and are only on the inside pages. It is important to have enough creatives in each size on the site to allow the campaigns to rotate in each available position which will utilize all available inventory. Add filler for each position to be utilized when there are no paid ads so all available impressions can be used. Some types of filler banners could be promoting a station contest or event, promote a feature on the site, or Click here to stream on your mobile phone (for those that have FlyCast). Filler banners are especially important in the positions that are not used as much in the paid advertiser campaigns. Only one creative is used at a time from each campaign. The only time more than one creative from the same campaign will be used at the same time is when they are companion positions, which are used for sponsorships and takeover campaigns. Companion positions would be the leaderboard and the 300x250 on the same page. Make sure there is creative set up in every ad position on the site. If there are campaigns that have creative in only one position each campaign will only use the available inventory in that one position. If there is a position that has no banners to fill it the system will deliver empty impressions, meaning that the area is blank on the site but the ad server still counts the impression. This will cause the impressions delivered to be inaccurate in the impression report and also causes blank ad positions on the site. NOTE: The 234x60 banner on the top of the Streaming Player is first used as a synced banner to the video on the player. Then it reverts to a banner position that is trafficked in 24/7 and is another asset that can be used as part of the available inventory. It can be used as another position in banner campaigns, or as a companion campaign to a streaming campaign running in Ando. Either way, it is a property that has value and should be used to increase revenue and help your campaigns meet impression goals.

16 Display Banner Advertising FAQ There is an FAQ page on under the Ad Execution tab where answers to these questions can be How do we traffic display campaigns How Flash ads (.swfs) work in 24/7 Why cant my client see his banner? What are Rich Media ads and do we traffic them? Trafficking pre-rolls in Brightcove with 24/7 Spotlight ads Rovion ads There is additional info here as well and this FAQ will be added to as necessary. The direct link to the Digital Ads FAQ is:

17 Ando Streaming Reporting and Forecasting Tools Inventory Availability On Track Indicator Inventory Lab WebCast Metrics

18 Available Streaming Ad Units Clickable Pre-Roll Syncing 234x60 Banner 300 x 250 Pre-Roll clickable banner (15 seconds or less) After the pre-roll plays, this banner persist through the streaming session. They are trafficked through 247 via corporate and can be sold separately to a sponsor or used as a station promotion. Clickable 300X250 Banner

19 Inventory Availability Tool The Inventory Availability Tool located in the Campaign Manage section in Ando helps you to forecast impressions into the future. This tool is based on the last 60 days and is preferable to the 30-day forecasting report used for display ads. To use this tool go to Campaign Manager Then click on the option called Forecasting/Planning On the next screen click on the option called Inventory Availability You will be prompted to choose your station and enter youre your forecasting date range. Once you click continue you will be able to view your inventory report.

20 Inventory Availability Tool continued Forecasting is based off of 60 second spots and you can forecast by traffic type: Instream or Gateway impressions. This report was recently updated to include allocation for: Total Impressions (Total Impressions is how many total impressions available on the designated station over the designated time frame) Corporate Reservation (The total number of impressions already scheduled by corporate level users over the given time frame) Market Reservation (The total number of impressions already scheduled by market level users over the given time frame) Local Reservation (The total number of impressions already scheduled by local station level users over the given time frame) Remaining Impressions (The difference between all impressions already scheduled (Corporate Reservation + Market Reservation + Local Reservation and the Total Estimated Impressions for the given time frame) % of Remaining Inventory (% of your remaining impressions) This estimate includes nights and weekends (if the projection dates include them) If a large number of ads are restricted to weekdays/prime-times, or if spots youre planning with this tool are restricted by days/times, youll want to account for some of these available impressions to NOT be available to those spots. The amount deducted from impressions for each campaign is adjusted by the duration of spots, so a campaign with :30 spots will not reduce the available impressions by the same number as the impressions scheduled in the campaign. Likewise, a 2-minute spot would consume twice as many impressions as a 1-minute spot. The available-impressions estimate assumes that all time in a break is available for paid spots. If your stations breaks intentionally exclude paid spots for a portion of the break, youll need to adjust the estimates by the approximate portion of time that is set for unpaid elements only.

