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1 Are you ready to…? Learn Chinese with Fun Sept 1 st, 2010 The Tang Institute.

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1 1 Are you ready to…? Learn Chinese with Fun Sept 1 st, 2010 The Tang Institute

2 2 The best age to learn a language is the same age you learned your native language. The younger the child is the easier it is to learn. Our teaching programs are developed for students in pre-schools and elementary schools. We have the key to teach Chinese.

3 3 With the global economy, Chinese has been required by many states to be included in the elected curriculum from grade school to college. Shanghai, August 2007 Unlock the mystery of learning Chinese language

4 4 Globalization Every day the world gets smaller because of efficient communication, faster air planes and computer technology. Imagine your child communicating with Chinese as an adult. Is Chinese language taught in your school?

5 5 What can we do for you? We will provide your school a program to teach Chinese. We will provide syllabus and teachers. Student can learn to speak, read and write Chinese in interactive classes.

6 6 They will also have a good time learning Chinese culture and history through songs, music, crafts, cartoons, games and traditional Chinese Festival celebrations.

7 7 Lets laugh and cry together…, - Two characters describing emotions - Do you see the squinty eyes and the smiling mouth in the horizontal lines? This character is laugh. - Do you see below the right eye a small dot that represents a tear drop? This character is cry. Unlock the mystery of leaning Chinese language

8 Chinese Cultural Days St. Louis Botanical Garden

9 9 The Tang Institute develops and promotes a useful Chinese teaching program for local St. Louis schools. V.P. Operations - Li Fang (MBA, BA) Li is a specialist in teaching Chinese as a second language. Trained at the Beijing Chinese Language Institute, Ms. Fang has taught at the prestigious Tsinghua University in China. She has extensive teaching experience in Chinese language schools in the U.S. She has often been invited to conferences and training workshops of Chinese language teachers in the U.S. and China. Ms. Fang has a creative and lively teaching style that is effective and loved by her students.

10 10 The Teaching Program The program is tailored to different ages of students at different levels of fluency and interests. Interactive – Q & A, games, songs, group activities, reading, writing, show & tell. Chinese culture and history are introduced through slide shows, movies, stories and traditional Chinese Festival celebrations. Multimedia tools - CD, DVD, instant feedback computer software.

11 11 Final Exam Monoploy board games Speech contest Bingo Plays Learning Chinese with fun.

12 12 Training of Teachers Teachers have degrees and prior teaching experience. Initial training courses. Monthly training and conferences to polish teaching skills. Teaching materials are standardized. Encourage teachers to obtain teaching certificates.

13 13 Merry Duan, MBA, B.A., 8 years teaching experience Lulu Dong, PhD., M.A., B.A.3 years teaching experience Rongrong Jiang-Winston, B.A., 2 years teaching experience The Teachers

14 14 Learning Chinese with Fun

15 15 Practice chopsticks

16 16 Learning Chinese with fun

17 And for the kids? Fun, Fun, and more Fun!!

18 18 Xie Xie! Thanks!

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