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Bill Mader, K8TE Welcome! Good DX & Good Luck in the Contest!

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1 Bill Mader, K8TE Welcome! Good DX & Good Luck in the Contest!

2 Presentation Notes 21 March 2012 DXingwhy we operate radios. Contestingtesting our systems against others. Combing the two, or doing them separately, leads to endless fun, non-stop challenges, stiff competition, and heartwarming camaraderie. Whether youre a little pistol or a big gun, A beginner or an old timer, DXing and Contesting can provide more opportunity to enjoy amateur radio than you have time, money, or room for antennas, radios, and awards.

3 This Mornings Agenda Chasing DX DX Awards; LOTW; QSLs; DXpeditions; Finding DX; Albuquerque DX Association; DX Resources ContestingRadiosport Competition; Types of Contests Which Mode?; Hardware; Software Propagation Goal Setting Bill Mader, Albuquerque DX Assn

4 Presentation Notes 21 March 2012 Last night you heard Bruce, K0BJ, mention that in spite of a poor showing by Old Sol, Contest logs submissions are on the increase. DXCC submissions are up too. I would suggest that if you havent tried either or you havent done much with one or the other, Take a look at what they have to offer. I enjoy watching road course racing on TVdrivers turning both ways. But I really enjoy getting behind the wheel and racing wheel-to-wheel with my Mazda Miata on a road course. Reading or talking about ham radio is fun. Getting on the air and doing it is great! This presentation will be available in PDF next week on the Duke City Hamfest web site.

5 Nice, But Not Necessary

6 Presentation Notes 21 March 2012 George, W9EVT, Washington Island, WI Mark, K5LXP, from here just spent two days with George touring this site and listening to Georges stories. George is obviously ready to chase DX! However, your and my antennas farms dont need to look like this to chase DX or Contest. First, lets answer the question: What is DX?

7 Chasing DX Ham Radios Beginning Over the Hill The Next County The Next Grid Square The Next State The Next Continent The Next Country To the Moon and Back DX is different for each of us.

8 Contesting Competition With Others With Ourselves Challenging Propagation Power Levels Modes Antennas QSO Rates Multipliers

9 DX Awards ARRL DX Century Club (DXCC) CQ Worked All Zones 2012: DXCC Challenge

10 1937 DXCC List Work 100 from the List Endorsable: 125, 150, 175, 200, and 225 No QSLs Required! On-Line Tracking Honor Roll9 Less than W1AW Works Special Award for working ALL 231 (revised) Entities! challenge challenge

11 Theres a Lot to Work Out There! W5JMW 14253 RT3DX 0202 03 Aug European Russia W5JMW RT3DX WA5NTI 14072 TA4AUL 0235 03 Aug Asiatic Turkey WA5NTI TA4AUL W5MT 14010.0 4Z5IW 0152 03 Aug Israel W5MT 4Z5IW W5UHQ 18084.9 OM0FAL CW 2315 02 Aug Slovak Republic W5UHQ OM0FAL W5GA 18094.2 C31CT 02 Aug Andorra W5GA C31CT W5OZI 18142.0 JX9JKA 2216 02 Aug Jan Mayen W5OZI JX9JKA WA5NTI 14071.5 IB0/IK2ZJR 0242 03 Aug Italy WA5NTI IB0/IK2ZJR

12 ARRL DX Bulletin #031/2 Aug 12 SPRATLY ISLANDS. John, 9M6XRO and Steve, 9M6DXX will be QRV as 9M4SLL from Pulau Layang Layang, IOTA AS- 051, from August 7 to 13. Activity will be on 80 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY with two stations. QSL via M0URX. PAKISTAN, AP. Tariq, AP2TN has been active on 30 meters around 2000z. QSL via DJ9ZB. COMOROS, D6. A group of operators will be QRV as D64K from Ngazidja Island, IOTA AF-007, from August 8 to 21. Activity will be on 160 to 6 meters, and possibly 60 meters, using CW, SSB and RTTY with five stations. QSL via IV3DSH. ALBANIA, ZA. Tevfik, TA1HZ is QRV as ZA1TC from Durres until August 7. This includes an entry in the European HF Championship. QSL to home call.