21 On Track Indicator The On Track Indicator Tool helps you manage your online inventory and to track the process of your streaming campaigns. This is a great tool to look at weekly to make sure your campaigns are delivering by the end date of the campaign. If you find that a spot is under delivering we can work with the Ando system to make adjustments to help the campaign deliver it promised goal. This why it is important to view this report weekly so you can catch any problems that may arise with delivery. To use this tool go to Campaign Manager Then click on the option called On Track Indicator Next type in the campaign or advertiser name Your information will appear below

22 Inventory Lab The Inventory Lab helps you to view how much inventory was sold and unsold in past months. Reports in this lab that will be most helpful: Impressions Instream: Impressions Available Unsold Impressions Sold Impressions Sold Impressions & Banners Spot Durations – Instream 30s & 60s Gateways: Available Open Filled

23 How do I access the Inventory Lab? From the home page in Ando find your station on the left rail. To the right of your station there is a green beaker. Click on the beaker and the Inventory Lab will appear to the right. You can also access the new Ando Spot Saturation Lab. This Displays the percent of inventory filled with various items for each day of the week. This includes local Target Spot Ads and any other ads be run by corporate. This is a real time report

24 Webcast Metrics What is Webcast Metrics and how can it help me? Ability to know how many people are listening to any given station (this is based on a listeners tuned in for more than 5 minutes). Ando also has a Raw Data Report that contains the same listener data without the clause that listeners have to be tuned in for a minimum of 5 minutes. Real-time data is gathered in 5 minute snapshots 24 hours a day You can review individual station information and view how audience builds throughout the day By collecting log file data Ando Media is able to calculate TSL (time spent listening) ATL (Average time spent listening), AQH (average quarter hour audience - The average number of persons who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported daypart), Cume (the number of different persons who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported time period).

25 How do I access Webcast Metrics? From the home page in Ando click on the Webcast Metrics Report option Once on the next page click on the option Webcast Metrics v.4 To access the Raw Data Report click on the option Ando Media Raw Data Reporting. Entercom is not yet setup for access to the Demographic lab. More information coming soon on this feature. The Listenership by DMA report will rank listeners by which area has the most listeners at the present time.

26 How do I access Webcast Metrics - continued The page you will land on will be the last two weeks of the AQH Report in a graph format. (Average number of persons who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported daypart. This number is the average of the number of listeners recorded every fifteen minutes for each station monitored by the Webcast Metrics heartbeat, or it is the number derived from the total time spent listening data obtained by Webcast Metrics directly from station server log data.) Other data that display on this page include: TLH, Cume, AVG TSL and Sessions.

27 Important Reminders Streaming Paid Ads: Advertiser Name starts with Market: Seattle_McDonalds Campaign name starts with Market and then call letters: Seattle_KMTT_McDonalds_Big Mac Spots AD name starts with call letters: KMTT_McDonalds_BigmacPromo Streaming Filler: Campaign name starts with call letters: KMTT_Filler Spots: Campaign Name (called Family in Ando): KMTT_AfternoonShow Promos Each station needs to provide a total of 27 pieces of filler material that are either :30 or :60 in length. (If you paid inventory is low, we recommend adding additional fillers to the required 27 pieces.) Long Form Filler: The most important aspect of using long-form filler is to maintain a blend of long-form (3-5 minute content pieces) and:30/:60-second spots, and not create a succession of overly long stop-sets. Andos insertion system automatically buffers the stream to accommodate long-form filler; however, if you have nothing but long-form pieces, the stream will fall far behind the terrestrial broadcast. Please also make sure to regularly update your filler on an ongoing basis. Display Campaign Naming convention: Call Letters_Advertiser_product,service or date: KMTT_McDonalds_BigMacMar09 Call Letters_Filler_Date: KMTT_Filler_Mar09 Banner Creative Naming Convention: Advertiser_product/service_size of banner: McDonalds_BigMacMar09_300x250 Please make sure to use the campaign and spot /creative naming conventions when you are scheduling your ads:

28 Important Reminders- continued We partner with TargetSpot and AdWire to provide streaming remnant solutions for our streams. Our partnership with these companies help to generate streaming revenue and tap into new advertiser segments. They have access to the corporate streaming inventory (up to 20% of your total inventory). You will see in the very near future both systems will be looking for more avails in market-specific inventory. More information to follow from Sandy Smallens. We partner with VerTual and Collective for display remnant ad campaigns on the sites, as well as some other national accounts. The national campaigns have access to use up to 20% of the total display inventory. The Corporate Digital Traffic team manages these national display and streaming campaigns, and provides performance reports on a monthly basis, and also allocates the revenues back to each market.

29 In addition to their core budgetary role, the DSMs are responsible for managing their Digital Inventory. By providing the monthly impressions reports we try to make this process easier. Please verify the impressions are available before submitting the new campaign requests to traffic. Please submit display campaign requests to the Corporate Digital Traffic department at least 2 business days before the campaign start date to allow enough time to process the request. For more Digital Sales related information see the Digital Sales Primer at %202009.pdf and the Digital Pricing Guidelines at %202009.pdf Important Reminders- continued

30 Questions? For more information and assistance in managing your inventory in 24/7 Open AdStream contact Daria Landar at 503-535-0487 or email For help in submitting your traffic requests contact Sarah La Du at 503-535-0342 or email To submit your campaign traffic request use the online survey form at For more information and assistance in managing your streaming inventory in Ando contact Jennifer Pearson at 206-577-3112 or email

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