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2 PRAVI PROJECT TO SUPPORT DEFENSELESS VICTIMS Animal Department Protection of Animals Victims of Abandon and Mistreatment. Human Department Animal Assisted Therapies and Activities, to help children, youngsters and elderly people.

3 ANIMAL DEPARTAMENT Recovery of abandoned animals; Sheltering and feeding; Veterinary Assistance; Campaigns of… Sterilization, … Adoption, … Sensibleness.

4 Training Animals to Assisted Therapies and Activities Qualified technicians prepare the animals to become therapists. Animal Assisted Therapy to Elderly People (Alzheimer, Depression, etc.) Animal Assisted Therapies and Activities to Children and Youngsters (Support for learning and concentration skills, Down Syndrome, Cancer, Reduction of Criminality, etc.) HUMAN DEPARTMENT Helping People Helping Animals

5 PRAVI wishes to implement, in major urban centers, an innovative project to create Centers of Social Interaction between People and Animal (Animal Assisted Activities and Therapies) along with the respective kennels to housing dogs and cats. To achieve this goal, and because we dont have financial capacity, we need: - To acquire land - To build all the infrastructure House for Therapies, Kennels, Veterinary clinic/hospital.

6 Vídeo 3 Click to Watch the Video 1 Our project won a contest on TV SIC – O que a Nossa Terra Quer, with a 30.000 prize ( only available after acquiring a land ). Vídeo 2 PRAVI WON 30.000 !

7 PRAVI ASKS FOR HELP More than 20.000 dogs are slaugthered in Portuguese Kennels. We ask for help, URGENTLY : WE NEED FUNDS/MATERIALS to: - Obtaining Dog / Cat Food - Veterinary Care - Construction Materials - Donations to pay housing and veterinary expenses. - Acquisition of a Mobile Unit of Veterinary Care (to better our Sterilization Program and Basic Health Care Services)

8 We believe… … we can reduce the number of abandoned and mistreated animals ; … we can enhance the awareness of our country towards the respect for animals, reducing the number of victims; … we can help to reduce criminality among youngsters, developing programs of education and awareness; … we can make a very positive difference in the well-being of people life working with the emotions of animals (children, youngster and elderly people! We believe we can! Yes, we can! We would like to count with your help!

9 Contact Us Presidente Prof.ª Dr.ª Maria da Conceição Valdágua Planning and Communication +351.922.200.264 Head Quarter Rua do Casalão, Vila de São João Sesimbra Portugal Thank You!


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