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Welcome to kindergarten. OUR LOCATION: Europe Latvia.

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1 Welcome to kindergarten

2 OUR LOCATION: Europe Latvia

3 Salaspils



6 WHO WE ARE: Kindergarten whitch provide: Ability to learn apply knowledge and solve problems. High quality currucilum that develop childrens communication skills. Leadership qualities.

7 OUR PHILOSOPHY: Dedicated and qualified teachers will make a difference in the students development and learning. Every student is special and unique and has the potencial to do his/her best.

8 HOW DO WE WORK? We provide knowledge to children.

9 Enrich childrens emotional world by organizing and celebrating festivals

10 «Open door days» - parents explain to children about their profession at work We cooperate with parents:

11 Working Bee Day

12 We have «Parents ensemble»

13 cooperate with parents we organise exhibitions in our kindergarten every season

14 We cooperate with local institutions: with the exhibition hall We are the only kindergarten in the city who organises large exhibitions !

15 Culture houses : we participate and involve them in festivals and cultural events

16 We have developed our own traditions: «1st school day» celebration

17 National day concert- 18 November

18 Grandparents ball

19 Art days

20 Sports day for children and parents

21 Singers contest « CĀLIS»

22 Scool year gala concert

23 What is so special about us? We try to understand many things throuhg art : by drawing and crafts

24 through dance: folk dance – where we cultivate our traditions

25 trough modern dance:

26 Through songs:

27 We have a fantastic and professional group of teachers!

28 We have nice and lovely children. They receive diplomas and recognition in various contests in Latvia! We have sucessfully participated in drawing contests and have high achievements in singing contests in district of Riga!


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