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Instructional Design Project Relay for Life Website Betty Hustead EDTC 602: Instructional Design Regis University June 28, 2012.

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1 Instructional Design Project Relay for Life Website Betty Hustead EDTC 602: Instructional Design Regis University June 28, 2012

2 Relay for Life Background knowledge – American Cancer Societys Relay for Life Event – Participation – Communication – Growth – Time Management

3 Problem Problem – How do I get the information regarding the Relay for Life Event (RFL) out to the community, staff, students and parents in a timely manner so everyone knows what is going on, what is required to attend, what schedule will be followed and can raise the most money possible?

4 Dakota Ridge High School (DRHS) Vision Statement: Dakota Ridge High School continually strives for a school based upon an exceptional community that promotes extraordinary learning, expanded opportunities, and above all, success for all students.

5 DRHS Mission Statement: Dakota Ridge High School aspires to help all members of its community develop a balance between and synergy from four basic human needs: the need to live, the need to love, the need to learn and the need to leave a legacy. Therefore, we consciously commit ourselves to demonstrating: The physical need "To Live" in an environment that is clean, safe and business-like; a vibrant place which inspires a healthy attitude in its community of learners. The social need "To Love" self and others with respect, high expectations, trust and decency; to belong to and work as a responsible member of the community. The mental need "To Learn" by continuously seeking and accepting challenging opportunities that expand our abilities and motivate others to make full use of their abilities. The spiritual need "To Leave a Legacy" by establishing a sense of meaning and purpose to our existence through contributions to our community and to the lives of others.

6 Needs Assessment Data sources (who, what) Survey the participants, staff, and community members that were involved this year An email was sent out to all participants asking for feedback and suggestions for next year. (A form was not used due to wanting creative new ideas.) Compare differences from 2010 to 2011 (2010 was run by a fellow teacher and was opened to one class only. It was basically a trial year to see what RFL was all about. In 2011, I took over, was passionate about this cause and talked it up as much as possible. I also planned a school-wide karaoke contest for staff to help raise money.)

7 Information gathered Smaller-less confusing permission forms Checklists for forms Checklist for due dates Links for forms Links for RFL site List of community supporters Fundraising ideas Calendar of scheduled events 2010 2011 13 students participated 104 4 staff participated 8 1 parents participated 5 $2300 funds raised $9800

8 What did you find? (Needs)* Participants and chaperones needed permission forms to be more concise Participants needed easier access to forms and dates of events Participants, staff and community members needed easier access to the RFL site More fundraising ideas were requested Calendar with events and deadlines is needed for communication Create a website to house all of the information and make access easy for everyone

9 Prioritized needs Create a website that links to DRHS and RFL Create a calendar for events and due dates Create checklist for organization of forms Create checklists for captains to organize their teams and turn master list into school organizer Create permission forms that are easier to understand and fill in Create rules list for participants, captains, and chaperones Create page for pictures, fundraiser winners, sponsor lists, and chart of previous years money totals Create editing writes for team captains for editing any events, activities, fundraising ideas…

10 Reasons/evidence for priority Communication will be greatly increased Participants will increase Community support will increase Fundraising will increase


12 OBJECTIVE: To organize the Relay for Life information into one easily accessible place, a website, for all DRHS community members to access with ease; creating more interest and earning more money than the past years event.

13 Outline Plan for Website Go to the DRHS RFL site: lay-for-life-drhs/ lay-for-life-drhs/ Please feel free to ask me questions at anytime.

14 EVALUATION A. Concurrent evaluation 1. Evaluate and change as needed throughout implementation B. Create a chart of the number of hits per page to use as a baseline for future events C. Create a chart to show the growth in participants over the years D. Create a chart to show the growth in fundraising dollars over the years E. As participants and dollars increase, the communication is likely to have increased. 1. Survey participants 2. How many hits to the website 3. Input from staff, community members, parents and students

15 21 st Century Standards 2. Communication and Collaboration 3. Research and Information Fluency 5. Digital Citizenship – Digital access – Digital communication – Digital Literacy – Digital Etiquette 6. Technology Operations and Concepts

16 Bibliography International society for technology in education. (2010). International society for technology in education. Retrieved August, 2010, from

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