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Costa Rica National Parks System and Protected Areas.

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2 Costa Rica

3 National Parks System and Protected Areas

4 Barva is one of the cantons of Heredia and it is here where Nuestra Senora de Lourdes is located. This canton is the cradle of famous people and it still preserves the memories of its colonial period.

5 MasqueradesArtesansMusiciansCimarrona

6 It was founded in 1993. It has 212 students. This school has adopted the care of the planet as one of the esential values, projecting environmental practices at institutional and community level.

7 The institution conceives the sustainable development in an integral way, therefore some aspects such as values, healthy enjoyment, health, environment and spirituality among others are important features for this pattern. Our proposal general objective: To prove that sustainability can be an institutional way of living.

8 Goal : To promote enviromentally friendly sustainable practices



11 What is an ecological blue flag school? It is an environmental friendly institution It improves the hygienic and sanitary conditions It promotes and executes campaigns It is attached to the community

12 Analysis of water is assessed by public and private institutions

13 Emergency plans Simulations Road security campaings

14 Recycling Project Soil Recovery Project Saving Resources Project RECYCLING SOIL RECOVERING


16 Mother Days cards

17 Piggy Banks

18 Hats and socks with reused material

19 Science Fair Projects

20 Institutional Campaigns

21 Donated trees

22 Planet Defenders

23 Contest for the best cultivated field

24 Hydroponics Workshop

25 Adopt a Tree



28 Traditional Posadas

29 Music Day



32 Shyan S. Nandwani Physics Faculty of the Universidad Nacional

33 Students from the University of Costa Rica explain how to make some articles reusing materials


35 Sustainability can be an institutional way of living. Children are capable of working for the environment if they are encouraged. The higher education institutions are a support to strengthen sustainable programs. Graduating teachers must be educated on this field since they will foster their future pupils caring for the earth.

36 Educators have to give their learners the necessary sustainable tools to face tomorrows challenges. Virginia Arguedas

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