13 Logbook of the World (LOTW) A must! Save on QSL Expenses Its Easy. Computerized Logging

14 Getting Your QSLs Dos 5X7 or 6X9" SASEs at Your Bureau (K8 for me) Respond Quickly to Bureau Requests New Call? New Envelopes! Old Call Too! Notify Them of Your Address Changes ARRL Outgoing QSL Costs: $2 for 10 or fewer cards in one envelope, $3 for 11-20 cards in one envelope, or 75 cents per ounce, for packages with 21 or more cards.

15 QSL Bureau Don'ts No Outgoing QSLs! Be Patient (for Me) No K8TE Envelopes at 5th Bureau! No SASEs to ARRL Outgoing Service

16 Where is the DX? Listen, Listen, Listen! Spotting Networks VE7CC Interface to Loggers Filter Spots for Your Location Propagation & DX Bulletins Listen, Listen, Listen! Patience (for me)

17 DXpeditions Individual Challenge Intra-Club Competition September: NH8S Swains Island Very Expensive Operations! ADXA Donates to the NCDXF

18 Albuquerque DX Association AA5B, Bruce, former Contest Journal Editor N7KA, Arne, DXAC, QSL Checker WF5T, Paul, T32C Doctor & CW Op Many ADXA Members Worked 25+ FD 2011 #12 Overall, 4,163 QSOs in 4A FD 2012 #5 Overall? 5,147 QSOs in 6A

19 DXing Resources ARRL Operating Manual QST, CQ Magazine, World Radio DX Columns The Weekly DX by W3UR DX Clubs (ADXA) 3rd Wednesdays

20 More DXing Resources calendar/ Add 400 contests to your Outlook or Google Calendar! calendar/ The Complete DXer by W9KNI Up Two! by G3SXW Where do We Go Next by OH2BH

21 DX News Services ARRL Weekly DX Bulletin

22 Racing and Contesting

23 Presentation Notes 21 March 2012 My second racing weekend ever! My first pole position ever! My most frightening first two minutes ever! Racing and Radio Contesting are strikingly similar. Maybe it's just me, but competition motivates me. Most of all, I compete with myself. In racing, I derive the most enjoyment from racing someone than I do winning. I also recognize it's more fun to be a Big Fish in a Little Pond than a Small Fish in a Big Pond; i.e.; being a Little Pistol in a minor contest can turn us into seemingly Big Guns. For example, last year's Colorado QSO Party plaque.

24 Racing and Contesting Contest pileups are often less unruly than DX pileups simply because there are often more of them. A Zen contest master knows that the reward is not in the win, but in the pursuit. Steve Ford, WB8IMY, Get on the Air with HF Digital

25 Presentation Notes 21 March 2012 Both require practice, practice, and more practice. Each requires stamina. Endurance racing is much like contesting since each requires intense concentration for an extended periods of time. Both require us to be in good physical condition, perhaps racing even better physical condition. The more on top of our game we are, the better are results will be. Even so, each relies on a certain amount of luck. I've had some bad luck in contesting as well as racing. Still, we need to be in control of as many of the aspects of competition to the greatest extent possible. Certainly, unlimited funds are valuable in both racing and DXing/Contesting. However, I don't know many in either hobby who have all they could spend. So using what resources we have to the best of our abilities is critically important. Chair Time vs. Seat Time. Do it, rather than just talking about it. "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is." Attributed to both de Snepscheut and Yogi Berra...I prefer Berra.

26 My Humble Beginnings 1972 ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB WA8WWM + WB2REM 5th in OH 66,640; 476Q; 70 Sec; 24 hrs. 1974 ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB KZ5WA Clean Sweep (one only 40 Single Ops) 156,150; 1,041Q; 75 Sec; 21 hrs.

27 My Humble Beginnings cntd. 1979 ARRL 10 Meter Contest K8TE + W5VBO (now K7RE) 1st in NM Multi-op 446,896; 2,108Q; 106M; 25 hrs. 1980 ARRL Field Day W5VBO (now K7RE) + K8TE (NERDs) #1 Overall in 1B Battery 2011 Colorado QSO Party #1 Out of State SSB Low Power 5,280; 81Q; 33M; 90 minutes

28 CW vs. SSB for Little Pistols More Narrow Bandwidth Better Signal+Noise/Noise Ratio Reverse Beacon NetworkMy Signal? More S+N/N per Watt (QRP) Less Expensive Gear Faster Exchanges Possible with Experience 100 Watts is a Reasonable Power Level QRP Useful for Experienced Operators

29 K8TE Antenna Farm

30 Hardware? Like Racing, How Much Can You Afford? Antenna, Antenna, Antenna! Cant work em if you cant hear em. Yamaha CM500 Headset $49.95 ErgonomicsChair, Monitor, Glasses, Keyboard Ht. Computer--$59.95 Specials (Desktop) Jump Drive Back-ups!!! Second Monitor Helpful Focus on Monitor/KeyboardNOT Radio!

31 K8TE Operating Position

32 Know Your Receiver Well Filters Digital Signal Processing (DSP) RF Gain & Noise Blankers Often Generate IMD RIT/XIT A/B VFOs Second Receiver EVERY Feature and ControlRTFM! Audio Equalization AGC & RF Gain in Pileups

33 Software?? Daily Loggers: N3FJP Amateur Contact Log Ham Radio Deluxe (free or $59.95 w/support) DXLabs Suite Contest Loggers: N1MMFree, Versatile, Great Support N3FJP Contest-Specific Versions K1EAs CT for DOS (no longer supported) Win-Test WriteLog

34 Operating Techniques You are - no you're not! When giving out exchanges, why say "You are..." And then give your own section? The right words are: "Roger" or "Thank you" Followed by your class and section WITHOUT ANY EXTRA VERBIAGE! Use a Script or DVR/CW Memories. Time, time, time, whats become of you?

35 Fall line-up of DX Contests. European HF Championship 4 August All Asian DX Contest, Phone 1-2 September CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY 29-30 September CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 27-28 October All Austrian 160-Meter Contest 17-18 November CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW 24-25 November ARRL 10-Meter Contest 8-9 December

36 Contest SchedulingWA7BNM

37 Get Your Feet Wet Contests Maryland-DC QSO Party 11-12 August North American QSO Party, SSB 18 Aug 12 hours ARRL Rookie Roundup, RTTY 19 August 12 hours Hawaii QSO Party 25-26 August Kansas QSO Party 26 August Ohio QSO Party 25-26 August Colorado QSO Party 1-2 September 0600-2000 Tennessee QSO Party 2-3 September ARRL September VHF QSO Party 8-10 September ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW 3-5 November ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB 17-19 November

38 Goal setting is essential. Your Goals are NOT Others. Challenging, but Attainable Consider Your Personal Constraints. Short and Long Term Year Over Year for Each Contest/Award Merge (not take over) the Rest of Your Life. Nobody, almost nobody, has enough time, money, or real estate. Unlike racing, operating costs are minimal! CQ WW Log Submission: Within 5 Days!!

39 Propagation Reverse Beacon Network (CW) Propagation doesn't matter; knowing how to use it to your advantage does. Grey Line ARRL Weekly Propagation Bulletin W6EL Propagation Predictions

40 Contesting Resources ARRL Operating Manual QST, CQ Magazine, World Radio Contesting Columns ARRL Contest Update Contest Clubs (ADXA) 3rd Wednesdays

41 Final Words Be Safe; Have Fun. Expand Your Horizons. Partner with Another Ham or Hams. Challenge Yourself. Its About Your Personal Best. Questions?

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